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should i get the game?

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i have blocked the other guys you are responding to but Emperor is only a few dollars now and can be found in bargain bins everywhere. whether or not you should get it depends on a lot of things.

if you want to get it in order for intense online RTS gaming, no don't get Emperor. you will be disappointed. EA killed all the Tournaments, most of the people left on WOL have very little skill and if you are a hardcore RTS player they will provide almost zero challenge to you.

if however, you just want Emperor as something different to play in terms of a singleplayer experience, it will amuse you for a few hours that way. although the singleplayer campaigns fall apart after about 5 missons and you are left playing the same maps you already captured over and over again because for every turn you get to "Take" a territory on the map - which requires you to use ONE turn--- the computer gets TWO turns. Which means after you capture each territory, you'll have to defend that exact same territory a few million times before you get to progress onto another mission. the worst part is, each time you defend the same territory yet AGAIN ad nauseaum, you still have to build your base/army from scratch and there are no voiceacting or mission objectives in these "defending turns" whatsoever.

You can avoid this mindless repetition if you plot your course on the Map straight to the enemy homeworld, but that means you will only play about 5 Missions per House in Total and then the game is done. if your expectations for a lot of content aren't too high, then you can have a good time with Emperor. but if you are expecting a full singleplayer gaming experience, you will be disappointed.

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Should you buy Emperor? Hmmmm, good question. It's a beautiful game with the coolest units in RTS gaming. But Navaros is right about the competition. There is only one worthy opponent. If you are expecting good online competition, you'll get it ONLY when Navaros is online. He's the only good Emperor player left. Just ask him. The problem is finding him because he never plays as Navaros. Therefore, if you find him you won't know it's him. The truth is, you might never find him at all because he's usually on this forum imparting his great wisdom to the five or six other Emperor players who still play the game. Of course, then there is the problem of Navaros' refusal to play most of those five or six people because they offer him no competition, they rush him (and he won't be rushed because that immediately reveals to him that he is playing someone far beneath his status), or they just don't show him the proper respect that is due someone with his "mad skillz."

If you ever had the good fortune to play against Navaros, though, you wouldn't stand a chance of beating him. If you ever, miraculously, got the upper hand and actually starting beating him, it wouldn't be because you were the better player, but rather because of pathfinding bugs and deficiencies of the game itself. He would then no longer grace you with his presence. You couldn't expect a player of his magnitude to actually finish such an imperfect game where you just got lucky, now could you?

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