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I'm sorry, but...

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I won't be here for about two weeks. This means that my contribution will be somewhat reduced and someone will have to edit me out if I don't get back in time for some fanfics. Just thought I had an obligation to inform you rather than just disappearing.

(Hey Gob, I'm coming to Canada...)

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Dust Scout: There's a parody/satire-type show called the Royal Canadian Air Farce, who pokes fun at governments and politics. One of the old running gags was this wierd guy (played by John Morgan) who would always introduce himself by saying "I'm Mike, from Canmore".


Here he is with his dog, Norm.

Sit... good dog. ;)


Enjoy your trip. And welcome back, for when you read this next. :)

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I, see... In any case, I've found internet access! So for this day, and maybe another few, I can still post here! How cool is that, I won't even leave this place on my holiday. Still, won't be around forever, I've got skiing to do!

And I'm about two hours away from Gob...

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