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BFTU-Chapter 2

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Dunenewt UN

ExSPlug UN

Slaphapy5 UN

FLameweaver UN

AK47 001 SW

Alexander Ordos SW

Sardaukar Elite SW

Sandwraith SW

Rank,Points you have,Tech Level

soldier 300 1

private 2nd class 350 1

private 1st class 400 1

corporal 450 1

sergeant 500 2

high sergeant 2nd class 550 3

high sergeant 1st class 600 3

lieutenant 3rd class 650 4

lieutenant 2nd class 700 4

lieutenant 1st class 750 5

captain 2nd class 800 6

captain 1st class 850 7

major 900 8

colonel 2nd class 950 9

colonel 1st class 1000 9

brigade general 1100 10

lieutenant-general 1200 10

major-general 1300 10

GENERAL 1500 10

Overlord[Only one] 2000 *

Rank will be increased based on number of battles won.

Points are to purchase an army.

Tech Level is for the technology of your army and the access to stronger units.

All newcomers for UN can purchase riflemen,rocketmen or jeeps that have light machine guns.

All darksiders who have just joined Steel Wolves can purchase Battle Armors,cyborgs or unarmed scouting jeeps.

UN Units,Points/Cost,Tech Level

Rifleman 3 1

Rocketman 7 1

Sniper 15 2

SEAL 35 3

Jeep 20 1

Tank 50 2

Artillery 65 3

MLRS 45 4

APC 55 5

Fighter 80 5

Bomber 100 5

Helicopter 60 4

Fighter-Bomber 130 7

CHinook 70 6

Gunship 120 5

Corvette 180 6

Destroyer 300 7

Cruiser 350 7

Aircraft Carrier 600 8

Aegis Cruiser 300 6

Submarine 400 9

Battleship 700 10


Steel WOlves Units,Points/Cost,Tech Level

Battle Armor 10 1

Cyborg 20 1

Hunter seeker 25 2

Phantom 35 3

Scout jeep 15 1

Assault Tank 50 2

Flame tank 40 2

MLRS 80 4

Laser tank 70 4

Adv Artillery 80 5

APC 55 5

Fighter 80 5

Bomber 100 5

Carpet bomber 150 6

Anti Personnel 'Hawk' 65 5

Army Carrier 80 6

Submarine 400 7

Tesla launcher 180 6

Machinegun ship 100 6

Aegis Cruiser 500 7

Suicidal ship 400 8

Battleship 700 10

SCUD 800 *

1 SCUD Missile 200 *

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UN Units,Points/Cost,Tech Level

Rifleman 3 1

Rocketman 7 1

Jeep 20 1

Steel WOlves Units,Points/Cost,Tech Level

Battle Armor 10 1

Cyborg 20 1

Scout jeep 15 1

Pls vote on the planet u want to fight on next:

Planet Ittihad-WEAK WEAK terrorist base with 'AI' terrorists

Planet Exzyterria-One on one battle.Best of 4 or 3[if someone is absent]

Planet Radiente DLC-15 islands connected by bridges

3/8 votes---->Ittihad

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slaphapy,flameweaver,dunenewt,sandwraith and alexander ordos have yet to arrive


BTW,heres the map of Ittihad,LOL its 1200 points to be shared between the two alliances if u can finish killling the rebels.

Note:You must ally to capture Ittihad,brand new fighting will take place after the rebels are dead to see who will get the planet.

What I mean by Brand New Fighting is that you start with the original units u had at the start and with 3 new reinforcement chances.

Promotion when killing the rebels is based on number of points the rebel unit(s) u killed is worth-I have a point/cost system specially for rebel units. :)[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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~Ittihad, UN Temporary LZ~

The UN dropship lands on Ittihad. UN troops starts pouring out from the rear of the dropship.

Where they've landed is a temporary LZ, cleared out by orbital bombarding a rebel outpost. Thick smoke is still coming out from the burning facilities and dead rebels.

"Scout the perimeter! Search for any surviving rebel scums and bring them to me!"

Soon the troops come back with 3 rebel prisoners.

"You! Where are your people hiding?"

"Peace through power! Muhahaha!" then the prisoner spits on ExS.

"Execute him. Now you! Spill out whatever you know!"

The prisoner remain silence. Without hesitating, ExS pulled out his .45 and blew off his head.

"Don't kill me! I'll tell you whatever I know!" begged the remaining prisoner.

"We shall see..."

"There...there is a AA site east of where you're, guarded by a gas turret! Don...don't kill me!"

"Where is the exact location?"

"I...I don't know! I've told you all that I've known of, please don't kill me!"


ExS then walks to his troops. Soon a gunshot was heard.

"Well I didn't say my troops won't kill you. Now listen up! I want 15 riflemen and rocket infantry to stay behind! Setup preimeter defence and deploy that 60mm we've in the dropship! The others, follow me! We'll bust that AA site!"

ExS leads the 15 riflemen and 25 rocket infantry to the east...

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the 10 snipers on jeeps head out of their base in search for 3 of their comrades who are working as scouts and within 200m they see see ExSplug and snipe them,killing off 10 of his riflemen and then they tell their commander about their findings and their commander immediately alerts the artillery division. :O

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"Take cover!" shouted ExS as a riflemen right next to him get sniped down.

The onslaught continued for a while then suddendly stopped. ExS counted his men, only 5 riflemen and 25 rocket infantry left...

The losses were great, and if the snipers continue their attack, they would've been wiped out. Why the heck did they stop then?

"Continue to search for the AA site! Move swiftly! I sense that something bad is coming..."

The UN troops continue their mission.

"Commander...!" reported one of the riflemen, and points to a small hill.

On the hill was the AA site that they're looking for. They're still out of range of the gas rocket turret.

"Seems to be AI controlled... Rocketmen! Get into groups of 10! Get in range, and fire at that gas rocket turret and one of the AA once I give order! The remaining 5 would rush the turrets with me and the 5 riflemen! Any questions?"

"No sir!"

"Go go go!"

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After the gas missile launcher was wrecked,the troops felt victorious.The rocket turrets also started to burn but the fire was put out.

Supporting the turrets were the 5th artillery company ,seeing the siege,The leader of the company shouted into the vicinity 'punter

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*Boom! Eeeel boom!*


"Continue to rush the turrets! Get there and we would be safer! They won't be dumb enough to fire at their own turrets! Tell the ones surrounding the hill to RTB at once!"

Receiving the order, the rocketmen surrounding the hill starts retreating. Another volley of artillary fire comes...

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*Intruder Alert!*

*Intrudert Alert Alarm is sounded*

*FLashlights from the 60mm gun turrets flash around,find the remaining riflemen and rain 60mm mortar shells down and kill them.But the turrets beside them have all been destroyed by ExSPlug

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*Buys 7 phantoms and 5 BA's*

*Dugs in at the starting point and awaits reinforcements (other players)*

u still have 110 pts that u can spend and btw,its battle armor,not phantom,because u r tech level 1 :)

(OOC: I thought the 60mm near the starting point was ours?)

its not yours,i didnt say that anything belong to either side
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The artilleries move forward with their 200 troops in front of them.

The artilleries now fire at Exsplug,but not killing any of his army,just threathening him to retreat his entire army back to the starting point

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~Ittihad, UN Temporary LZ~

Chaos erupted as the 60mm turret activates. 5 riflemen below it dropped immidiately, and soon followed the remaining 10 riflemen.

The 5 rocketmen were lucky enough, as they were inside the dropship gathering their equipments.

"What was happening outside?"

"How the heck would I know?"

"Lemme have a look then!"


The rocketmen opens a hatchdoor on the canopy of the dropship. He sees the 60mm slaughtering the riflemen, and quickly close the hatchdoor. He reports the situation to his comarades.

"It still haven't spot us, right...?"

"So what should we do?"

"Knock it down."

"How? It would be sudical to get out!"

"Ram the dropship into it then."

Current status:

5 riflemen, 5 rocketmen at AA site

12 rocketmen returning to starting point from AA site

5 rocketmen at starting point

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the artilleries bombard the derelict AA site,killing off the 5 riflemen and 5 rocketmen hiding there.

As the dropship attempts to ram down the tower,the 2 60mm gun turrets and 30 of the 100 RPGmen fire away at it.....ripping it apart....it was a wrong move. :O

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hmmmm thats a good question........

*searhes through hundreds of books and pull out his hair trying to find an answer*

they are like in real life ::)

Like a typical terrorist base ::)

no exact mesurements because I DONT KNOW!

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