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Waste of Money!


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At the beams in the Tower in Guild Payment:

After careful timing, I managed to get pass the laser beams and got the data crystal. But arriving back I was spotted by the defence mechanism and tried hard to fight the machine. I kept circling the thing, but that's damn hard considering the game's cam perspective, which is hell!

When I passed one of those 4 columns my locking on the target breaks off. And at the moment of firing at the blue boxes, one column disintigrated from the laser blast of the robot. And then, I was stuck in the broken column. I couldn't move in any direction

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Yeah, I totally agree with Earthnuker. The game badly needs the save ability during missions  :( Difficulty is not problem for me. And most of all what blew my fuse was the bugs in the game. I mean can you imagine the frustration of coming all the way to the end and losing the mission because of a bug in game  :'(

The game is in very dire need of improvement. I hope the sequel will be much better than this one.

(Sigh) Oh well I better start over again if I need to finish the game. Sometimes I wish there were cheats for this game  :-/

By the way are there any  ;D

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I beleve that the game itself was on the right track, but the game is full of anoying bugs which spoil it. I think if the developers had put a little more time into it they would have had something BIG!

I think that we the owners of the game deserve an UPdate PATCH!  >:( Fixing the problems with the game and maybe adding a few extra features.

If they do make a 2nd game I hope they listen to the suggestions I have sent them in my email, and the ones made in forums like this one!!!!!!

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Way to go Musuko  ;)

How right you are. The developers need to hear our side of the story as well. After all we're the gamers. The major problem are the bugs and next to be thought about is gamer-friendly options like the save option during missions.

Another thing I like to point out is the cam view or the third person view in this game. It's crazy  :O You have to wait a second or two until the cam points in the right direction after turning around. This delay can be an advantage to the enemy to finish us off while we're trying to find the dude with the gun >:(

So these are some of the bugs, the developers need to take into consideration. But it's too late now, for the game's already on the shelves. I just hope if they plan to put out a sequel to this... they do it right!

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