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  1. So.. you guys are pretty sure that after I stab Dissid once and his shiled shimmers, then its down? Bcoz I don't wanna be blasting him and not to mention myself into smitherines ;D Another thing I noticed is that the voice does not work on Dissid :( I was so foolish to keep on trying to stab him even after his shield shimmered. Thanks 4 da tactics guys ;) will see how i go ahead.
  2. Hi I just found out something freakin unbelievable. The in-game save point in the Smugglers Camp mission goes back to the beggining when I exit the game :O I can't believe this >:( This means I have to stay in the game and complete the entire level. Anyway, thats not what I wanted to talk about. When I stabbed 'Dissid' once with the kryst, his shield shimmered. Does this mean I can fire my weapon at him after. Should I use the projectile pistol or the lasergun? I lost the mission twice trying to keep stabbing him even after his shield shimmered.
  3. It's pretty damn hard running after him and replenishing health at the same time :( How many times do I have to stab him to bring his shield down? Can't hold on long enough to do it when he keeps blasting me at point-blank range with his weapon >:(
  4. Hi Back after a very very long break ;D The reason........ need help fighting the smuggler leader 'Dissid' :-[ After finally getting past the laser-bot, kicking my ass in the trapped room in the previous level >:( I am now half way past the Smugglers Camp mission. I'm at the last level where I have to fight Dissid. This level is the most annoying not to mention the longest in the game. Good thing there is a in-game save point when you drop into the whole. Anyway.. I tried using my kryst and stabbing at his shield, but the darn smuggler is fast and he's got a impressive gun which fires r
  5. Hi Now I'm not saying that your wrong gryphon. But this game is unlike any other I've played. I've played many great games and I have never come across anything like FH Dune. It's toally a waste of effort :( This game can really get on your nerves, when everytime you have to go thru the same level when you die. And getting yourself blasted by Harkonen is simple considering the slow camera movement everytime you change direction. It's been like a month or 2 since I last played the game and it's still on my PC saved at the Guild Payment Level. I just wish I can have a cheat for this so I can fin
  6. You know whatz worse about FH Dune? It has no know cheat except for some strategies and hints which in my opinion are of no use if you wish to complete this game :( I'm stuck at the robot which keeps firing at me wherever I run to. Once I got stuck in destroyed column in the room. Thatz due to the bugs in the game. I was so frustrated that I left it at that point and never played it for a few months. I tell you it's damn hard to get thru without a proper cheat considering that this game doesn't offer save game option at various scenes >:( You have to go thru the entire episode all over ag
  7. Problem Child ;) The FH Dune Walkthrough has been sent to your Inbox ;D Enjoy 8) 8) 8)
  8. Hey! Anytime Pal ;) By the way if you really need to find your way around the easy way, let me know and I'll send you the entire walkthrough ;) Gimme your email and I'll send you the guide 8) Pleasant Gaming 8) 8) 8)
  9. Hey Mate ;) Looks like you're having some trouble with the computer codes eh? Actually its very easy you know? All you have to do is find a computer screen or marking on a wall showing the codes. Most probably you would come across them on PC screens. MISSION 2: The Sietch 2 This level suffers from an extreme lack of ammunition, conserve carefully and remember to use the voice trick when you have no ammo left and an enemy has spotted you. Turn left and kill the fist guard. Go to the stair and kill the second guard on the top. Turn right and go ahead at the end of corridor. Turn left and kill
  10. It's quite simple if you know your way around. But you have to take out the guards quickly and make sure you preserve your ammo by closing the gap between you and your target. Here's a simple walkthru for the Harvester mission. Open the right door and kill the guardian. Turn left in the corridor and try to kill most of harkonens with your knife(krys) (there are 2 guardians on the corridor and one at the end of the stair). Go at the end of corridor and kill the guard on your right, with your gun. Open the door. Kill 3 guardians. Then use the lever with your action button. Return where you kill
  11. Way to go Musuko ;) How right you are. The developers need to hear our side of the story as well. After all we're the gamers. The major problem are the bugs and next to be thought about is gamer-friendly options like the save option during missions. Another thing I like to point out is the cam view or the third person view in this game. It's crazy :O You have to wait a second or two until the cam points in the right direction after turning around. This delay can be an advantage to the enemy to finish us off while we're trying to find the dude with the gun >:( So these are some of the bugs
  12. Yeah, I totally agree with Earthnuker. The game badly needs the save ability during missions :( Difficulty is not problem for me. And most of all what blew my fuse was the bugs in the game. I mean can you imagine the frustration of coming all the way to the end and losing the mission because of a bug in game :'( The game is in very dire need of improvement. I hope the sequel will be much better than this one. (Sigh) Oh well I better start over again if I need to finish the game. Sometimes I wish there were cheats for this game :-/ By the way are there any ;D
  13. At the beams in the Tower in Guild Payment: After careful timing, I managed to get pass the laser beams and got the data crystal. But arriving back I was spotted by the defence mechanism and tried hard to fight the machine. I kept circling the thing, but that's damn hard considering the game's cam perspective, which is hell! When I passed one of those 4 columns my locking on the target breaks off. And at the moment of firing at the blue boxes, one column disintigrated from the laser blast of the robot. And then, I was stuck in the broken column. I couldn't move in any direction
  14. I managed to walk (run) pass the 2 vertical beams and roll under the low horizontal beam. Now I'm facing 2 or fast moving vertical beams and having a hellava time getting past them. Even the 3rd horizontal beams seems to move faster than the previous one. Can I run past the 2 verticals and stand between them and the horizontal one or do I have to run all the way past them. I tried the latter and triggered the alarm after touching the last horizontal beam. Character movement isn't that fast so how can I move past the last 2 beams? I tried the roll over but it doesn't seem to work at that point
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