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Alright. In the Dune books we meet several extremely good fighting groups. Now this is almost an opinion poll;

Who is the toughest/most able/most likely to win?

1) Sardaukar.

2) Bene Gesserit.

3) Fremen.

4) Honoured Matres.

5) Swordmasters.

6) Fish Speakers.

If I've missed one please tell me. What do you people think?

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Is this a one on one fight? with no manufactured weapons? or do they have the standard weapons each group has with them. Also do they know they are fighting each other and will be dropped into an arena and then fight?

Honored matres win especially if no weapons, Tleilaxu second especially if they have poison darts in body, Then bene gesserit if no weapons and then swordmasters second if weapons allowed.

Honored matres are much faster than bene gesserit, especially with feet.

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As stated above, it would depend on the weapons. Swordmasters fighting someone with a sword would kick anyone's ass. Honard Matres hand-to-han would kick anyones ass (Bene Gesserit before them). In general warfare, the Fremen and Sarduakar, depending on what time this battle is taking place in.

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