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Ordos Mission 8

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The key to this mission is to first put your siege tank behind one of the walls that your turrets are connected to. As the first two massive infantry attacks come, use the combats you have to mow down the infantry(run em over) and let the siege tank continually fire at them. You don't want to lose all your troops in the first few attacks. Then build quickly. Use the saboteur to your advantage. Preferably send more than one at a time. Hint: the Atreides base is in the NE corner of the map, the Harkonnen are in the SE and the Emperor is across from the Harkonnen diagonally NW. Use the saboteurs to first take out any turrets. Then use the saboteurs to take out the outer buildings that are less guarded. Try to back up your mercenaries. When they go to attack, send a few of your troops with them-this will guarantee their allegiance. take out one base at a time. When I played this mission, I took out the emperor first, atreides second and then the Harkonnen. the emperor's base has no construction yard so concentrate on taking out the emperor's starport. Without this, all he can send are occasional sardukar infantry. spread out your buildings to protect from death hands and ornis. When struck by a death hand or an orni, quickly repair any damage that has been done (Tip: if you put rocket turrets throughout your base, they can be used to shoot down ornis). Attack the atreides at the south end. It's somewhat less defended or about the same-but i prefer to attack at the south end. once the emperor and the atreides are out of the picture go for the harkonnen. At the top of their base is an unguarded barracks and refinery. Send down either engineers or saboteurs to take care of those. Also, once you take out their turrets with the saboteur, it is very easy to sneak in another saboteur to take out their heavy factory in the south. Watch for fremen!!! They attack very quickly (because you can't see them until they shoot). If you don't pay close attention they will ending destroying half of your mercenaries' base or all of your turrets. Build a few rocket turrets in the mercenaries base to help defend them. Use a lot of deviators! And after an enemy attack quickly send the converted vehicles back at an enemy base to attack (this way they won't change back to enemy troops in the middle of your base). Keep a deviator in front of your refinery to reconvert enemy harvesters that you have captured. If you see a devastator coming, quickly send out your deviators. Convert the devastator and, when your units and buildings are out of the area, self destruct the thing. Devastators are too slow to send back to their bases to attack-they change back half way there. Anyways good luck on this mission-It may take you a few times, but you'll get it. Wait til you see Mission 9-you get creamed. I still haven't beaten it. Good luck! ;D

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I dont think anyones gonna have problems with that mission after reading your post, Kyle. Neat step by step coverage.

I'd like to add a point - Provide a lot of protection and support to the mercs. They destract the AI from you.

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