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is there gonna be genocide in your cross over thing like the harks and goauls join forces(the goauls steal the bodies in reality) and they mass genocide the fremen who join forces with the good goaul peoples and thelixu also join the goauls with the harks,

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no i dont think so. the stargate grazed the event horizen of a black hole. we all know back holes slow down time. maybe the stargate passed it and was held there for 10,000 years but it seemed like and instant. so no the goul'd will not be in it.

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here it is


Not much happen in the next two hours. they sent the remains of Captin Roberts back home. and brought in some more water. Jack finished with his job as sentery woke Corpral Sharpie. and walked down the staris to find daniel reading form one of his books.

"Hey Daniel you find out any thing out about that writing"? Jack asked.

"No not a thing i have cross checked them with all my books and still nothing".Dainel respondedd solomly. Jack yawed. I'm going to catch some sleep wake me wene the suns up. Jack said.

Sure Jack. Daneil said. Jack layed down right at the foot of the stairs.

He was only a sleep for about a half an hour wene the phhhh phhhhh of a staff weapon awoke him. He snaped up grabed is weapon and looked up. a strange hooded man witha knife fell next to him Dead. He looked up at the stairs. 9 to ten figuers were lying on the platform he idenified one of the as being Corpal Sharipe. The others he could not idenifye becouce there bodeys were coverd by strange looking robes.He looked back at the hall way whare Teal'c and carter were. He started running the thirty foot distane between him and the wall. darts and bullits landing on all sides of him. He jumped the last 3 feet into the hall way and rolled into the little side noke whare Carter was, Teal'c was in the opisit one.

"Carter." Jack screemed.

"Carter."Jack repeated.

"What the hell happend?"Jack asked again.

"Why isint that fifty on??!?!??!?!

We thouht it was Sg-9 sir. Corpral Sharpie recived the Sg-9's Signal so he radioed us. we got in here just after Sharpie went down. Carter Awserd.

3 hooded men eneterd the door way. Phhh phhh Teal'c fired.Carter turned and fired at the hodded men then ducked back into the little noke.Whare is Daniel and Sg-6? Jack asked

"There dialing up sir."Carter responed

Jack turned and fired then ducked back into the noke. Phhh phhhh Teal'c did the same. another hodded men apeared and fired a rocket right Down at them. the rocket missed but exploded about 5 feet away from Teal'c. The concousion seemed to nock Teal'c right on the ground his staff weapon fley out of his hand and lay in the hall way. One of the hodded yelled somthing. and 20 of these hodded men came running thrue

"Oh hell." Jack thoguht to himsellf while lifting his gun up to fire. Before him or carter fire he heard someone yell what seemed to be an order. All of the men shethed there knives and nelt. Jack lowerd is weapon Carter did the same. since all of the men seemed to be looking down. Jack and carter ran over to Teal'c who seemed to be stiring. He looked up and a man seemed to be walking towards them he looked back down and the man was right infront of him. "Carter"!!!! Jack screemed. he stood up and and tryed to knee this man in the groin. The man grabed his nee and open hand punched him in the mouth. Jack fell back in to the hall way. Jack stood up and charged at the man, the man sidestepped neeed him in the groin and open hand punched him in the face. Jack fell to the ground he reached for his pistal. A knife landed 6' away from his hand. he pulled his hand a way quickly. Jack cought a glace at whare Carter and Teal'c had bene, both gone down the hall way. The Man looked down at Jack and said.

" Who are you to trespassing in freman teritory"?

"Explorers from another world we came through a stargate."Jack respoded

"Show me this StarGate. Or you will see how the freman deal with trespasers." Responded the man coldly

"K."Respoded Jack as he started walking down the hallway with the man's knife a inch away from in spine and his hand on his sholder.The man was trailed by 15 of the hooded men.

"You know you don't have to kill us you could just let us go on our way." Jack said.

"And let you tell the Harkonnes the location of this place" the man responded

They walked into the gate room both Sg teams instanly came alert and drew there weapons.

"No no its ok." said Jack.

The men lowerd there weapons, The hooded men rushed in from behind him and grabed the weapons away from the sg teams, And put them in a pile in the corner. A hooded men that had trailed him spoke to the man holding the knife.

"They are no Harkonne Muad'dib". "They carry projectile weapons".

"Sadukar? the man behind him asked.

"Dose not apear to be Saudukar, Mau'dib

"The Muad'dib and the other hooded man contined talking to each other

"Show us this stargate you talk about" The mau'dib commanded losening the grip on his shoulder

"K." Responded Jack.

"Carter" why arent we dialed out yet? Jack asked

"We were waiting for you sir." She responded.

"Well i'm here." He said sarcasticly.

"Yes sir". She said walking over to the dial up consel

"You might want to move some of your men out of the way" Jack said pointing at some of the men standing in front of the thing. Muad'dib said somthing uninteligbul to the hooded men infront off the stargate they did a head nod and walked away. Carter pressed the last key and wosh.the stargate opened.

"Kaul Wahad". Said Mau'dib.

"Swell aint she"? Jack asked.

Mau'dib started walking towerds the gate. Wene a man came screeming down the hall way. He kept screming Saudukar over and over againe. The hooded men grabbed there knives and ran down the hall way.

I know the spellings crapy but its just a verry early rough draft

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little fix here

He snaped up grabed is weapon and looked up. a strange hooded man with a knife fell on him dead he shoved the body off him. He looked up at the stairs. 2 to 3 figuers were lying on the platform

i tihnk thats better the nthe other way

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