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House Crests


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Did you know Corrino's Colours are red and cyan?

[hide] Of course i made that up. But who would know unless i said so? After all, it has as much proof along with it that most of these suggestions that are given have. My point is, almost none of the suggestions here can have any real bearing at all, unless they can be reproduced. I.e. you need to give the source and location! How do we know your not just fabricating it as i did? [/hide]

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Actually Corrino colours, according to the prequels, are gold and scarlet. A Corrino messenger was wearing those colours once. Landraad colours are brown and cyan.

But you're right. I went searching for the part where they mention this cape with Atreides and Richese colours, but I couldn't find it. I remember Leto and Rhombur finding this cape in a box or something, though. If anyone else remembers it, let me know.

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I think people post here with the expectation that members are mature enough not to just post krap just to raise there post level.

Who was that aimed at?

Nope, Richese was copper/pruple.

[hide]When Leto and Keilea got married, Leto wore a cloak that had the Atreides green/black, as well as the Richese copper/purple. It was worn by Paulus when he married Helena.[/hide]

No, the Ix colours are Purple and Copper

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Does anyone have pictures anywhere that they can show and tell (even <ahem>, not *too* illegal, er scans from DE or something...)..?

Just a thought, as it might be helpful, even though I know they differ from the ones in the book.

Also, in Dune, the Atreides standard is mentioned as being green/black. But in Dune; Messiah, it says that green/white are the Atreides colours... This has me a little confused... :P

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yeah I think I might talk about crests on the stickied q and a I have in the duniverse section. Also Ix is considered kinda a technocratic society that is ruled by corperations and conglomerations in the DE. Which I believe is more towards Frank Herbert's work. The prequels make Vernius their house though.

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