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Death hand


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The death hands speed for complition is slower than the hawk strike but faster than the chaos lighting. So, the hawk is used more and the chaos, I think, lasts longer. The death hand might be the most liked and the most prefered super weapon.

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CHaos lightning-Even though it is funny to see your opponents killing one another=something like laser tankies ripping each other apart,other than that,if it is a harkonnen attack of buzzsaw mixed with 5-6 tanks in the middle,the effect is weak.And 1 setback,it doesnt last long and not everyone will put their units in like flametanks and troops

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BTW it is almost impossible to hit troops with Deathand, unless it is cpu or a n00b.

>:(, yes i am offended with this, i've sacrificed alot of hours to help newcomers (newbies!!) and you come inthe forum and call them all or atleast most n00bs, read my signature and remember it! >:(

Terenas77, only a newbie or as it is written in your dictionary, n00b, would try to nuke a group of UNITS!

The Harkonen Death Hand Missile is for BUILDINGS

The Ordos Chaos Lightning is for STRONG UNITS ??? ???

The Atreides Hawkstrike is for FAST UNITS


Strong?If they are strong,the effect is weak as it doesnt last long

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