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Sardaukar logs (Suhail campaigns)


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Sardaukar logs. Basher, Colman Sungen.  (The Suhail campaigns)

Log entry 12, year 8943 in the month of nefrekim, day 16 (kaitain lunar calander)

     Fought in the channel of sourik against the mundrid gaurillas. Beta Suhail is quickly falling apart. The scientists said it is a major shift of continants. There doesnt seem to be a chance of recovering the precious works of art if this war keeps raging. The only large complex left standing is the chapterhouse of this district. The Bene gesserit have ran from it though. Damn these natives. They wont give in. We want to transport them but they want to stay with their homeworld. I cant help but pity them.

Log entry 13, year 8943 in the month of nAvlardim, day 2 (kaitain lunar calander)

     Exicution of prisoners under the Had ritual. Maybe then Hadish will fight with us. I lost two of my best captains in battle. My troops are fighting horribly. This jungle environment doesnt suit us I suppose.

We have killed 65,000 of them while my legion lost 126. This is dispickable. The emperor will be displeased with the inefficiency I have caused in battle. Have to put my helmet back on. My replaced Captain just told me of a strike on the chapterhouse.

Log entry 14, year 8943 in the month of nAvlardim, day 5 (kaitain lunar calander)

     Finally some success. A 3rd of the mundrid gaurillas have dropped their weapons and are willing to be redeposited on Gamma Antila. Much colder there but its the best the emperor can do.  I hate these aristocrats. They wont give up the fight. Tactition-mantats have been placed under my control and are preparing a full strike on the Suhail citidel. All they can do is pray. They seem to have broken from the collected religions. They worship a goddess called Ceres. They tell us through communications that they cant leave their Goddess while she is in her pangs. The mantats have told me she is an ancient goddess of Terra. imagine that. Well looks like things are on the up side.

Log entry 15, year 8944 in the month of nAvlardim, day 12 (kaitain lunar calander)

     I nearly escaped death. While confronting a nobleman in the citidel he pulled a poison deedle to my neck. If it wasnt for Gunther I would have died. It was a grewsome sight. the las-gun seared a hole in his stomach so big that my arm could fit through it. The other lords finally accepted to migrate after some argument. My work is done. I hope I have served Hadish well in this campaign. I dont think the emperor will like the death tole though.

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Suhail migrations

Sardaukar logs. Colonel, Narish Fodlah.

Log entry 21, year 8944 in the month of nElroodim, day 29 (kaitain lunar calander)

     Thank Hadish the natives arent as brutish as the gaurillas. We have only had to exicute three. Colman Sungen was "replaced" because of his faults. I knew him myself and dont see why they had to take such harsh measures. The solders under his command were quite notorious for their lack of faith in the Had. Maybe their convictions were misplaced or not there at all.

     These people are actually quite at ease. Saddened but calm. I just hope Gamma Antila

Will suffice. It is not nearly as lush and beautiful as Beta Suhail. It will have to do. oh and a self reminder. I need to send Shasta those terilliuses she wants so badly. I can just imagine her face when she sees how beautiful they are.

Log entry 22, year 8944 in the month of niMiklim, day 2 (kaitain lunar calander)

     I wish I could have imaged Shasta's face when she recieved her terilliuses. She about fainted! We are in orbit around Gamma Antila. She seems calm. A little colder but more beautiful then I expected her to be. I think she will be a pleasure to the suhailites after all.

     I had the honor of leading the ritual services today. the scar from my hand is getting bigger and bigger from the slices that occur during the ritual. I cant wait for Hadish to see the wounds I have recieved in this universe.

Log entry 23, year 8944 in the month of niMiklim, day 4 (kaitain lunar calander)

     The transfer was a success. My whole legion is recieving silver campaign medals and I myself will recieve the Order of Corrin. I am so honored that the emperor has found favor in my

leadership. the tally came back and only two people plus the three exicuted were the only people that died on the heighleiners. This has to be one of the best marks on my record.

Log entry 24, year 8944 in the month of niMiklim, day 12 (kaitain lunar calander)

     It is a sad day. Due to the imperial scientists incompitance, the suhailites are parishing by the hundreds by a plague. Cenata stimulus I do believe its called. It effects the nervous system. There was no check on the immunity that the suhailites had on this particular virus.

It is predicted that at least half the population will die of this, this sickness. I cant help but feel at fault for this all. I prayed to Hadish to give these people hope. thats all I can do. Tomorrow is the day I am reunited with my love Shasta. One thing to feel blessed about. To think that in two months I will have to come back here and see what I have caused. and to help as best I can.

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Just some info for you guys. Hadish is the sardaukar god of war. Had in their ancient language means God and ish means Warrior. So translation is God-Warrior. Their god is the only god. The emperor is the leader of the faith and their beliefs is that hadish gives all a paradise as long as they are faithful to their standards. Hadish is a merciful god but will not tolerate rebellion. The worshipers of Hadish practice a ritual of one leader moving to the alter and taking his hand to the sacrificial knife. pouring the blood onto the alter to please Hadish. He doesnt wish death but wishes order. He helps and protects the faithful t hat fight for justice. The emperor is the king of the universe bestowed with Hadish's power. Their religion belives he is the one God that Fights for the way of the emperor. It comes from mainly persian mythology in the war-god (Indar) That promoted justice and bravery. Weapons that train under the sarduakar are as follows.

Short sword: A sword that is about 15 inches long. It is double edged and resembles the Gladius of roman origin.

Kindjal: A long knife that is double edged and curved. It looks a lot like arabian knives. It is ment to jab as well as slash. When this weapon is jabbed in an enemy it automatically curves into the enemies body. causing massive damage.

Malkith: This is a bladed weapon of bene-gesserit origin.

Its handle is like a double handed sword but two blades exit out of the hilt horizontaly. It is a defensive as well as an offensive weapon.

Sabre: A weapon that has a single edge blade. It is not ment to stab but to slice an enemy. Used in the forms of lower class ginaz martial artists. It is elegant in its use and is well used against unsheilded targets.

Forishine: A large sword resembling a katana. It has a long blade. About 4 feet to be exact and is used to slash enemies to pieces. It works good against unshielded and shielded targets. With an expert this weapon is a force to be recond with.

Calno: This weapon is double edged at the tip and has a curve downwords. This weapon is used to chop off a victim's exterior parts. It resembles the sword that northern indians use today. (the kukari knife)

All these weapons are used abundantly but each sarduakar masters a certain weapon and in many cases use pairs of weapons. The most common pair is the short sword and kindjal. With this the attacker will use the short sword to defend while using the kindjal as a stabbing device. This is most effective.

The sardaukar are trained by ginaz solders but also in their own style of martial art that resembles our Ju-jutusu and taekwondo in ancient terms or martial arts. With the weapons training from house ginaz and their own studies the sardaukar can defeat on average ten conscript solders.

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