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Dune movies


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Are there any other dune movies apart from David Lynch's? If there arent there should really be some. With modern technology they could make some really could movies of dune books, but stay truer to the plot this time. ;)

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The adaptation left a little to be desired...True, but the acting was *soooo* much better in the movie. IMHO anyway...

I think both versions were extremely good, with plus/minus factors for either.

I can't wait for CoD :)

true ;)

See what you've started. it's the lynch vs sci-fi thing again

damni true too ;)

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So your proposing that no matter how much more cash was sunk into the scifi version they could not have made it any better? From that I must assume you REALLY liked the butterfly like Navigators and the very poor quality desert scenes as well, while I'm on a theme the whole CGI contribution was rank.

And if the production company are unable to improve the overall quality by the addition of great founds then that only proves how crap they are!!

They got the rewards that they deserved i.e. not a lot!! Now b4 u all good flamey mad (shudder), chill. I'm not saying that their version is completely rubbish. I've praised it elsewhere on this forum.

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I didn't say that with more money they couldn't have made a better production, I said that they reaped all of the rewards without having to spend any more money.

Didn't get a lot of rewards? Are you kidding? They set an all-time veiwership record that was only broken this month by Taken. The DVD and VHS sales were better than they had hoped in there wildest dreams. They evenwon a couple of emmy's (one of which, the cenimatography, they probably wouldn't have won had they had the money for location shots).

Sure, if they doubled the budget the miniseries would have been even more spectacular, but they wouldn't have reaped anymore rewards.

In fact, theymight have done worse, and not getting thatemmy might ahve only been the start. David Lynch's Dune was the most expensive movie evermade, and it sure didn't give the studio any rewards for making it.

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I must say that those weren't the sort of rewards that I was referring to, and must again stress that the scifi mini series is not as bad as it could have been, However I'm not about to be convinced that just because a lot of Duneheads (Myself included) sat in to see it and rushed out buy it is any indicator of worth and quality.

It is a fair attempt at recreating the story of Dune but falls far short with regards to the flavour and feel of Dune that Lynch's film manages with aplomb. And yes I do recognise that Lynch was way out story wise. That's why I'm so eager to see a compromise between the 2.

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Miniseries all the way. Looks better, and more logical.. I found DL's movie to be a bit too

Sci-Fi :) . Don't get me wrong. The movie is pretty good, the atmosphere is much darker and evil. But the miniseries comes closer to the book IMO even though some things in the miniseries are not right

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