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The Hand which strikes thee


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The year is 2010. It has been several years that the nations of the world became growingly uneasy with each other. There have been talks of a Third world war. The governments became tyrannical, preparing for the imminent conflict, speeding up the weapons production rate, not even caring about the lives of citizens.

You are here to stop it and forever eradicate the evil of men.

You are the person, who will strive to change the world, using whatever means you see fit.

- Create and roleplay a character. He must be a realistic human being. You can use whatever you want to achieve your goal to change the world - just don't do it all at once - show the process and the conflict between the different roleplayed characters.

No GM, and most importantly of all - have fun :)

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My character:

Victor Morian

27 years old

Born in Moscow, Soviet Union in 1983, Victor had an unhappy childhood. He was laughed at as strange at school, but he was always more intelligent than his fellow classmates. His parents died when he was only five years old, so he was raised by his uncle - a psychopathic maniac, who later was admitted to the clinic and Victor, 12 at that time, was left alone in the streets to get his own shelter and food.

At the age of 16, year 1997, after Soviet Union crumbled and the Cold War was over, Victor moved to US and studied Nuclear physics, Advanced chemistry and Virology.

Now, at the age of 27, his ambitions are focused on only one thing - rule the Earth for himself and wreak revenge upon the hated world.

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John Williams:

Was a American born child but his parents died in a horrific car crash a few years later. He got sent to live with his cousins, they lived and moved around in every third world country possiable, he soon relized what hell was like. Always trying to make a diffrence and seeing all the hatred John soon got a lust for freedom in his life and he wanted to take over a small third world country and make it full of freedom like America he lived in so long ago....

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Victor woke up from a bad dream. It was the same for the past week - he runs from a shadow, and then falling, he desperately tries to breath in, but can't and suffocating falls on the ground and dies.

Victor put on his clothes and walked out of the apartment building.

The streets were crowded with people, all hurrying to work. As Victor walked through the street, some bearded man pushed him out of the way and Victor fell on the ground, dropping the books that he carried in his arms. The man not only didn't apologize, but walked past, stepping on Victor's books and swearing.

Victor glanced at the man's face and grinned.

"It's ok," - He thought, "He will soon pay. They will all pay".

Victor gathered the books and stood up. He headed for the library.

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Victor slowly entered the library and sighed. As always, he was the only one here. Returning the books, he walked up to the nearest computer and sat down.

He entered the Evernet database and looked through the news. The headlines screamed, "WORLDWIDE BOMBINGS. ON THE BRINK OF WAR".

Victor sighed, "War, always war, don't those governmental fools have anything better to do?"

Victor scrolled down to the next page. His eyes were soon attracted by the colorful title, "Prediction of Nostradamus: 2010. It is one who destroys all".

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Hmmm... Since Espionage kind of died I think I'll just twist time and space a little...

Vivian Frey! Yes, the tough one is back! But with her family all over the world and uncontactable...

Due to the last 'conflict' Vivian was fired by her superiors. In other words they tried to kill her. Of course the toxics expert escaped and is now a mercenary. She can be hired to do good deed, or bad ones. It all depends on where the money is.

Still strikingly beautiful and with a brain to match anyone's, Vivian may have lost her funds but her deadly weapons and skill make her an expensive, but worthwhile employee.

She excells at business deals and assassination. She works best alone and in the field. Her planning skills are strong but she would send people in at hopeless odds to fight because she is convinced of her own indestructability. Immune to nearly all forms of poison, this girl is currently in a secret location. Her availability for employment has been broadcast on all the illegal networks... and has leaked to the legal ones...

Is rumoured to hold land somewhere in the world. But if the governments know, they aren't saying.

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The musky air filled the dark and cramped bar. Voices echoed throughout the room but John payed no attention to them, he sat in a corner of the bar sipping some brandy he had purchased. He waited for the assignator Vivian Frey, for they had made a meeting a week ago for this very bar and time......John took a few more sips and waited..

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Victor walked out of the library research lab, In his hand, he carried a test tube that he wanted to take home for further testing. Victor loved biology and chemistry. The microscopic organisms interested him incredibly.

Hurrying and looking only at his treasure, suddenly Victor ran into something and the tube slipped from his hands. Grabbing for it in midair, Victor caught it, sighing thankfully.

He looked up and yelled, "Hey, watch it! Do you know what this thing can do to you???"

The woman didn't say anything. OOC - Vivian

Victor stood up and bowed, "Please excuse my bad manners, miss. I am Victor. Victor Morian".

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Vivian was flustered. A rare state of affairs for her and she didn't like it. However, being in a foul mood didn't halt her manners, they had saved her life more than once.

"No, I'm sorry, it was all my fault." She smiled while brushing a strand of hair out of her eyes, "I should have looked where I was going." There was a pause as they both sought for conversation.

"Excuse me," Vivian said eventually, "I'm late for a meeting. But I can't help noticing the test tube, anything interesting?"

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Victor smiled, "Yes, it is quite interesting if you like microbiology. This little critter in here is a sample of Ebola-Zaire I borrowed from the lab. There is not really enough to infect anyone, but I'm taking it home to try and develop a cure". His grin widened when he said the word "cure"". "I hope I'm not boring you. Virology is a special passion of mine".

As he was saying this, he balanced the tube on his finger. Now, he seemed totally uncaring to the fact that it could fall down and break.

"Well, I am also late for an important project. Hope to see you around, might I ask, what is your name?"

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Edgar was always a reclusive person. Born somewhere in Montana (no one really knows where), he ran away from home and came to Seattle, Washington back in 1984 as a teenager. A very quiet fellow, no friends, no known family- yet he was a genious in every sense of the word. Perhaps it was by chance that one day he met a young energetic enterpreneur one morning while reading a calculus book for fun and sipping some coffee in a local cafe. The young man had just started a new company called "Microsoft" and when it was all said and done, Edgar found himself behind a computer writing extremely complex machine code for a new program called "Windows." He refused to work in an open environment and locked himself up in a small, dark office and day in and day out would sit there, punching away at his keyboard.

As years passed, people forgot about Edgar. Oh there were some stories from the older employees about a dark, reclusive man who would sit in his office late into the night, but he left the company years ago.....or did he?

Over the next 15 years, the Microsoft building expanded accross many acres of land. Yet deep beneath the bowles of the building, tucked away in the dark shadows, far back in the recesses of the basement, and unknown to everyone at Microsoft, is a rusted, locked metal door. Sometimes, the janitor swears he can hear "clicking sounds" coming from inside that room. He doesn't dare try to open it. Previous janitors have reported "ghosts" of Edgar (called Edgar sightings), yet they are always laughed off by managmenet. They say that sometimes they see a shadowy figure moving in the hallways, going in and out of that locked metal door. But managment wouldn't dare take any crazy story like that seriously! Edgar isn't even on the payroll anymore. He hasn't been on the payroll in over 10 years! I mean, besides, who would listen to a janitor?. So the janitors just keep to themselves, always fearing, yet never dare approaching that mysterious and terrible metal door. And even if they did, they could not enter- they dont even have a key.

But Edgar does. For, inside that room, a dark shadow has been typing...coding...programming....plotting. Hidden deep inside every Windows operating system is a small piece of code, developed over 10 years by one mysterious person whos existence was long forgotten. Yet will soon awaken...

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John is from Canada.

John was just a regular guy who liked to play sports. he was very good at it to, he liked to play hockey the most. but when not playing hockey he attended Dalhousie university in Halifax. he was very good at business and psychology.

John intended on getting a government job dealing with business. His mother died when he was a child, but his father was still alive and worked at a small business. John liked to hang out with friends.

more later

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Only just reaching adulthood Robert a young Englishman has his own plans. Ever since he learnt to read he has been well read in many subjects ranging from philosopy, theology, litriture and politics. He often inspired his teachers with his writing and eloquent speaches and more often than not got bullied by his peers for the same reason. Now he wants to bring humanity to a new age of peace through his socialistic beliefs. So far he has many followers who agree with his cause and often tries to get more with his speaches, quick wit and clever words.

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Vivian smiled her best 'blonde bimbo' grin as alarm bells went off in her head. Ebola Zaire... EBOLA ZAIRE??? What was this nutter doing with a filovirus in a test tube? On the end of his FINGER? Taking it home to find a CURE? It had a mortality rate of over ninty! Could kill in days! No cure known, what was he DOING?!?!?!

"Um...Tell you what, I'll drop by tomorrow if I can. Say back here? At about 1pm?"


"Great! See you!" And she dashed off into the night. Running ever so slightly faster than someone late for an appointment usually would. She rounded a corner and was gone.

Vivian entered the bar and wrinkled her nose. She hated the smell of cigarettes, and they were present in large numbers here. She couldn't see anyone looking particularly like they were interested in her, other than the usual perverts of course. She decided the most direct approach was the best, and wandered over to the bar.

"Is there anyone here waiting for me?" She asked the barman, "My name is Vivian." He scowled at her for a second, and then shrugged, and went back to pouring drinks. She smiled sweetly, then broke his nose.

The punch sent him back into his large display of bottles, sending a great many of them tumbling to the ground where the shards spread out like ice splinters.

"Perhaps you'd like to check?" She asked politely. She felt a pressure above her elbow as a man took her elbow from behind.

"Vivian Frey, I presume?" He whispered in her ear.

"Damn right I am." She whispered back, "Now hands off or I rearrange your face too."

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Victor returned home and immediatly began his project. Setting the test tube in the middle of the lab table, he moved his arm down under the table and took out a little lead bottle. Carefully he opened it and poured the contents of the test tube into it. A quiet hissing noise sounded.

Victor grinned. This new formula that he created via his genius was designed to speed up the mutation rate of an RNA virus and make the strain deadlier. Just after several minutes, the Ebola virus will not only become even deadlier, but also airborne.

Looking around himself, he suddenly noticed a cocroach. "Ah, this will work nicely," He thought, "this will give the virus a host to reproduce on". He grabbed the struggling cocroach and dropped it into the bottle.

Victor smiled and closed the bottle.

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"Ha, cocky one you are, you dont mess with a bounty hunter, no matter what bar tender you knocout." A grin came across Johns face and even under his hood made the women shivver.

"Follow me" he walked over to the table in a corner, she also moved to the table and the two sat down. "I am sorry for this meeting locatation, but everyone tends to their own buisness let alone any one elses, and plus many here are experienced bounty hunters, and many are my men, anyways enough babbleing on."

He could tell she was getting slightly agitated now, he reached in his coat pocket and tok out a small white square. Passing it across the table Vivian grabbed it and opened the small picture. It was a wrinkeled pciture but it showed a tall, large black haired man with a scar on his face. "This is Solamania Devucho, a weapon and drugs dealer, he needs to be taken out, we will supply you with the weapons and gear....And half the cash of course...." Sliding it across the table she picked it up and counted a good sum, more then she expected for full.

"Now, I want him, and all his men dead, I can supply you with a few of my friends if you need assitence, but that will lower your profit, and if you try any stupid things like running away without cmpleting the task, we will get our cash back...From your dead blood stained body...Do you accept this mission?"

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Robert in all his life had never been to America. He had traveled extensivly around Europe to find supporters for his cause but USA, home of capitalism, had never appealed to him. Now he decided was the time. First he would make some speaches in the western cities then he would hire some help for his cause...

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