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The Hand which strikes thee


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Victor laughed loudly in mad hysterical fits and screamed, "YES! FINALLY IT IS READY! THE GREATEST TOOL OF POWER THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN!".

The virus was prepared. Now, it was time to show the world that he was not joking.

Taking out a syringe out of his lab coat pocket, he poked through the skin in his shoulder and insirted the NeoEbola vaccination into his bloodstream. Frowning from pain, he threw put the rest of the vaccine back in his pocket. This would be enough to give him a temporary protection.

Victor took out the bottle with the virus and smiled. Very precisely, through a plastic microfunnel he poured it into several large testubes. He put several of them in his hiding place, while taking others with him in his lab coat. One of them he carried in his clenched fist.

He walked out of his apartment, running down the stairsteps.

Swiftly, he sprinted out of the door and saw several people walking in the street outside. Victor smiled madly and raised his hand, screaming, "World! You are mine! Behold your new master, Victor Morian!!!"

With those words, he threw the testube on the pavement where the people walked.

The people stopped, astonished by this new sweet raspberry smell in the air.

Victor tried to blush, "Oh, how clumsy of me! Please excuse me".

OOC - hehe, made it extra freaky today ;D

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Victor walked through the street, making his way into a bar. He seemed careless about the lives that will soon be lost by the residents of this city.

He walked into the bar and immediatly noticed that strange woman again, sitting at a table with another man.

Victor grinned and walked over.

"Heh," he smiled, "We meet again"

He turned to the man, "And what is your name, sir. I am Victor Morian, the future ruler of the world," he laughed.

The two stared disbelievingly at what he just said.

Once again Victor laughed, "I know, I should explain myself. As the lady might already know, I had a sample of Ebola virus, and via my genius I have perfected it and created, my own, my precious Neobola. A virus so deadly that nothing can stop it except for the temporary antiserum that I alone know the formula for. I see the look on your faces. Believe me, you have nothing to worry about - you are already infected, for you see although I cannot experience the disease I am still a carrier and anyways by now I am sure that most of the people in this city have been infected".

Victor continued, "Why am I doing this? Well, you see, since I was a child I had no friends. Everyone knows what emotional damage can that cause to a teenager. Since I was eighteen, I have dedicated my life solely to revenge. Revenge against the world that has been so cruel to me - so mean".

"This lady here has actually been the first person to ever notice me and smile at me. She was the first one to take interest in what I am doing. And for that, I shall give you both a chance. Join me, and help me take over the world by terror".

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BTW, Ebola is airborne anyway, and pouring it into a test tube is enough to wipe out a city as well...

One of Vivian's more admirable traits was her ability to think quickly, and make a plan of action in seconds. She had already accepted the deal from her shady 'business' partner, but refused the offer of manpower, she worked far better alone. She stood up,

"Please, getting to business at once is always so tedious. Allow me to introduce my cousin John." She indicated the man she had just met. He frowned ever so slightly, but played along. "My name is Vivian," Vivian continued, "I'm pleased to finally introduce myself to you Victor. It's always so nice to find a fellow enthusiast!" So saying, she removed her precious laptop from the strap, and slipped out a several small glass phials.

"My collection." She whispered, "Marbug, Smallpox, Malaria, Cholera, Rabies, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, you name it,I've got it." She went on, "Poisons and venoms from snakes, spiders, scorpions, fish, insects and frogs. As you can see, we were simply made to work together." She replaced the phials. "And I must say your offer is extremely tempting, if I may say so though, perhaps a little naive? How will you rule the world if there is nobody left to rule? Ebola spreads through the air, someone gets it here, gets on an aeroplane and spreads it into an airport, people there go all ovr the world... it could be empty in weeks."

John tried to get a word in edgeways. Vivian pushed him back, but for some reason took his hand... he felt a tapping on the palm...

Vivian's mind raced as she babbled. It was always possible that the man was lying of course but she was a good judge of character and she didn't think he was lying to them now. If he had already released the virus then she might be alright. She was already immune to ordinary Ebola (the process had nearly killed her) and so stood a small chance of immunity to a modified version. Best not to take any risks though, go for it.

John finally unsderstood, she was tapping out morse code!



Vivian withdrew her hand. She would kill Solamania. But first she had to save herself.

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OOC - Ebola isn't airborne. I have done numerous school research papers on it. It is spread through bodily fluids, especially blood. What you mean might be that it can be spread through the drops of saliva when someone sneezes or coughs - but reasearch has found that that is very rare. Mostly it is transferred through touch of the sick person's bleeding skin.

Victor smiled. "My Neobola will spread around the world and nothing can stop it. Unless that is, the UN agrees to my terms. Then, I shall give everyone the temporary cure, which works for just 48 hours and then wears off. So, what is your decision? Join me, and I shall bring you both to my lab and administer the antiserum. Of course, like any job, this will require a contribution from your side". Victor grinned, "You will have to help me spread the virus". As he said this, he took out a second test tube from his coat and juggled it from one hand to the other.

Several screams sounded as a woman sitting at the table right next to them began to cough up blood. She stood up, but then fell, crawling on the floor, a streak of blood coming from her mouth and nose. She tried to cry, but instead of tears, thick red drops of blood came out of her eyes.

Victor chuckled, "Heh, you see, the process has already begun. You don't want that to happen to you, do you?"

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btw, When I said airborne I meant carried by aerosols. If you've done the disease you'll know what these are but just in case, aerosols are tiny droplets of liquid that 'float' in the air. There are millions of them and they can be carried for miles. THEY can spread the disease. That's why Ebola victims sometimes 'burst' on death, it spreads the aerosols further.

Vivian peered down at the woman. This Victor person was quite obviously insane, completely mad. But just because he's mad doesn't mean that he couldn't think...

"Tell you what," She smiled, "You and I both know that only a fool would agree to something with no terms. How about you give me the temporary vaccine now, and we can draw up a contract of some sort without having me die during negotiations. In the interim, what is stopping this virus killing the entire population of the world? Being a ruler is stupid without anyone to rule."

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Victor laughed at Vivian. When he stopped, he looked at her and grinned, "You are different from most of the people I have met. Very well then. I shall give you the vaccine, but do not think that it gives you freedom from our agreement. After all, it just delays the suffering, for only I know how to make it".

Victor took out a syringe out of his pocket and stabbed it into Vivian's arm releasing the antiserum. The he took it out and it melted in his hand, leaving no trace.

Victor smiled, "Now, let us go somewhere else. This place is getting kind of messy".

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Several hours later, the two people sat in a sparse room, dimly lit by a single lightbulb. One of Vivian's many small rooms where she kept supplies. It had been the closest, and most airtight place she could think of.

"For starters," She said, "I want to know how you plan to take over the world when everyone is dead. I also want to know what makes you think you can succeed, and why you keep laughing at me." She paused, "And, let's be honest here, we are as likely to kill each other as anyone else. We are going to need to establish some kind of loyalty here. This isn't to say I'll be some kind of servant, but I don't need power over you. Like a two-headed eagle, as the saying goes..."

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Victor laughed once again, "Heh, do you not understand my intentions? Through the manipulation of the virus I shall make myself the supreme emperor of the world. I shall be there, when no one else is! Do you not understand the glory of living when everyone else is dead??".

He frowned at the odd look that Vivian gave him. "I thought that you would like to know, the disease has already spread beyond the boundaries of the state. The government is baffled. A similar outbreak has been reported in Francem, where american tourists arrived recently. I AM DEATH, DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND???" Victor laughed madly, but his laugh was interrupted by his own cough.

Spewing out blood he smiled, "Hehe, the effect wore off, well no problem".

He took out another syringe and gave himself a shot. Victor grinned, "So up, for a plane ride to Europe with this," He tossed a test tube at Vivian, who barely caught it.

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Vivian sighed. She had let herself in for far more than she had bargained for. However, there was still a method...

"Very well." She said, pocketing the test tube. "I'll leave immediately. But since we shall be spending some time apart, I request some of that vaccine to keep me alive. Where do you want me to start?"

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"But then again, I don't want to be completely in your power, just as you don't want to be completely in mine." Vivian pointed out. "I want a supply of that vaccine to last me six months. That should be long enough for me to finish the job with time to spare. Then I want a permanent cure. In return you get the world, isn't that enough?"

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"The world is enough, at least for now," Victor smiled, "But you shall not recieve the vaccine, for do not forget, I AM GOD, and you are just my humble servant whom I have gracefully saved from the Apocalypse. Obey me, and you shall live. Defy me, and you shall die like the rest!"

Victor frowned. "Now, GO! If you want to live I suggest you do it fast and return before the effect wears off. I have given you enough to last 48 hours, enough to last you half the trip. You will have to make a stop here aftet those 48 for me to give you a second dose".

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At the same time, the situation worsened. The disease has begun to spread fer beyond even the state lines. It had a devastating 100% contagion and fatality. The government send bioterrorist teams to the place where Victor Morian allegedly was, but they got sick even before reaching the place. Not even biomasks could stop this virus from spreading, because it was too small even for the best technology to filter out.

The government has decided to use extreme measures against Victor. Nuclear weapons were prepared for launch, but the government knew that doing so would be suicidal for he was the only one who had cure.

The government has decided to concede to Victor's demands.

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Uncoded Message from Vivian Frey to Julia Frey + other family at secret location:

I am dying. I have approximately 48 hours to live, after which I shall die. No ammount of help can save me now, and neither can any of you. I wish it could have ended differently, but you know the circumstances. Victor offered me life at the price of slavery. I refused. In under 48 hours the neoebola will have killed me. I am even now travelling to a high-security compound so that on my death my blood can be analysed for clues of how to cure this blight. I doubt it will work.

For this reason, I think it is time to finally carry out Plan B. Not just plan B but Plan B. Go indo hiding, shut out the outside air supply, and set in motion C-VF. You know what I'm talking about. Then destroy Victor. The coordinates I'm sending are his last known position, although he will have moved by now. But, if his plan suceeds, only he and you shall be left alive. In which case he would be an easy target. Don't make me die in vain.


Vivian closed her laptop. She removed every single phial from it and neutralised them one by one. Then she punched a hole right through the centre, all infomation was now irretrievable. Just to make sure, she set fire to it.

And, maybe a mile, maybe a hemisphere away... In a dark room in a tube filled with thick yellowy liquid, something stirred.

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Victor smiled. He as just recieved a call from the US government. He has been given control. Now, if it was not for the traitor Vivian, things would be perfect.

Victor has made another call, making sure that the backup plan worked. A timer has been set on all of the US ICBM's by his order. No one except Victor knew when and where they would go off.

But now it was time to set the second part of the plan in action. The disease has already spread through 17 of the 50 states, destroying everyone on its way. The people screamed for the promised cure. Pitiful fools, they did not know that they would die, for there is no cure! Only a way to evade death for a short time.

Outbreaks of Neobola spread all around Europe. The Europe governments have already recieved a warning message from Victor and were in shock. Soon, they too shall fall to his infinite fury.

Victor walked out of the apartment complex and got into the first car he saw. Throwing the body of the dead man out of the door, he drove to the airport.

The streets were filled with decaying flesh...

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OOC - Noooo!! Not Vegas! ;D . Kind of strange, how would a threat do destroy the world scare a guy who wants to destroy the world? ::)

Victor laughed at the message. Whoever sent it must have been an idiot. Destroying the world is what he wanted to do himself, but a little help isn't bad.

Reply to sender's address (automatic):

Thanks a bunch for your help.

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"Curses." Came a voice.

"Well there's nothing we can do about it now, we have to destroy him, not the world. Not to be smug or anything but-"

"I know, I know. You told me so."


"Use the sattalite."

"To track him?"




"Lock on Victor Morian traced to... here, see? On the map. Right there next to the big letter E."

"Any ideas?"

"Firing Hydrogen bombs...They should obliterate him in les than two minutes."

"Think she'll be ready soon?"

"Not yet, give another two days or so."

"It's creepy looking at her in there."

"I know."

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