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Fed2k Survivor Season 2


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*Gob Holy Warrior Tribe*

Just setting up camp.

*Mahdian Tribe*

Setting up camp.


*same as day 1*


*Gob Warrior Tribe*

Gob and Davo are in the hastily constructed hut...cementing a voting alliance.  

The call of "newbie moderator" can be heard throughout the camp.  And Ordos45, Nema Fakei, and Exatreides are...ouch they are burning TMA_1 at the stake.  No need for an immunity challenge now.  Also our Season 1 hostess is dueling with a lightsaber agianst Darth Cow.

*Mahdian Tribe*

MarS, Spoonranger, and Shiroko are forming the nearly mythical moderator alliance while fishing.  Osama bin Llama and Edric O. are duking it out over rights to a palm tree to sleep under.  Acriku and Kantama are arguing about religion, as always.  Mahdi meanwhile is looking at a message stating there is no immunity challenge due to a death in the other tribe, wishing it was in his.

(Sorry, I write more once I have fewer people.)

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(Don't worry TMA, soon someone will join you.)


*Mahdian Tribe*

Mahdi and Llama have come to blows over the possession of the folding lawn chair as Kantama and Arciku are still arguing about religion.  MarS, Spoonranger, Shiroko, and Edric are plotting to vote out the Llama.

*Gob Warrior Tribe*

Gob is talking calmly to a clam, telling it his plan to raise Canada to a World Ruling Power.  Alliances are switching as Nema, Ex, O45, and Davo are cementing the voting alliance against Gob.  Galaxy and Darth Cow are still lightsaber fighting.


*Mahdian Tribe*

Pretty much the same as yesterday.

*Gob Warrior Tribe*

Gob is now announcing plans to marry the clam.  Nema is teaching Ex how to spell.  Davo and Ordos45 are skipping stones on the sea, accidently hitting the head of Darth Cow who is learning how to swim.  Meanwhile Galaxy is working on her tan.


*Mahdian Tribe and Gob Tribe*

The message from Oppossum is found to meet on the beach for an immunity challenge.

*The Beach*

"Welcome, " says Oppossum," this is simple you all have been given fighting staffs.  Last one standing's tribe wins."

Mahdi and Gob immediately lock blows.  Staff clashes against staff until they both knock each other out.  Darth Cow and Galaxy are with their backs to each other knocking their enemies senseess.  Eventually only the terrorist Osama bin Llama and Galaxy are left.  

Galaxy smacks her staff hard enough across bin Llama's neck to crack it.   He falls dead.   The Gob Holy Warrior Tribe wins immunity.

*The Command Bunker*

"Thanks for watching Fed2k Survivor, we'll be back later with a new episode and a new death," says the Oppossum.

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(Oh no its horrible, its another episode!)


*Gob Holy Warrior Tribe*

It is total chaos as a coconut throwing fight has consumed the camp.  Ex is cowering behind a wall of sand, and ouch the coconut takes him in the head.

Gob is leading a counteroffensive against Darth Cow and Galaxy, on his left is Davo, on his right is Nema.  They are throwing coconuts but cow is kicking sand in their faces and Galaxy is...oh that had to hurt.  Meanwhile, Ordos45 is looting Ex's pockets for the keys to the KYA Palace.

*Mahdian Tribe*

"Hi this is Oppossum, with the Mahdian Tribe watching Kantama, no the plant hasn't worn off yet," says Oppossum disgusted," Let us listen some more."

"I love Gob...err...God!"

"Come on everyone do some Discorena!"  (cross between Disco and macarena)

"A long time ago, on a coconut far far away..."

"I'm becoming a Wiccan."

"Ah, I love petting your head," she finishes as she pets Mahdi and he tries to get out of the headlock.


*both tribes are recuperating from their long, long days.*

Day 10

*Immunity Challenge Site*

"Welcome Tribes, you both must be getting hungry," says Oppossum, as both tribes nod," Well this is for food and immunity.  You will each be given a nine millimeter pistol and will shoot at those targets down range with them.  First person to put five bullets in their target, wins their tribe immunity.  Survivors Ready?  Go!"

Galaxy snaps off five shots without looking more than a glance at the target and all five go in.

"Congratulations Galaxy, the Gob Holy Warriors Tribe wins immunity!  Oh and kill a member of the Mahdian Tribe now to save us an actual Tribal Council."

All stares are on the insane Kantama.  Galaxy flicks a glance in the direction of the Mahdian Tribe and shoots a single bullet into Spoonranger.  

*Gob Holy Warrior Tribe*

The Thopter carrying the crate of food and immunity idol fly over the camp.  The crate of food lands in the fire, Pilot error.  The Immunity Idol crashes onto Ex's head, knocking him out again.

*Command Bunker*

"I better stay here or they'll kill me," says Oppossum glancing around," until next time Survivor Fans."

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DAY 11

*Gob Holy Warriors Tribe*

There is much celebrating and they have gotten drunk on some local fruit juice.

*Mahdian Tribe*

No one is happy, so they have turned to something else for attention...Kantama.

"I hate you!"

"I am an evil demon!"

"Diablo Oppossum rules the island."

"Come on, lets all sing a song about killing!"

DAY 12

*Gob Holy Warriors Tribe*

Hangover, no need to say more.

*Mahdian Tribe*

"Moooove along."

"I'm to..."

*Further content censored for the sake of the show surviving.*

DAY 13

*Immunity Challenge Beach*

"Today's challenge," says Oppossum," is simple.  Whoever can throw Kantama to the sharks has the win for their tribe."

Within the blink of an eye Gob has thrown Kantama into the water with the sharks but she swims out ranting.

"Okay Gob's Holy Warriors win immunity I will see you Mahdian Tribe, at an actual Tribal Council!"

*Tribal Council Area*

"Welcome to Tribal Council.  Each of you will go over their and write down a vote on a piece of paper and put it in that box.   Whoever gets the most votes is voted off.  Mahdi, you are first..." says Oppossum.

Time passes.

"Okay, the votes are in," says Oppossum," whoever is voted out will be thrown into that volcano or leave the Tribal Council area immediately.  First Kantama, second vote Kantama, third vote Kantama, fourth vote Kantama, fifth vote is for Edric O?  Kantama give me your torch."

She does, talking crazily the whole time.  Oppossum uses a cocnut thingy to put out the torch.

"Kantama the Tribe has spoken, leave the Tribal Council area now."

She refuses.  Oppossum raises a claw and points to Kantama.  A single gunshot rings out from the hillsides of the island and Kantama is pitched backward falling into the volcano, trailing blood.

"You have all had a big night, go back and celebrate...er...reflect," says Oppossum, and then he turns to the camera," join us next time on Fed2k Survivor."

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DAY 14

*Mahdian Tribe*

Celebrating...can't say more if I don't want something bad to happed to me.

*Gobalopper Holy Warriors Tribe*


DAY 15

*Reward Challenge Area*

"Okay listen to the marsupial," says Oppossum," one from each tribe will swim out to the marker and back.  First one back wins food for their tribe."

Nema and Shiroko take off in the race.  As they come back around the marker something surfaces behind them.  Shark fins!  They swim as fast as they can and barely escape. The Mahdian Tribe wins to food.

*Mahdian Tribe-later that day*

A crate of food drops from an armored thopter...right onto the jagged rocks.  The crate splits open and its contents wash out to see.

DAY 16

*Immunity Beach*

"Today the two leaders of the Tribes will face off in a lightsaber duel," says Oppossum, ignoring the glares from the Mahdian Tribe.  He hands Gob and Mahdi lightsabers and everyone backs away....way away.  "Begin!"

Mahdi swings down but Gob gracefully brings his own lightsaber up to parry the attack and uses his momentum to nearly chop Mahdi's head off.  Mahdi rolls back on his back and flips up slashing savagely.  The power of the dark side...er...Mahdi's savage attack is too much for poor Gob and he loses a head, quite literally.

"I DID IT!  I NOW CONTORL FED2K," screams Mahdi at the top of his lungs.

*Command Bunker*

Oppossum is surrounded by Security Guards.  

"Join us next time for another edition of FED2K Survivor!"

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(nope, no one ever seems to pay attention to poor Nema.)

Preview:  "Next time on Survivor..."

"I am going to make you an offer you cannot refuse," says Mahdi.

"Gob is gone, tonight we take over the Tribe," says Ex to Galaxy.

"You use proper codephrase Comrade Cow."

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DAY 17

*Holy Warriors Tribe*

"Gob is dead," says Ex to Galaxy as they stroll along the beach," tonight we take over the Tribe."

"Hmm...but how?"

Then he began to explain.

*Mahdian Tribe*

"I'm going to make you an offer you cannot refuse," says Mahdi to Shiroko.

Shiroko says nothing.

"You will support my actions or I will find a way to vote you off."

DAY 18

*Holy Warrior Tribe*

Nema, Davo and Ordos45 all struggled against their bonds.  Coconut vines were stronger than they seemed before.  Ex and Galaxy are smiling wickedly.  But where is Darth Cow?

*In the jungles of the island*

"Hello Comrade Cow," said Comrade, the spy.

"Moo," mooed the confused cow.

"You use proper codephrase Comrade Cow."


"YOu use proper mooing insult Comrade Cow."


"You use proper confusion Comrade Cow."

"Mooo," says the cow as it slaps Comrade.

"You use proper code violence Comrade Cow."

Darth Cow lets out a bloodcurdling shriek and draws his lightsaber.  He slashes quickly and Comrade is cut in half, dead.

*Mahdian Tribe*

Edric and MarS are looking strangely at Shiroko and Mahdi.  

DAY 19

*Holy Warriors Tribe Border*


"Hello Oppossum," says Galaxy.

"We can't have this sort of thing happening, the hostage situation you and Ex have created."

"Why not?"

"It is bad for ratings, you all don't do much anyhow."

"So what should I do?"

"Kill Exatreides with this dart of poison and then do something with his body to blame it on baboons or something."

Galaxy nods and slips back toward the tribe.

*Holy Warriors Tribe*

The dart hit Ex just at the pulmonary artery and he died almost instantly.  While everyone captive was asleep that night, she hung his body from a palm tree and cut the bonds of her sleeping tribe mates.

*Somewhere on the Island*

"MOO," called out Darth Cow.  The poor Darth Cow can't find his way back to camp.

*Command Bunker*

"Thanks for joinging us on Fed2k Survivor," says Oppossum.

(TMA_1 I still post on this, sorry, we do not close down threads every few days.  Anyhow, if u notice a good portion of posts that are not mine which have been posted recently have been deleted.  Hope u enjoyed this installment.)

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DAY 20

*Command Bunker*

"Today is a very special day.  Today to random members of the Tribes will be abducted...err...selected to set the conditions for the merging of the tribes into one.  Let's watch," says Oppossum.

*Random Isle Location*

Mahdi has been selected from the Mahdian Tribe and Darth Cow happened to wander into the clearing so he has been selected from the Holy Warriors Tribe.  They are staring at each other.

*Five Hours Later*

They are on the ground laughing at the flag they have just made.  Combining pics of Mahdi and Gob's forum avatars they have created a flag for the Gobahdi Tribe.

DAY 21

*The New Tribal Area*

"This is your new site, these are your new Tribe members, get over it," says Oppossum.  He then boards an armored thopter and flies off to the command bunker.  

Suddenly everyone begins to break off into groups.  MarS, Edric, Ordos45, Davo, Nema, Galaxy, and Darth Cow are forming a voting alliance.  Mahdi is still stand behind Shiroko with a threatening coconut.

DAY 22

*Immunity Challenge Site*

"Okay, now that you are one tribe we will no longer have regular immunity.  Now instead of immunity for your Tribe, you compete for immunity for yourself," says Oppossum, flanked by House Marsupial Bodyguards," today is a simple challenge.  First to shoot five arrows onto a bullseye on their target wins.  GO!"

Galaxy and Mahdi both get five arrows on the bullseye at the same time.

"Okay, here is how we do the tie-braker.  Each of you has been handed a flaming arrow, the first one to burn down their target wins."

Galaxy's burns down by about .5 seconds ahead of Mahdi's.

Oppossum hands  her the immunity necklace," Okay I'll see you all at an actual Tribal Council tonight, and remember can't vote Galaxy off."

*Tribal Council*

"Go up to the box and write the name of whoever you want voted off on a piece of paper, then put it in the box, it is simple," says Oppossum.

They go vote and then Oppossum counts the votes.

"We have 8 votes for Mahdi and one vote for Davo," announces Oppossum," Mahdi bring me your torch."

Mahdi glares at Shiroko as his torch is put out.  

"Mahdi, please leave the Tribal Council area," says Oppossum and when Mahdi shook his head no the bodyguards from House Marsupial began to drag him away.

"I'LL KILL YOU ALL FOR THIS," screamed Mahdi as he was dragged away.

"This was your first time as the Gobahdi Tribe in Tribal Council but I can see you all knew what you wanted, go back to your new home.  Reflect upon this, and if you know of any secret weapon stockpiles Mahdi has on the island tell me," said Oppossum.

*Command Bunker*

"Well that was interesting.  Join us next time on the second season of FED2K Survivor," says a nervous Oppossum.

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DAY 23

*Gobahdi Tribe*

Drunkeness, celebration.  Mahdi is gone.  Viva la freedom.

DAY 24

*Gobahdi Tribe*

Hangovers...big hangovers.  

Ordos45 and Darth Cow are snickering, as they had nothing to drink.  Galaxy seems to be on her knees... Davo, Nema, Shiroko, MarS, and Edric are all lying in the sand, trying not to regurgitate the booze like Galaxy is.

DAY 25

*Command Bunker*

Sirens are going off, a dozen armored thopters of Mahdi markings are strafing the island.  Las blasts are turning sand to glass and setting the plants on fire.  House Marsupial guards are trying to get out and fight but the bunker door is jammed.

*Gobahdi Tribe*

Darth Cow is delfecting las blasts with his lightsaber, knocking them back at their owners.  An Ex ghola has just been killed by the Shirko/MarS crunch.  Edric and Nema are trading blows with a few Mahdian Troopers.  Davo is fighting another one of Mahdi's Elite Guards.  

Mahdi has just cut off Ordos45's head.  Galaxy has pulled a gun, and she has shot Mahdi once in the heart, killing him.

House Marsupial No-Ships have begun to shoot down the armored thopters.  The attack has failed.  Mahdi and the Ex ghola are dead.  Ordos45 is dead, oh well.  

*Command Bunker*

"So we had soem problems this episode but not anymore," says Oppossum," join us next time on FED2K Survivor."

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