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I would clone Chani...*fade into darkness...*

*fade into sunrise...*

Chani awakens with a gasp, bewildered like a child being born without reason. She finds herself laying on her back in the sand, and she spots a tall man leaving her in the blur as she recovers her eyesight.

"Wai..Wait, who are you?", she demands but it just echoes into the swirling sand as the man disappears in it.

Her instincts make her body cry out to get up, but it takes some effort. She finds herself outside a sietch, there was something about it that she couldn't process in her mind. She shakes it off and looks around to see vast deserts of sand and heat, and somehow erg floats up to her thoughts. She sighs and walks into the gaping mouth of the sietch which seemed to close on her as she enters.

She finds  herself among many people, children running after each other with sharp tools, and men and women her size closing their eyes and whispering a few words. She closes in on them, and on instinct whispers, "Bi-La Kaifa."

Suddenly gasps stir the walls of the sietch, an old woman yells, "Kull wahad!", another yells, "Hal Yawm! She has come back!". Whispers ring out from the group, then all silences after one man entered.

"Do my eyes deceive me, do my senses dull from age, is this Chani?", Stilgar yells with chills up his spine.

"Y-Yes, I am Chani.", Chani replies without knowing.

"Who speaks of such tragedy, such name that brings memories to stab myself with?", a voice from the shadows yells out.

"It is I, Chani.", Chani replies with terror as she looks into the shadows.

The maker of the voice steps out of the shadows, it is Usul in tears. He runs to Chani, and stops right before her.

"Such beauty, yet memories deceive this to happen. Unless...you are of a second being. Cloned to fit unknown purposes.", Usul whispered.

With memories coming back to her in huge waves, she gasps out, "It is I, my love. It is Chani." The two instantly come together, Usul hugging what was never to be. But maybe in the universe things do have a reason, perhaps later on, adapted to the situation, the reason will come clear. Clear to some, what was always to be to others. Perhaps after death the reason will show for anyone to take in, sometimes left alone searching, waiting. Don't let go of it, you never know when reason will escape you, and thus leave you in the dark, once again.

*fade into darkness...*

Sorry got carried away  ;)

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I would clone Feyd.

He woke up in small room with white-painted walls. The light was so bright that he had to close eyes but he still have seen light under eyelids.

At first he didn`t know what happened, why he is here and what are those people surrounding him: a short men with blond hair and black clothes and few other in white. Then all memories came back.

...his uncle killed by little girl...



...Paul Atreides next to him...

...and knife...

He was dead! But now he is alive!

Impossible. He starts looking around himself but he didn`t know anybody.

"Where...where am I?" he asked. He couldn`t believe that he can speak. He was killed.

The blond one smiled slightly but looked on the another man standing near him. In his eyes was something else that only happiness. He was anxious.

"In last place that we should be. But in last place that I could bring you to life."

"What do you mean? And who are you?!"

"There aren`t any Harkonnen left. You are almost the last. Only me and you and soldiers that still are loyal to us."

"Why I am here? Did Atreides..."

"Atreides are on Emperor hear now" blond one didn`t hide angry. "But we can`t allow them destroy us they think they could. We are only two but we ARE. Our house didn`t faded yet."

God, is this new begining. I`m going out...

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I'd clone the Baron.

Baron wakes up on cold table in a white room. He looks around. He is confused, for the last thing he remembered was that a small little Atreides brat stabbed him with something and that he floated around...and blackness. Then he notices the doctors standing around him. "What is this? What happened?" he asks. "You were killed by the Atreides, who now controll Arrakis. We've resurrected you, because we knew only you could restore the greatness of House Harkonnen."

"I remember it all now. I do not know yet how, or when, but I willl assasinate all who remain of the Atreides scum. And when they die, they will all know that it was I who brought them down- VLADIMIR HARKONNEN!"

With that he rises in the air while farting and making evil laughs.

"Mwuahahaha *fart* hahahahahaha *fart* hahahaha!"


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I would chose Ammon. He will crush those who oppose Ordos.

The Tlielaxu Axythingy tank opens. Inside is a figure.

Ammon "Where am I?"

Voice1 "You are dead"

Ammon "What?"

Voice2 "You are dead!"

Ammon "I heard, I repeat, what?"

Voice1 "You were killed by a 'slip up' trying to kill an Atreides Spy"

Voice2 "We wish to have you back"

Voice1 "We wish for your Strategy advice"

Ammon "Why am I still alive?"

Voice1 "Because the Tlielaxu revived you"

Ammon "I see"

and so on

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I would clone prinses Irulan.

The ghola fleshvats open and prinses Irulan awakens. She slowly opens her eyes and tries to remember what has happened but she doesn't know. Suddenly 2 strange looking guys walk at her but she can't remember ever seeing them. The 2 men introduce to the prinses and they tell her that they're facedancers. The first is called Ishtuck, the other is called Armalat.

Prinses Irulan jumps out of the tank because she does know who tleilaxu are and their reputation. She asks: "Am I a ghola?". Ishtuck nods slowly and tells her that the real prinses Irulan was murdered by her fathers sardaukar because she knew too much about his fathers plans.

But because Irulan can't remember anything of this she asks the 2 facedancers what it was that she knew about. Armalat answers: "aaah yes that's a common thing that happens to ghola's, they don't remember everything that happened. But to make the story complete, your father was plotting against Paul Atreides".

Irulan did remember him and before she could ask anything Armalat answers that Paul has survived the attack and that his father is locked up.

Instead of feeling sympathy for her father she grows only more angry and promises herself that she will kill her father for such a treacherous deed. What she can remember was her fighting skills. She was highly trained by her fathers best assassins and she is a skilled murderer.

"Why did you clone me" Irulan asks. The answer came from Ishtuck, "Paul Atreides gave us the order to clone you because you died an unfair death".

Prinses Irulan stood there for a minute because she expected Paul to be the last one to give her another chance. And now because of her fathers betrayal she wanders a lonely path of vengeance. But Ishtuck and Armalat have heard too much and she quickly murders them before they could shout a warning.

(End of part 1 of the story)

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