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A Sword MAster Vs A Jedi


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It was late and Sword Master Kel had just finished his daily work out in deep space as he headed for the planet Caladan. As he left for the door of the training room a sudden vision came to him. A traveler from a galaxy far far away was to arrive soon......

As he traveled down the main hall way of the space guilds ship a announcement was made through the ships speakers. "Sword Master Kel it shouted an alien ship has landed in docking station A. A security team has been sent, but they may need backup please asist!"

After hearing the message Kel new the stranger had arrived. His prescience told him that he was not like ordinary people. He made sure his sheild was in standby and his knife was at his side and proceeded to dock A.

As he arrived at the dock to his surprise, the security team had been anialated. Above the pile of dead bodies stood a man dressed in a dark cloak. At his side was a strange sword which gave off a strange light and hummed in the air if moved. The dark man looked up and stared at Kel. Kel new it was now his turn he activated his sheild and pulled his knife from his side standing in a ready stance of the weilding way.

(What happens next feal free to update the story but keep it good and not stupid!) ;)

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It isn't laser, but it's high energy concentrated photon field, but not as laser replenished in rays. But it's nearly same. At least in reaction with Holtzmann's shield. Give me adress and I'll send you a sabre to try  ;D

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Slyth comes out of the darkness............"I am no Jedi" he states.  He locks eyes with the two combatants.......and without warning both burst into flame.  They scream and thrash in agony and bewilderment as they are reduced to mere bone and ash. "And now you are no longer living beings".....with that he draws upon the Force opens a portal to a far away world......how simple that was the thinks as he steps though the portal...worthless Jedi....he should have been able to anticipate my attack....all I did was super accelerate the molocules of his cloak to 400 degrees C....any Jedi that can't defeat a pathetic sowrdman should be killed for their lack of ability...and then he is gone.

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Ok Every one listen im trying to keep the story going on for as long as possible so will everyone try to stop cutting it short. I dont mind updates but try and keep it good and ongoing....... ;D

Sly1 your updates good but errr you cut my story short man. But anyway we can do it like this.

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Ok couple of points

As I quoted earlier (As for the holtzman effect lets say the lightsabre could not penetrate the sheild and did not trigger off the atomic reaction. Otherwise the story's gonna be kinda short :-/)

I also realise that the cutterray is a short version of the Lasgun which is used like a scalpel. But thats not the point who's to say that a lightsabre has anything to do with either a Lasgun or a cutteray. Do you own either, dident think so......

EITHER LEAVE A DECENT POST TO BENEFIT THE STORY OR DONT BOTHER!! >:( -And that dosent just count for renegade boy it counts for any one else who wants to be a smart arse-

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Listen right I dont mind you or anyone else posting. Just as long as they keep benefiting the story in a good manner -whats the point in me even bothering trying to write a story if all im gonna get is smart aleck response's.

So PEACE MAN hope your next post helps update the story from where it is upto. 8)  Ive wasted enough time as it is. So go on have ago. If every one worked together instead of trying to belittle every one with the classic i know best thinking routine, we'd probably have a whole chapter by now!

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(OOC: The Lightsaber is like a Holtzman shield generator, only in sword form...I like that, makes sense ;) )

The young corporal turns to the communication dials on his computer console and whispers in Harkonnen battle language, "Sir, I believe we have a bit of a situation here, I'm forwarding the last ten second's recording to your console."

The Harkonnen Mentat J'invy is awakened by a beeping noise coming from his corner display section on his computer console. Yawning and cursing under his breath he turns and reads what the message had to say, it seems to have come from his operative in the Atriedes Main Barracks on Caladan.

"Sir, as you can see, the being moves seemingly as quickly as the Swordmaster Kel," whispers the corporal, "the two of them will wear each other out before either side makes a definitive move!"

"I see," replies the Mentat quietly, his brain already beginning to process and compute the information. "continue recording this...altercation. Your new orders will be issued shortly."

While worlds away a corporal begins to pray to any gods he can think of for deliverence, the Mentat rises and slowly heads for the Baron's chambers.

(OOC: BTW, J'invy's name is pronounced with a silent "J". Pain leads to envy, envy to hate, hate to death and death to the Dark Side lsvader.gif )

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:DMeanwhile in the emporers private chambers on SALUSA SECUNDUS...... "Ah yes I do beleave we will have to deal with these small Atreides pests. They seem to growing more popular as each moment passes in the empire." "Yes I agree something must be done" Replied the emporer sitting back in his high chair as he addressed one of his fellow nobles. Just as the conversation was about to continue the royal messanger abruptly entered the room with an uneasy look of urgency. "My Lord" he shouted "Blast it man cant you see that we are busy. How dare you enter like this." Blazed the emperor in a rage of fury. "Yes... My lord but" The messanger tried to explain. "But...... What quickly explain yourself before I have you executed for your insolence." The emperor said returning his calm. My Lord, a space guild ship, whilst stoping off at Caladan on its usual roter, was attacked by a alien fleet."What.... An alien invasion........." So it has finaly happened the emporer thought to himself inteligence always suspected but an attack here ,now. Every one out!!! the emporer raged "and send me my Mentat" "What about me My Lord" asked the noble who had sat listening to what was going on. Out!!!!! shouted the emporer with such a voice that the ground seemed to shake beneath them.The noble fleed like a small rodent running from a stampeed. The emporer stood gazing at the rooms mantle he rached over and touched a small cube which lay on top. As he touched it a hologram picture ignited against the wall it was father the last emporer of the known universe. As he gazed at the picture he asked. "Father what shall I do" Meanwhile on the planet GIEDI PRIME:Mentat J'invy was showing to his master the Baron Harkonnen the footage of the mysterious dark man and his battle against Sword MAster Kel."Why J'invy this is remarkable who is this dark robed man. He fights like nothing I have ever seen before." Yes Baron i beleave he is of alien origion. Replied J'invy."ALien origion you say , an new threat arives over the face of our lifetime enemy's the stupid Atreides. Maybe J'invy we can use this to our effect. "What do you mean baron" asked Mentat J'invy. I mean i'd like to wipe that stupid smile off the Duke Atreides face." stated the Baron finishing his sentance off with a sinister lough. "Yes I beleave, we will have to look more into this alien threat. Meanwhile I hope this dark man rips the wings off that little rodent Kel." loughed the Baron

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On the Bene Gesserit schooling planet of Wallach IX, Reverend Mother Ti'ana Moshia leaps up from the place where she had been meditating. She feels very odd, as if her body itself is trying to tear itself completely apart, and yet, strangley, implode onto itself. Somewhere in the deep recesses of her dark mind she seems to hear the words; "A disturbance in the Force...", and as she tries to regain control of her body and her mind, a young Bene Gesserit trainee runs in and starts reporting about an encounter in deep space, something about aliens and the Sword Master Kel, Kel... She thinks to herself, just what role does *he* play in this, and why now? But before she could answer any of those answers to her own satisfaction, she hears further news of a gigantic armada of ships capable of faster-than-light travel, and a strange android army appearing from virtually no-where. "Get me the Bashar. Now." She says to a nearby aid, as she marches down the hall. Meanwhile, aboard the Guild Heighliner, thousands of light-years away from any known planet, the battle rages on. "Who are you," Screams the Dark Lord as he runs toward Kel swinging his red blade from side to side, "to defy the Sith?!" "Much more than you will ever know!" Retorts Kel as he leaps far above the Dark Lord and turns to stab his dagger into the creature's black robes, only to see him turn, faster than seemingly possible ( The Wierding Way? thinks Kel), and deftly deflects the Sword Master's blade. Then, turning quickly and launching an assault deemed inescapable by any *but* a Jedi, the Dark Lord slashes his glowing blade downwards, then upwards and around again, only to find himself nearly disarmed by the powerful Sword Master.(OOC: Good so far. Keep me guessing ;) )

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As the dark man made another would be devastating attack. He thought to himself no this is foolish I cant go on fighting the unknown. It will be my undoing. He thought back to when he first decided to board the ship, how simple it had seemed. He would enter the ship cloud people's minds or destroy those that stood in his way. But this was unexpected. No he thought I must leave this fight and learn about this strong adversary. then I will destroy him. But first I must make sure that this mission is not a total waste.As Kel met each attack he thought to himself. This is making me exhausted, each move I make he counters as if......something guides him. As he continued his battle Kel spotted out of the corner of his eye a small machine. What's this can it be..........A machine, could this dark man be in league with the machines......It cant be......it was so long ago.A small droid sped towards the dark mans ship at a rapid pace hovering just off the floor. The droid flew up the ramp and entered through the entrance of the ship. That's it the dark man thought the seeker droid has done its job. Now I must deal with this unexpected one. As the battle went on it seemed as though it was getting more and more furious. Two masters of different styles fighting as never seen before."You fight well, but now you will see the true power of the dark side" The man dark man ranted, Reaching out with the force the Dark man focussed all of his power and used it to push his adversary. Kel crashed to floor and continued to slide backwards until he eventually grinded to a halt. What was that he thought, he hit me without.....touching? ???Kel shocked :-

ollected himself together and moved himself into a crouching stance ready for whatever move the dark man would make next.The dark man stood still and over shadowed Kel making a small laugh to him self. Yes that shocked him he thought, maybe he isn't as powerful as I first thought. Any way it's not over yet, I will return when I have learned more about him and destroy my unexpected adversary. With that the dark man turned and made his way to his ship. Kel looked on at the departing ship. He stood up and an deactivated his shield as the ship proceeded to leave the docking station. As he did Kel thought to himself what happened........and whispered, "What is this.......dark side?"As the dark man navigated his ship towards his master's fleet which had amassed around Caladan. A low-pitched robotic voice could be heard from behind him. "Master Osius the seeker droid has successfully downloaded a collection navigation charts from the alien ship as well as a database of there entire history." "Good" replied Osius "My master is bound to be unpleased with my performance but the information gathered should keep him satisfied. Perhaps this database will provided me other answers." "What kind of answers my Master." Asked Osius's personal droid. "You think to much, the database will perhaps give me the answers to my unexpected friend." Yes he thought the answer to his destruction could well lie in the depths of that database. Osius admired the strange man it was unusual for him to meet some one who could test his skills to the limit and he liked the challenge. That's what had nearly cost him his downfall he could very well have nearly died to the hands of this strange man. As he thought he whispered to himself "My overconfidence was my weakness."

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On The planet of Guidi Prime:The Baron jumped in surprise "play that again!" What happened there Swordmaster Kel completely lost his balance. What devilry is this not even those horrible Bene Gesserit's could match that I must find out."My Baron the emperor has requested that the Harkonen fleet join forces with the other houses at the outer rim of Kaitan. This will of course exclude house Atreides due to its current situation. The emperor wishes for a council." "Yes of course." replied the Baron to his mentat" Help the pitifull Atreides, Mentat what is the odds of the Atreides surviveing a one on one conflict with this alien threat?" Due to its size the Atreides will be for certain, annihilated, my Baron."Sometime later the harkonen fleet arrives at the outer rim of Kaitan. In the grand council chamber of the great emperor. The major houses discuss what is to happen of the alien threat: "Are we to use atomics" asked the speaker of house Ordos."It has been said that atomics have been ruled out unless an alien threat ever came about. This would appear to be such a situation." The Ordos speaker ratted in his strange voice."Yes I realize this but it is still not wise to use such destructive weapons near our own systems. They should be saved until we decide how great this threat really is. If the time comes have no fear I will make the call." Replied the Emperor."Have no worries my emperor, the alien fleet has amassed around the world of Caladan. It is but a planet of water. It would be a small sacrifice compared to the safety of the empire." Interrupted the Baron Harkonen."Its also the hold world baron you heartless beast. You cannot sacrifice such a great house." Answered the House GinazYes he's right the emperor thought they are a great house there popularity continues to grow. So much so they threaten house Corrino. "No we can not afford to lose House Atreides, the alien threat may to great.""Nonsense" the Barron whispered to himself"Do you have something further to add Baron?" asked the emperor overhearing the Baron muttering. Regaining posture the Baron replied, "Yes my lord, what is the current situation with the Atreides?""There was a minor battle for a short period of time however the Atreides now are in a stand off with the alien threat. I have advised that the Atreides send a diplomat to try and resolve the situation until our combined fleets arrive there." Emperor."And they have accepted...a diplomat." Baron Well yes.... Apparently so.... The universal translator had some problems deciphering their dialogue at first but we now have total understanding with their language. They however only agree with the diplomat on the grounds of surrender. "And the Atreides agreed" Smiled the Baron"No they have they have not agreed to surrender. They are merely trying to use this as a chance to negotiate face to face." EmperorOn the Atreides Battle ship Orbiting the Planet Caladan:Kel walked through into the command chamber of the Atreides battle ship to see the old Mentat Hague and the Duke sitting at the strategy table."Ah Kel I see you have returned from your previous mission. It is unfortunate that you return under these circumstances. Im sure the space guild provided everything you needed whilst you were away. Im sorry but there will not be much time for briefing. I have weighed the different possible routes and I believe that this is the best one to take.""It has been arranged with these aliens that we shall try and discuss the current situation the Duke is to act as a diplomat to try and resolve the current situation." "Yes Interrupted the Duke they think that we wish to surrender, I will use this as a means to buy time until the rest of the emperors fleet arrives.""But My Duke, is it wise to go in there your self. Why not send someone else." Asked Kel concerned for the saftey of his Duke. "I understand your concern Old Friend. But there is no one that can negotiate quite like. I would prefer to do it my self and succeed instead of risking another mans life. Besides I will have an escort of my best men. And You Kel will lie in the shadows.""Ahh So I will be the protector in the dark." Replied Kel"No not quite you have a much more important role." Duke"Yes" Mentat Hague finished off "Your mission is to sneak aboard the vessel whilst the duke negotiates. And retrieve as much information about the enemy as possible. You will try and attach a small detonator to the power source of there ship. Intelligence suggests it lies here." Stated the Mentat whilst pointing at a map of the enemies ship. "You are our best man Kel." Mentat "Yes and a good friend." Duke"Now you must use your abilities to the limit. Remember the mission must be completely done in stealth. Other wise the alien threat will be alerted. And no doubt, all chaos will be let lose." Mentat

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The Reverend Mother leans back in her chair and begins meditation, for an empire that has ruled an entire universe for years upon years, another "invasion" shouldn't seem so menacing... But it did...With the Duke Atriedes' offer of peace negotiations with the invading alien presence and the emperor's seeming non-concern over the matter, one would almost think it was over before it started. As Moshia closes her eyes and begins the process of exhaling the negativity and inhaling the positivity, she knows she must find out what's really going on.Meanwhile, aboard the alien ship... "Greetings Master, it has truly been too long." Says Darth Osius, addressing the dark shadow presence in his room, the hologram of his Master, from, literally, galaxies away. "And greetings to you my most faithful apprentice." Replies the Sith Lord, a sly grin crossing the bottom of his face. "I'm sure the negotiations are coming along nicely." "Yes, my Lord." Osius looks down swiftly, as if he's nervous about something, then regains control of his senses and continues. "These people are very...tricky, sir, I almost fear an impending attack." The Dark Master raises his eyebrow in a questioning look. "Nothing you can't handle I'm sure..." "Oh no, my Lord, I shall crush any resistance, in your name!" "Good." The transmission lasts for many hours afterwards, verifying orders, issuing new ones, and by the time the transmission is over, the Dark Lord is ready for his bed. Another thing the "Spice" substance will aid us in. He thinks to himself, his greed getting the better of him once again. Oh how my power will be realized with presient and longevity powers of the Spice! But the potential losses...Those swordmasters are much more powerful than I could have imagined, and what is this deeper disturbance I feel? The Dark Lord sighs as he sits down, preparing his nightly routine. If we succeed, we will have gained the most powerful substance in the universe, but if we fail...

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(Hey Lord_Johnsonius we got a good thing going here, nice updates thanks Keep up the good work.) ;DThe Reverend Mother Moshia sat still in her private chamber. My beloved son Kel she thought. I must find out what's going on with Kel. Pressing a button on her computer she brought up the communications network. A young woman appeared on the screen. "Yes Reverend Mother, how can i help you?" "Yes put me through to Atreidies Palace on Caladan." Replied Moshia. With a sudden disruption the screen changed to another image. It was Mentat Hague. "Ah Mentat Hague, I would like to speak to Kel." "Im sorry but Kel been sent out on an errand. Besides what do want him for. Have you selected him as a part of your breeding program?" The mentat sneered scornfully."How your intelligence department deciphers data is beyond me mentat. I have no wish to enlist kel in the breeding programme besides do you not think that we would have thought of that before now. I did bring him up." "Kel is to noble to fall for any of your schemes witch.""Now now mentat, no need for that. If we wanted Kel we could have by now. We have quite the selection of canadates that i doubt he would complain about. No mentat i just want to talk to him.""Why do you always ring here what is you want witch?" "Dam it he's my son." 'Moshia'"No, woman he's of atreides blood. You just brought him up. How he ended up in your care i have no idea." 'Hague'"He was rescued from the Bene Tleilax during the battle of unrest. If he had stayed with them any longer who knows what they might have done to him. It was already apparent that they had started some form of experiment on him when we found him." 'Moshia'"Reverend Mother Kel is not here, this conversation will not proceed further. Goodbye! With that the screen went blank." 'Hague'"Blast him!" Moshia shouted in the voice. "Every time i get this...this crap! For a mentat he's a fool!" I must contact Kel and find out more about this vision.Standing at the door of the Mentats room the Lady Rahan smiled in amusement."Hague you shouldent be so mean to the woman. After all she did raise the child.""That she did. And a good job she did to. But still shes benegeserit and not to be trusted who knows what shemes she could be up to. Besides I enjoy winding the old bat up." 'Hague'As i thought. She smiled again. 'Rahan'

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On the Atreides Transport ship the Duke Sat still looking onwards at the huge alien vessel that was growing bigger in his front window. "Kel We will arrives soon prepare yourself."

"I am ready, My Duke" Answered Kel suited up in his stealth suite ready to infiltrate the alien ship.

The Dukes ship continued to approach eventually a message came over the radio. "Alien Vessel please shut down your main engines. The ship will be taken in automatically from here."

"Do as he says." commanded the Duke to his pilot who sat patiently next to him.

"As you command, My Duke." responded his pilot as pressed the appropriate buttons.

The alien ship locked on its main tractor beam and guided the Dukes ship safely into its docking.

Inside the ship a squad of storm troopers lined up in there appropriate formations ready to escort the Duke Atreides to there Lord Darth Slyth. With A sudden compression of air the doors of the Dukes ship opened and he began to walk down the ramp with his escort of his best men. Kel was no where to be seen but inside the Dukes ship he Clinged Flat against the ceiling ready to make his move when the moment arrived.

The Storm trooper commander intercepted the Duke "You are to come with us." He stated as he made a hand gesture to the rest stormtrooper squad to take the guns away from the Dukes Guards.

One of the guards looked at the Duke as if what to do. The Duke nodded to him in to say that everything was all right. The storm troopers took the guards weapons and the proceeded to escort the Duke and his men out of the docking bay.

A remaining bunch of storm troopers then proceeded to search the Dukes ship they searched the ins and outs of everything, But found nothing of interest or value. A storm trooper found a flashing light which blinked on the wall he glanced at it, and thought he heard a noise from above "Hey what was that?" He looked up and there above him was the ships cooling system that gave off a faint humming sound. Another Storm trooper responded to his call "You hear something." "No its nothing, some noise coming from that there, must be the ships cooling mechanism."

Im in Kel thought now moving round the ship in a stealthy manner. I must find a computer terminal, then ill be able to get a layout of the whole place, find the main engines and hopefully get some intelligence data.


The Baron left the Lannsrad council chambers, "So the Duke is trying as a diplomat is he, Mentat have you any ideas how can use this in our favor?"

"As a matter of fact I do Baron. At the moment the Duke sits a dangerous situation he is stuck with the unknown enemy. If anything were to go wrong whilst the Duke was in council im sure the consequences would be fatal."

"And how would we go about setting this in motion Mentat."

"Easily my Baron, simply by making it seem like the atreides are attacking."

"Ah Mentat," the baron sniggered. "I see your plan. You will use those captured Atreides fighters against them to make it seem like they are on the attack."

"Yes Baron a simple but effective. Plan not only will the duke Atreides in a situation he cannot possibly survive, the whole atreides fleet will be severely wounded under the attack."

"Excellent Mentat we must launch this attack as soon as possible before the emperors fleet arrives. When they wont have any one to back them up."

"My thoughts exactly, my Baron." The Mentat declared in a grim voice.

In private chambers of the Dark Lord Osisus....

Osisus went over the database he had taken from the space guilds ship. It told him everything he wished to know about this galaxy.

"So this spice melange is the source of there power. Located on the planet Arrakkis. It is said that this Guild use spice to help them navigate through space, The Benegesirit sisterhood use it to enhance there abilities. So this galaxy is dependent on the spice produced by Arrakis, if I could gain control of this planet then I could seize control of the entire empire."

And... this spice It could increase my powers.

"How the scales seem to have tipped in my favour." He looked up and peered into the deep void of space with a new goal. Yes the Dark Lord thought I now know what to do.

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(OOC: Thanks bud, I know a good RP when I see it :D )

As Kel moves through the deep caverns within the bowels of the alien ship, he comes to a section that seems to be a solid wall of inpenetrable metal. The computer core? he asks himself, I shall find out... and he begins tracing his steps in the duct around, to try and find the entrance.

Soon he finds what he was looking for, it's a steel-encased door with a numeric console and a card swipe.

A locking mechanism? he wonders quietly. Then he jumps back into the vent as he hears steps approaching.

"So he says to the priest," Comes a loud, obnoxius voice from down the corridor, "'No Father, that's *not* my finger.'" which is met by laughter.

Hrmm... Thinks Kel, silently counting the voices. That's one, two, three... Ahh well, here goes!

As the three stormtroopers round the bend, Kel jumps out and kills two of the soldiers quickly and efficiently. As the third stormtrooper is heading away, trying to call for backup Kel grabs him from behind and forces him to the ground.

"Now this can be simple, and you can walk away," says Kel in an irritated but smooth voice, "or, you can try to escape and end up like your friends here. I couldn't really care less...Though I'm quite sure you could."

The stormtrooper decides to try the quick and easy route, soon the two of them enter the room.

Kel, usually being a man of his word, pounds the stormtrooper on the back of his neck, stunning him and allowing him to fall to the ground.

At which point Kel finally decides to take a look around and figure out what this place really is.


After a few seconds of quick mental deliberations, Kel's eye catches something he hadn't seen when he first entered the room. It is small, dark and cylindrical, and looks strangely familier. When he picks it up his finger finds a small switch. Being the curious man he is, and after a few more seconds of mental deliberations, he decides to see what this odd-looking little contraption *does*.

To his suprise, a long thin beam of red light shoots out of one end, and it starts to buzz oddly. Immediatly Kel remembers the alien swordsman on the Heighliner. This sword could mean a revolution in modern sword-fighting, He thinks to himself. provided it works well enough to be worth the cross-over...

Curious, he poses in a sword-fighting stance, with the blade perfectly straight before him and procedes take a few practice swings with it.

Pleased with the odd balance sense, he turns and begins a practice run with the bright blade, slashing here, thrusting there, and totally unaware of the presence behind him until he swings the blade over his head in a circular motion and nearly decapitates the incredibly beautiful woman standing directly behind him.

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Deep with in the alien ship the duke stood still inside a large room. A couple of metres away The dark lord sat at a table looking completly relaxed, yet still he imposed a sinister fealing in the air which made the duke shiver. What made it worse was the fact the Duke was made to stand during the whole of the meeting, making it seem as though the duke was of no importance. The dark lord coNtinued to go over the database which he held on his datapanel in his right hand. The Dark lord was quiet only speaking when was needed. This only added fear to his sinister apearence. Finally the Duke became sick of of the sharade that the Dark lord was playing. Plucking up enough courage to fight past his fear, the Duke broke the silence. "Is this to be meeting, or im i just to stand here mindlesly until you decide to face me man to..." "Silence!" Roared the dark lord before the duke could finish. "You are in no place to lecture me. You were brought here to disscuss your surrender, nothing else." "We will not surrender." The Duke declared faceing the living fear that stood in front of him. "Ah Duke Atreides how bold you have grown." The Dark one answered calm now, his eary presence growing stronger with every emotion he made the Duke Sucumb to. "The worm beguins to shout, your puny words mean nothing to me. You do not have a choice. Surrender or die." Hey Lord_Johnsonius I have posted a few notes I have about the direction where I am taking the story. Check your message's. ;)

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In the secret chambers in the deepest ice pits on Draconis IV, sit the members of the Executrix Council. The members sit far apart in a room filled with dark and flashing objects, each word and thought a flash in the open air as it goes from person to person.

"I see," says one graying, wise old man, "that nothing we could do, either aiding the Atriedes in battle or fighting alongside these...aliens, would increase our personal wealth any."

"I concur. But eventually we will have to make a move, one way or the other." replies one seemingly young woman.

"Understood." says the council leader. "We will continue with no outward agression, but will double production of both defensive and offensive weapons."


(OOC: Just wanted to let you know I was still here. Sent a reply to your message. I would really like someone else to step in and help us out a little. The storyline's fun, but, as a friend of mine used to say, "Needs ketchup.")

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