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The dark ages


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ok, if you want to join, behave and follow the rules, both mine and Gobs.

1) you can either play as a babarian tribe, as a "civlized" town, you can also play as a huskarl (cheiftan's elite) in a babarian tribe or as a knight seving a mayor in a twon.

2) the game is about either rapeing, killing and plundering, or trying to get some thing to work.

3) the babraians have the specials that they are stronger and have more hair, the only gets 5 swords and armors per blacksmith per post, and they only multiply by 10% per post, but in return, they only needs the ecuipment for their warroirs, no gold, but in return they can't collect taxes

4) the towndwellers gets 10 sords and armors per balcksmith per post, they multyply by 20%, they have to pay 100 gold to make a warrior, and the equipment ofcouse, bt in return, they get 5 gold per villager per post.

thats about it, more will be added when needed

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(do you play a charector or empire/group of poeple?, how mutch money to start?)

I'll play a Town In the centre of the land, that is of the market, Trade comes through every day.) The Mayor of the town Lord Gartnth lives under the king of the land. The villagers are satisfyed by their rule

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not to crush your hopes and dreams 'nuker but, you have to be a knight in a town ruled byanother player, same goes for a huskarl,

and a town starts whit 50 men-at-arms, 200 villagers and 5000 gold, a tribe starts whit 100-men-at-amrs, 300 villagers and 1000 gold

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The town of Garnak sits there not moving, only expanding in size. The new housing project issued by the Lord Mayor is underway. Trade comes through as usual, expet this time weapons are bieng boutght. 1000 golds worth of armor and weapons are bought by the town lord, The town sells there wares of Sheepskins, livestock and stone. 100 golds worth is bought off the town. The market dwindles down untill they shut. The Men of the villagers are bieng trained for war, of defense.

Coffers now stand a 5100. i think that is right, not counting previous question posts.

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