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Baliset from the movie Dune.


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Well goodness

I loved that song that gurney played in the original movie. I found out that the instrument is called a Chapman Stick. I am actually going to buy it now. You dont strum it. You actually touch the strings to play them. Also you use both hands so you can at the same time play melody and harmony. It is a music breakthrough. The music from it is beautiful too. Check it out. :)

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There are some websites about the Chapman stick and its history. Its actually nothing at all related to a sitar. I thought it was too but it seems to be completely different. Its origins are in the late 60s. It just came as a good idea of advancement in the guitar area.

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Sardine, Earth was making light of the whole purpose of this thread. And to (hopefully) answer Earth, perhaps he just thought of it, or just now decided to post it? Who cares really, just that it is here, and people shall reply at whim.

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