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Dragon rider/ house wars

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(OOC: Thankees, very nice writing, Sard. :) )

As the Duke walks slowly back into the council chambers, he pauses as moment to speak into the ear of a servant.

"The evening is growing late, and I do not expect to hear from Toren Lake until morning." Diomedes says tiredly, "I'm sure than we will have our fill of war shortly, in the meantime, please allow me to submit a form of entertainment to you, my most honored guests."

A few moments later, a troup of scantily-clad young women walk in and begin dancing.

Teasing the lords with seductive poses and suggestive winks, the troup slowly dances closer and closer, until the Emperor leans over to the Duke and whispers, "Who is the young one there? With the mask?"

A puzzled look comes over the Duke's face as he anylizes the young, lithe dancer, "I am not sure...Allow me."

Clapping his hand, the Duke orders the masked dancer brought forward. His look of mild interest and simple curiousity changes to shock and anger as the girl's mask is pulled down.

"Katya!" he yells, rising to his feet and ordering immediate attention.

The girl and the Duke leave the room, one backing away slowly, trying to explain, with the other yelling and raging, threatening to beat her "Until you cannot be beat anymore".

As the duo leaves the room, one of the head servants claps his hands, and the dance is began anew.

Beckoning over the servant, Franz looks to the young man and asks, "What was that all about?"

The servant, with a grin that spoke of wisdom beyond his years, says, "Why Katya, of course, the Duke's daughter, rightful heir to the duchy."

House Tiern of the Ghostlands

3,000 Men-at-Arms (500 at Fort Grendle, 600 at Tiern Keep, 300 at Davidad, 200 at Tanides capital, 400 at Dawss' Creek, 600 victorious in battle at Toren Lake.)

50 Mercenary Forces (Victorious in battle at Toren Lake.)

26,141 Peasants (8,641 at Tiern Keep, 5,000 at Fort Grendle, 5,000 at Davidad, 7,500 at Dawss' Creek.)

100,000 Gold

1 Dragon (Illiana)

4 Warturtles (1 at Tiern Keep, 1 at Fort Grendle, 1 at Davidad, 1 victorious in the battle at Toren Lake.)

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Later that night, Franz is awoken by the sound of his night pot flipping over and the curses of who ever flipped it. Fr5anz silently reaches for the emerald sword and swing it in an arc severing the head of a would be assasin, checking that he is truely dead the emperro gets dressed and leaves for the dragon stabel and finds Katarina. He stares at her for a moment before he tuckes himself in under her right wing and fall asleep.

Imprial(my) Army: 6000 men-at-arms and 12 warturtels

2.000 men-at-arms and 4 warturtels home

4.000 men-at-arms and 8 warturtels aborad.

Imprial gold stocks: 201025

Tax Income.

form vassals: 0

taxes from local popluation: 70.000

bouns income: 5000

Hartland county (my personal county)

Pesants: 70.000

Castels: 3

Note: the many factories give an additonal income of 5000 gold

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