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for the people in the house kya/ house setara war


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;D My race have adapted to the greater gravity of K2. They are very muscular and have slightly larger feet and have slightly smaller heads. Klobbersauran women have slightly smaller breasts than from other planets. But the men get used to it. The people are generally blonde with eyecolor ranging from blue to black depending on the reigion of K2 they live on.  ;D

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my people have pale white skin , light tan skin, or blackish skin the hair color is usually blong, golden brown,black, or in very rare cases white. the people with blackish skin have white hair they are called drows. the people with tan skin have brown or golden brown hair and are more muscular from the other two. the race in general is slightly smaller than 5ft,8 the men are generally 5 ft.6-8 while the women are 5ft.3-5. my people are very dextirous,wise, and intelligent. the women have like klobs slightly smaller breasts than the average human but the men are used to it. And my people have pointed ears because they are elves.

there are three classes in my society the drow the wild elves(tan skin and brown hair) and the high elves (wightish skin topale tan and blond brown black and golden brown hair)

the whole elf thing is because my planets names are elf inhabited(except solace) citys that are hidden.

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