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The dune fans can take Star wars at any time part 2


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Ordos45 looks over at Admiral Jean Paul DeLucas, "Let me get this straight, I betray Dune and you all give me my own assault fleet of Defiant, Prometheus, and Sovereign Class ships!"

The Admiral nods sagely," Indeed."

"How big is the fleet," I ask.

"A hundred ships to start with."

"I'll take it," I say with a huge smile on my face.

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Earthnuker finds his way back into the world (in the last pages of part 1 I wasn't able to post :) ), and informs The_Sardaukar and Usul he passed his exam on the Ginaz school of swordmasters.

He also informs them that Ordos45 had betrayed us and joined the trekkies.

"When I get my hands on him, I'll...no wait, considering there are some minor aged members on this site." ;D

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Begins pressing some buttons on my captain's chair console.

"You know number 1," I begin to tell my first officer.

"Don't call me that, who do you think I am, Riker," complains the first officer.

"Very well, you know what I feel like doing right now?"

"What Admiral Ordos?"

"I want to eat some spice wafers."

Within thirty seconds there are a dozen phaser rifles pointed at my head.

"What," I stutter," What did I say!?"

"You want Spice," says the first officer," Spice is of the Dune Universe, maybe you aren't ours after all."

"Of course I am," I manage," I just was thinking of how Spice could aid in our conquering of the Dune Fans, if we can sieze real spice, then we can blackmail them into surrender."

The phaser rifles lower hesitantly...

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(OOC: Hrmm, I read through the last thread, looks interesting, may I join?)

"Sir," says a young Leiutenant by Ordos45's arm, "There is an incoming message from...No, this can't be right...The Alpha Centauri system, sir, from the planet...Chiron."

"I see," says Ordos45, "Onscreen."

The screen blacks out, to be replaced by the stylized image of a molecule inside a pair of pinchers.

"What an odd symbol," says Ordos45, before being interrupted by the old man on the ship's video screen.

"Indeedt," says the man in a thick Russian accent. "And, if I may zhey, vhat an odd looking spaaze-crraft."

The two men sit looking at each other for a few seconds. An almost completely mechanized human, with white skin and a voice that only a Borg could love, talking to a man that looks like nothing more and nothing less than an old, Russian scientist, with long, stringy white hair, a somewhat pudgy face and a pair of glasses with one small reddish lense and one large green lense.

"Aaah, ezcuse me," says the little odd-looking man, "I am Academician Prokhor Zakharov, of the Univerisity..." then, as if remembering something, "Of Alpha Centauri."

"I...see, Mister Zakharov," says Ordos45, stumblingly, "I am Admiral Ordos45 of the Trekkie Federation. What can we do for you?"

"Yes, straight to the point, I like that." says Zakharov, "You see, I have come to notice the rising Dune population on Earth. Like you...Trekkies, my sole intent is to pursue pure research unfettered by outside motives and meddling."

"I...couldn't agree more." says Ordos, conversationally.

"Indeed. I would like to speak terms for an alliance between the Trekkies and the Centaurans."

A transport ship carrying a sample of mindworms and about 15% of the Planetary Datalinks is sent to Federation space as a sign of friendliness.

Somewhere back on Earth, the ghost of Sard wafts into the room with Sid Meier, hunched over his keyboard.

Looking up, startled, Sid asks, "What?" and goes back to typing.

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"Sir, sir the Treckies are here, the Treckies are here" screamed an aide.

Ah good organise our forces, launch the ornithopters, and release the sardaukar. Let slip the dog's of war. First ornithopters scream down from the air lasguns firing. Then the Imperial Guard that were left here comence there firing from the castle. Next the sarduakar come to slaughter the rest. I take part in the battle alongside the sardaukar with my command squad of Swordmasters and Bene Gesserit.

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After that, Earthnuker and Usuls mentat Thufir Hawat discuss tactics and strategies. Thufir begins talking about intelligence efforts.

"I've sent out dozens of spies to infiltrate the Trekkie command structure. Several of them have been succesfull, but we don't have any spies yet that can give us any of their top secret information."

"Keep working on it. I'll prepare the Sardaukar legions for a ground assault, and prepare the fleet to defend against a space battle. We should expect more attacks soon."

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My command squad gets into the thick of the action killing more treckies and they begin to retreat. I bring out my wierding module and scream "Muad'Dib" a huge explosion kills many and others with wierding modules follow suit. Soon the battle field is littered with the dead and another victory is called for the Dune fans.

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