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Emperor Harkonnen

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Sandtrout is the immature form of a sandworm. When it grows up, it becomes the sandworm, but until then it is smaller and abosrbs water rather than being hurt by it. There re millions of sandtrout across Dune. Also, when a sandworm dies the sandtrout within it, are released to begin the cycle again.

(I think, prequels tend to mess with the mind a little.)

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If I reamber corectly. The big maker leaves the little makers behind in a egg of sorts the prespice mass. when it gets to certin size it rizes to the surface and goes boom.

many sandtrout* die in the process but those that dont grow up to be the great Shi-Hulud!

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actually from what I can see. Many many sandtrout come together to form a ball. Together they excreate pre-spice. Its a liquid infused with the spice melange molicules. Eventually so much of this is created in the ball of sandtrout that the ball bursts. Many of the sandtrout die in the process but a few will survive. They will become the great worms of the desert. While the pre-spice that was left behind will raise to the surface and ferment in the sun to become spice. thats my opinion on it.

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liet kynes had an idea about how it worked kinda. It wasnt known to many at all though. YOu can see that the Guild wanted to move large worms during the early reign of Leto II to other planets but they would always die. They didnt understand the key of sandtrouts.

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