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Fed2k Survivor Season 3: Arrakis


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"Welcome to Fed2k Survivor: Season Three!! I'm your host the oppossum," says Oppossum," and this is my co-host and the head of security, Sharpie!"

Sharpie grumbles.

"Anyhow," continues Oppossum," Our three tribes are:

Gob's Minions:

Gobalopper-The brave site admin.

Mahdi-His right hand Staffer.

Stefan-The AI Staff guy.

Davo-The quiet Staff member.

Shiroko-The Staff guy with the FAQ.

Nema-Grammararian and all around Staff guy.

Timenn-Sandworm Staff guy.

MarS-A developer of Arrakis2k and one of the rarely posting Staff.

The Second tribe is...

The Landsraad:

Ordos45-Fanfic Mod.

ExAtreides-Fanfic Mod.

Edric O.-Pure Ordos.

Gryphon-Quiet, but with good points when he talks.

Nampgia-Master of Fed2k IRC Chat.

Quondam72-Wondering if he still exists.

Shaddam_Corrino-Was really looking forward to DG.

Doc Nyar-The Tech genius.

The Third Tribe is...

Sandwalkers Tribe:

Alia_Of_The_Knife-Known for trying to stay nuetral in flame wars, hails from the same town as the next contestant.

Gilamobster13-Sometimes Mortal Enemy of ExAtreides. Master of Leet.


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(Note: With the exception of Stefan, Doc Nyar, and DJCid, I have cleared with or used everyone before with no complaints. So basically, I have permission to use names. Sorry if I offend anyone.)

"Welcome to Fed2k Survivor, Season Three: Arrakis," says Oppossum," today we meet our tribes for their first three days on Arrakis. Let's go check on Gob's Minions!"


*Gob's Minions Tribe*

It looks like they're trying to repair the old damaged seitch so they'll keep their water. Oh well, only two aren't helping to repair the sietch. One is Timenn who is busy riding his new pet sandworm. The other is Mahdi, who is attempting to convince the Fremen he is the Mahdi.

*The Landsraad*

In a damaged Ordos base, the Landsraad are busy trying to repair it. Shaddam_Corrino is the only one not moping, cries of "DUNE GENERATIONS!" is ringing through the rock face.

*Sandwalkers Tribe*

Alia and Gila are fighting over who gets to sleep on the smoothest rock. And the echo of "Ph33r my l33t skills" is moving through the area. Acriku is mourning that he isn't in the Landsraad Tribe. Galaxy

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"Welcome to Fed2k Survivor once again, here on lovely Arrakis," yells Oppossum over the explosions of Sharpie's security forces fighting Tlielaxu above the command bunker," Let's check out these three days!"


*Gob's Minions*

Gob and Mahdi are talking furtively with Davo and Shiroko. Mahdi has won the allegiance of the Fremen.

Nema, MarS, and Stefan are plotting a voting alliance of their own. As the people with good grammar and technical no-how they are reassembling left behind Fremen tech such as weirding modules.

*The Landsraad*

The Landraad seems to have split in three voting alliances by this morning.

Edric O, and Ordos45 are plotting something insidious with this Ordos base. Doc Nyar, Exatreides, and Gryphon seem to be whispering in the shadows with some diagrams being drawn in the sand. Shaddam_Corrino, Quondam72, and Namp all seem to be plotting to join with one of the two other voting alliances.

*Sandwalkers Tribe*


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"Welcome to Survivor, we have an interesting game going. Last time we saw one of our contestants taken away by the Tlielaxu," says Oppossum," we wonder how she is doing, right Sharpie?"

"Yeah, yeah whatever," mutters Sharpie looking through all the paperwork he has to fill out when someone dies or disappears.

"So let's watch today's edition," says Oppossum brightly.


*Gob's Minions*

Nema, Stefan, and MarS seem to be programming some sort of bomb, and encoding it to certain DNA.

Gob, Mahdi, Davo, and Shiroko are walking about, discussing the need for further water rationing.

*The Landsraad*

"All hail Corrino," shout thousands of Sardaukar as they bow to Shaddam. Q72 and Namp are just standing on either side of him. The other two voting alliances quickly plot to gain his favor.

*Sandwalkers Tribe*

Gila is currently being beaten up by everyone but Jacob Douds and Galaxy. They are all mad about the windtraps being unplugged during Tlielaxu attack. Jacob is convinced this is a sign from Gob, and is building an altar under the gallows. Galaxy is pretending to be a loyal Gob worshipper in order to earn Jacob's trust, and then kill him quietly.


*Reward Challenge Area*

"Today," said Oppossum," you will be competing for the crate of sealed food behind me. All you have to do is go out and build the largest sandcastle you can before the thumper attracts a worm.

Mahdi is building his, but the sardaukar keep shooting it down. Shaddam keeps building his but weirding modules keep destroying it. Acriku has made a marvellous sandcastle with turrets, a drawbridge, and even little sand figures. They all run at the sound of the worm, and the Sandwalkers Tribe wins.

The sandworm surfaces, but it is rather large, and eats not only the thumper and sandcastles but also the KYA Security Troops guarding the food crate, and the food crate reward itself.


*Letter Recieved by Tribes*

"A riding you will go, a riding you will go, or at least one will. Choose a member of your tribe to go and ride at the Immunity Challenge area."

*Immunity Challenge Area*

From Gob's Minions is Gob himself. From the Landsraad is Q72. And the representative from the Sandwalkers Tribe is Galaxy, in her white Gobism Priestess robes, still playing the part of a Gob Worshipper, even bowing down and praising Gob when she saw him.

"Today's challenge is simple," said Oppossum," you three ride captured leeches around a pen, whoever stays on longest wins. Ready? Set? GO!"

Galaxy started feeling woozy as mind control spores on her leech began effecting her mind, and her faith in the Gob Almighty, became real, not make believe. She believed in Gob as a spiritual leader and master.

Gob got thrown off next. Then Q72 had spores on his from a contaminator that rode on it, and became a contaminator. Sharpie and his KYA Security Forces quickly gunned down the contaminator and leeches. Before the guys could come down in biohazard suits, Galaxy scraped as many of the mind control spores as she could into a small bag, she would show everyone the errors in their ways for not believing in Gob and his ways.

*Sandwalkers Tribe*

Everyone has gathered for dinner in the center of the camp, in front of Galaxy and Jacob's Temple because it has nice shade and unlike the factory, might not collapse on them. on it was a picture of Gob, and they were all staring at it like, "huh?" Galaxy paced behind them all, throwing spores in their face on after another until they were all now mind controlled into worshipping Gob and she had run out of spores. They decided to rename their tribe, the Gob Worshippers. They all bowed down and gave praise to Gob before eating.

*Secret Tlielaxu Research Lab*

Alia_of_the_Knife struggled against the restraints holding her down, the Tlielaxu seemed to be modifying the contaminator virus on the next table, would they use it on her?

*Command Bunker*

"I swear we did not know about the spores on the two leeches, really," says Oppossum," it was a complete accident. though an entire enmy Tribe worshipping Gob is pretty funny."

As Oppossum babbles on about the funny factor, Sharpie says," Join us next time on Fed2k Survivor!"

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*Secret Tlielaxu Lab*

Alia_of_the_Knife struggled again against her bonds, they had poured the virus into her through an IV tube. She could feel her body changing, and knew her mind would as well soon...

"Welcome to Fed2k Survivor," says Oppossum," Let's see what happens this week."

DAY 10

*Gob's Minions*

Davo is walking by a patch of sand when suddenly he feels something burrowing into him. He falls dead on the sand, the DNA bomb having killed him, and is soon buried.

*The Landsraad*

Everyone has seen the error of their ways, and are working together in common cause, to kill the other tribes. With the Sardaukar following Shaddam they have an army to do it too.

*Gob Worshippers*

"And then the Lord thy Gob commanded that we should wage a holy war in his name against the traitorous Landsraad," quoted Jacob from the Gobible. Cheers erupted.

DAY 11

*Reward Challenge Site*

Shiroko is representing Gob's Minions. Gila is representing Gob's Worshippers. And Gryphon is representing the Landsraad.

"Welcome, today's challenge is simple," says Oppossum," Each of your tribes is in a seperate location. One in a Sietch, one in an Ordos Base, and one in a Harkonnen Base. Whoever can steal the Atreides Duke's underpants and fly them up an Atreides base flagpole wins!"

Gila and Grpyphon both take off to summon worms,

Shiroko has something better in mind. He pulls out a cell phone and calls in a favor of Duke Achilles. Within minutes the Duke's underpants are flying the flagpole at the Atreides Capitol with the message, Shiroko did this.

"Well," said Oppossum," I guess you did it. The water will be delivered to Gob's Minions shortly."

DAY 12

Sun is too bright to go out. Everyone in every tribe is indoors. Though Gob forgot to close his stillsuit all the way and has a sunburn on his face. At the Sietch, Gob's Minions are in the inner-most chambers of the sietch. At the Landsraad they're all in the Ordos Outpost, which is actually air conditioned. At Gob's Worshippers they are dancing around inside the temple, giving praises to Gob.

(Ok, the whole Gob worship thing just freaks me out. I need to do something about that.)

*Secret Tlielaxu Lab*

She could feel her fingers had become claws, sharper than any substance known to humans. Her skin seemed to be growing a type of scales, but she was still warm blooded...hmmm...blood sounded good right now. Oh no her mind was beginning to change wasn't it? She never craved blood, or slaughter, or to do as the Tleilaxu had told her before. Wait, do as the Tlielaxu told her? Yes she must always obey the Masters.

One master, a scientist pricked her with a needle, a single drop of blood fell to the floor before she healed. The drop grew quickly into what she was becoming. So every time she was injured she would heal and a new one of her would grow from the injured part, that would be wonderful, it would help her serve the Masters even better...

*Command Bunker*

"Sharpie's out investigating why my personal harvester became a leech," complains Oppossum," anyhow, join us next time on Fed2k Survivor."

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*Advertisement for Next Episode*

With that the battle between Sardaukar and Fremen was joined....

"...and then the Gob cried out,' let there be forums'"

Galaxy blinked, good her immune system was better than most people's. She was no longer a debout Gobist, now she was free of the mind control!

"Her transformation is completed into the sandling," said the first Master.

"Good," said the second," set her and the other her that grew from a drop of blood loose upon a village. We need more to build our army."

"Sorry," says Oppossum," but I sent Sharpie out with some thopters to check on an Atreides base that fell silent..."

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"Welcome back to Fed2k Survivor. I'm sorry Sharpie isn't here right now, but I sent him with a few thopters to find out about an Atreides base that went silent," says Oppossum," do you know how hot Arrakis is in a stillsuit and fur?"

DAY 13

*Gob's Minions*

Gob and Shiroko are standing behind Mahdi, and he is giving the Fremen a speech,"... Then you shall crush the wretched Sardaukar along the dunes of Dune! YA HYA CHOUHADA GOB!!!!!!!!!"

The Fremen warriors and fedaykin rushed out of the sietch. They planted thumpers to summon worms.

*The Landsraad*

...and with a final wave of his hand, Shaddam told his Sardaukar Legions to go fight the Fremen. The Sardaukar began climbing into Thopters and Corrino Trikes.

*Gob's Worshippers*

"...and then the Gob cried out,' let there be forums'" and as Jacob called that out, Galaxy felt the mind control wearing off. She was no longer a devout Gobist, she was glad that her immune system was more resistant than a normal human's.

*Plains of Endless Sand*

The Fremen sandworms were racing ahead into the plain. Corrino trikes and thopters came in from the other side of the plain. With that the battle between Sardaukar and Fremen was joined.

Missiles and lasgun blasts from the thopters managed to injure the worms, forcing them under the sand, stranding their Fremen riders. Thousands of rifles cracked with shots, dozens of Corrino Trikes exploding under the hail of rifle bullets. Weirding modules sent sound waves up at the thopters, missing.

The Corrino Trikes used their machine guns to cut into the Fremen lines. Weirding modules roared with sound waves, as the Corrino Trikes were blown apart. In the smoke and confusion thousands of sardaukar repelled from the thopters on ropes. Once on the ground they could be seen by the Fremen, and began to fire into the massed Fremen army.

The Fremen seemed to be trapped. Then the sounds of a thousand rifles sounded from rock outcroppings close to the edge of the Sardaukar ranks. A thousand sardaukar fell beneath the bullets of Fremen Snipers. The Fremen fired another volley from the rocks, and the other thousand Sardaukar on the ground died.

The Sardaukar thopters searched, but couldn't find the Fremen, they had retreated. Both sides had suffered casualties though, nearly ten thousand dead counting both sides. The thopters headed back for two locations, The Landsraad and a Corrino base.

DAY 14

*Reward Challenge Area*

Representing Gob's Minions is Gob. Representing the Landsraad is ExAtreides. Representing the Gob Worshippers is Gilamobster13.

"This is slightly different from normal," said Oppossum," today you will fight with knives. The first one to die, his Tribe wins. To recompensate them for their loss they will be given today's water reward. Ready? Set? FIGHT!!!!"

Gob just watched as Gila and Ex fought, as usual. Eventually Gob threw his knife into Gila's butt, accidently. While Gila was distracted, Ex seized the advantage and decapitated him with a single swipe.

"Well, Gob's Worshippers win the water for their loss," says Oppossum.

DAY 15

*Secret Tlielaxu Lab*

"Her transformation is completed into the sandling," said the first Master.

"Good," said the second," set her and the other her that grew from a drop of blood loose upon a village. We need more to build our army."

They set loose the two sandlings. They raged through a small village, slicing people with their claws. The villagers who didn't die, were transformed into sandlings. once the village was done the sandlings headed for a nearby Atreides base.

*Atreides Base*

The Machine gun posts were the only active sentries this night. They fired their guns in a rat-at-at-at-at-tat sound. The sandlings were cut into thousands of pieces, and each piece grew into a new sandling. Quickly, the sandlings ripped down the machine gun posts. The light Infantry and Snipers scrambled onto infantry rock, but one sandling went into the infantry rock, slicing them, turning them into sandlings.

A Mino cresed the hill beside the factory. It fired into the thousands of sandlings below, shattering some of them into nearly ten thousand pieces. Each piece grew into a new sandling. The sandlings rushed up the hill within the blink of an eye and tore apart the mino before it could fire again.

A dozen trikes pulled out both in front and behind the sandlings near the factory. They fired their machine guns endlessly into the sandlings. Nearly fifty thousand sandling pieces grew into new sandlings. And those sandlings tore the trikes apart. (Er...did I say Trikes...err...Sand Bikes.)

The Atreides base personell were desperate. They activated the Hawk Strike Sequence and used it on the sandlings. The sandlings were uneffected. The thopers began to launch from the landing pads, but before the last one could launch its landing pad was tipped over by sandling claws, and the thopter on it crashed into the grounds.

The Atreides thopters fired lasguns and missiles into the restless army of sandlings below. Hundreds of thousands of pieces were scattered and became new sandlings. Were these things invincible? Not one sandling had died yet, they all healed from their wounds and their parts that were shot off became new sandlings.

The sandlings looked up at the thopters. A scream pierced the night, so loud it could be heard across Arrakis. The sonic waves shot out of the sandlings mouths, and tore the thopters apart. The sandlings wasted little time in wrecking the rest of the base.

As soon as they finished destroying the Atreides base, the sandlings dove beneath the sand. They travelled back to the lab, standing before their Masters, the Tlielaxu.

"They performed well," commented the first Master.

"Exceedingly," said the second," when they left there were only two, and now so many."

"We Tlielaxu will dominate Arrakis."

Number of Sandlings: 750,000

*Command Bunker*

Sharpie is sitting looking troubled.

"Sharpie is back from the Atreides base and found it completely destroyed by what seemed to be claw marks," says Oppossum explaining," anyhow join us next time on Fed2k Survivor."

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"Welcome to Fed2k Survivor," says Oppossum warily, "Sharpie has been called away to investigate the possible destruction of an Ordos base. Anyhow, let us look into what happens on this show today!"

DAY 16

*Gob's Minions*

Everyone is sleeping in late, how strange.

*The Landsraad*

Edric is showing everyone how to meditate, and Shaddam is inspiring his Sardaukar.

*Gob's Worshippers*

Galaxy was beginning to lose her mind, if she had to sing praises to Gob Almighty one more time...

DAY 17

*Reward Challenge Area*

Ordos45 is representing the Landsraad, Nema is representing Gob's Minions, and TMA_1 is representing Gob's Worshippers.

"Today's challenge is simple," said Oppossum," you will all swim through the sand to the next dune. Whoever gets there first wins some water for their tribe. Ready? Set? GO!"

They all dove into the shifting sands, TMA_1 in the lead, followed a little bit back by Nema, and in last place so far is Ordos45. Suddenly a great sound is heard. TMA_1 speeds up to the next dune, winning, and finds a small rock outcropping to hide on. Ordos45, still in last place suddenly moves faster than anyone there and runs back and jumps in the thopter with Oppossum as it lifted off. Poor Nema never stood a chance as that Sandworm came up right beneath him. (Ha! My Nema loses the Swimming Challenge is even good on Arrakis.)

As TMA_1 climbs into the thopter after the worm leave Oppossum remarks," I'll drop you off at your tribes, and then you can carry the literjons of water yourself the rest of the way TMA_1."

DAY 18

*Ordos Base*

The sandlings came out of the sand within the blink of an eye. The gas turrets gassed them, but it had no effect on the sandlings. The pop up turrets fired into them, sheering off parts only to have them grow into new sandlings. The sandlings bounded forward in under a second and wrecked the turrets.

Thousands of chemical troopers ran forward, spraying gas into the sandling ranks, but it was still ineffective. The sandlings slashed each of them, adding to their own ranks as the chemical troopers became sandlings.

Dozens of dust scouts popped out of the dust bowl behind the sandlings and fired their machine guns mercifullesly. Tens of thousands of pieces were shot off sandlings, but the original sandlings healed while the pieces grew into new sandlings. Some of them rushed into the dust bowl and tore the sandbikes apart ruthlessly.

A dozen laser tanks pulled up in the sand, firing into the raging sandling horde. The sandlings were smart though, they just stood there and healed and more of themselves grew. A loud sound filled the air above all others, a sandworm surfaced, and ate the laser tanks, but as soon as it reached the sandlings it turned around, unwilling to eat them.

Kobras deployed on the hill fired down into the sandling horde, only helping to bolster their ranks by shooting them. A few well placed sonic screams destroyed the Kobras.

The Ordos at the base were desperate, and used chaos lightning on the lead sandling (The one that used to be Alia_Of_The_Knife). It seemed to absorb it, and then charged into the Ordos Palace while the other sandlings dealt with the outside.

Mortars and AA Troopers fired into the sandling ranks even more, just helping to add new members to the sandling ranks. Soon a few sandlings were up within the infantry rock with them, tearing into them, killing them or making them into sandlings.

One by one each building was torn apart with claws, until only the Palace remained. And inside, the personell were all sandlings, except one. Roma Atani stood shivering, with the lead sandling standing before her. The Sandling seemed to shimmer, and took the form of its former self, the Human Alia_Of_The_Knife, but with claws. (Guess chaos lightning gave it a new ability.)

"Don't worry, it will only hurt for a second," said the Lead Sandling.

"What, who, are you," stammered Atani.

"Sandlings, created by the Tlielaxu to be their perfect soldiers. We don't need to sleep or eat, we don't attract sandworms, we heal quickly, whatever blood or skin we lose becomes a new sandling. We can burrow beneath the sand and travel under it, move thousands of feet within a second, fire waves of sonic energy by screaming. We are unstoppable."

"Everything can be stopped," said Atani, prepared now to embrace death.

"I don't think that we'll kill you," said the Lead Sandling stalking about the room," your knowledge would be valuable." Then in a fraction of a second she lightly stabbed Roma Atani with her claws. Atani screamed in pain, and she was transformed into a sandling, servant soldier of the Tlielaxu. The Lead Sandling went back to sandling form once again. All of the sandlings left, quickly.

With a giant scream all of the sandlings released their sonic waves, and decimated the base. Around the planet, thousands were driven to their knees by the echo.

*Gob's Minions*

Everyone curled over in pain at the echo. What could it be, wondered Gob.

*The Landsraad*

Murmurs can be heard throughout the rooms of the old Harkonnen base. The Landsraad is discussing the echo which forced all but Edric to their knees.

*Gob's Worshippers*

"I tell you we heard the echo of Gob's anguish at us for not bringing more into his flock," says Jacob in a Preacher voice.

Galaxy is trying to clear her mind, not listen to Jacob, not kill him.

*Secret Tlielxau Lab*

"The Plan is proceeding well," said the First Master.

"Indeed," replied the second, unaware that the sandlings didn't follow their orders, they followed the lead sandling's orders. The lead sandling was just humoring the Tlielaxu for now...

Total Sandlings: 2.5 million

*Command Bunker*

"Sharpie found claw marks at the Ordos wreckage," says Oppossum quietly," join us next time on Fed2k Survivor."

Sharpie is just sitting, looking haunted in the background.

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"Welcome to Fed2k Survivor," says Oppossum excitedly.

DAY 19

*Gob's Minions*

There is a figure in the shadows, he is slinking, slinking. He is knocking Gob on the head with what seems to be an Emperor game box full of lead. Now he steps into the light, and looks just like Gob. He ties Gob up and puts him in a hidden chamber of the Sietch.

*The Landsraad*

Water deprivation is getting to them. They are all laying down fanning themselves.

*Gob's Worshippers*

Galaxy finally runs off into the night, unable to stand it anymore.

DAY 20

*Reward Challenge Area*

Gob is representing Gob's Minions, Namp is representing the Landsraad, and TMA_1 is representing Gob's Worshippers.

"Today's challenge is, fight these Bene Gesserit to a standstill. First one to die loses," says Oppossum cheerfully.

Gob goes down in one punch and dies, but what is this. That isn't Gob's face under the melting makeup its NAVAROS!

"Umm, due to Gob impersonation, we need to do this again," says Oppossum.

*Reward Challenge Part 2*

"Okay, same repesentatives I see, and Mahdi, however I have just learned Galaxy ran away from the Gobism Cult so no immunity challenge tommorow. Anyhow the new challenge is to shoot the mock thopter first," says Oppossum.

Namp is desperate, his tribe is dehydrating. Quickly he sneaks a grenade into his lasgun and pops the pin, he then sets the lasgun to mock firing sequence. The thopter blows up after compressed air launches the grenade into the thopter. Thus the Landsraad gets the water.

DAY 21

*Gob's Minions*

Gob managed to crawl out of the hidden chamber eventually, and the first thing he yells is to kill whoever tried to mug him. Everyone knows Gob is a little stressed over it, but is fine.

*The Landsraad*

Water water water water! They are drinking......water!

*Gob's Worshippers*

C'mon, what do you think? They are worshipping Gob.

*Command Bunker*

"...and that is why I left them," finishes Galaxy.

"Well I can see why one would do that," says Oppossum," and Sharpie doesn't like all the paperwork that comes with security. Do you think you could do that?"

She nods," No problem."

"In that case," replies Oppossum," we'll take you off contestants and put you on staff."

"You mean I don't have to do paperwork anymore," asks Sharpie.

"Yes," replies Oppossum.

"Thank you God!"

"Join us next time on Fed2k Survivor," waves Oppossum cheerfully.

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Galaxy is filing the paperwork, Sharpie is nowhere to be seen.

"Hey there," says Oppossum," Sharpie is investigating the distress signals from an Ixian Base. So let's watch the episode."

DAY 22

*Gob's Minions*

Gob is standing with Mahdi, everyone has decided to band together, so that when the merger happens they will have more votes.

*The Landsraad*

Doc Nyar is working with Gryphon, Namp, and Edric on the perimeter defenses, never know when someone might show up and try to kill you. Ex and Ordos45 are standing with Shaddam, listening to him talk to the Sardaukar.

*Gob's Worshippers*

What do you think they are doing? They are worshipping Gob!

DAY 23

*Gob's Worshippers*

The Fremen moved silently and randomly through the sand dunes surrounding the broken down Harkonnen Base where Gob's Worshippers are based. He sees them chatting animately, and then bowing before a sand sculpture of Gob.

The Fremen sneers at the worship of false Gods. The Worm God is the one true God. He loaded his rifle carefully and then buried himself in the sand. He poked out the scope and barrel and chose a target. With a sudden crack of the rifle a bullet hole appeared in Acriku's head.

Jacob, being the High Priest of Gobism shouted," This is a sign from Gob Almighty, REPENT! REPENT!"

*Reward Challenge Area*

Doc Nyar is representing the Landsraad, Gob is representing Gob's Minions, and TMA_1 is representing Gob's Worshippers.

"Hello," says Oppossum," today's reward challenge is simple. I have three broken harvestors and the producers keep telling me 'The Spice Must Flow', that is why the reward challenge is whoever fixes one first wins water for their Tribe. Ready? Set? GO!"

In only minutes, Nyar and TMA_1 are done, at the same time. It is a tie.

"Well this is interesting," says Oppossum," Will one of you forfeit?"

"If Gob wishes it I will gladly forfeit to the Landsraad," said TMA_1 sincerely.

"DO IT," screamed Gob.

"I forfeit, so that I may be a loyal follower of Gob," said TMA_1.

"In that case," said Oppossum," Congratulations Nyar, the Landsraad gets the water, and the producers are happy because spice production from my harvestors are starting again."

DAY 24

*Ixian Base*

The sandlings were standing as far as the eye could see on the sand dunes. The Ixian projectors were projecting themselves to fire more and more bullets into the sandlings, not realizing they were only increasing the sandling numbers. Eventually the sandlings raced forward.

Slashes left the projector tanks down, and burning. Ixian Infiltrators blew apart sandlings, but they only grew back as new sandlings for each piece.

Suboids ran forward against the sandlings only to be slashed lightly and turned into sandlings themselves. Sandlings raced forward and tore down the Ixian structures, turning the scientists into more of their kind. Then all of the sandlings burrowed underneath the sand until the Tlielaxu fools gave them their next target.

Total Sandlings: 3.2 million

(Note: In case you didn't get it earlier, the lead sandling possess the knowledge of every person's mind before they were turned into a sandling, for those who were people before sandlings.)

*Command Bunker*

Galaxy is filing more paperwork. Sharpie is sitting in a thinking position, wondering what are the things attacking everyone's bases.

"Sharpie found only wreckage again," says Oppossum," same claw marks too. Join us next time on Fed2k Survivor."

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"Welcome back to Fed2k Survivor," says Oppossum," Sharpie has gone out to investigate a call for help from the Smugglers. And since the producers are paying them to ship the spice we harvest, its in our best interest to keep them alive. Anyhow, let's watch this episode."

DAY 25

*Gob's Minions*

Plotting, lots of plotting.

*The Landsraad*

Our tech team is still tweaking the base defenses, and Ex, Ordos45, and Shaddam are conversing with a single Sardaukar with a sniper rifle.

*Gob's Worshippers*

"...and then the Lord thy Gob said 'Let there be server problems,' and there were," shouted Jacob," yet another sign to REPENT! CONFESS YOUR MORTAL SINS TO GOB ALMIGHTY!"

DAY 26

*Reward Challenge Area*

Stefan is representing Gob's Minions, Edric is representing the Landsraad, and Earthnuker is representing Gob's Worshippers.

"Today is a simple challenge," says Oppossum," climb to the top of that rock formation, and catch Muad'dib, the mouse, not the Messiah. Ready? Set? GO!"

Each of the three scrambled for handholds desperately. But Earthnuker is trying from the side that's too steep, and is asking Gob Almighty for forgiveness at his mortal incompetence.

Edric and Stefan are on opposite sides of the mountain, when Edric catches a Muad'dib. he climbs back down and Stefan gazes from the top in defeat.

"Edric is disqualified," yelled Oppossum as loud as his little marsupial lungs would let him," He didn't catch this at the top, the summit. You can still win Stefan!"

Stefan quickly snatches his own Muad'dib. Then he scrambles down a convenient rope bridge none of them noticed before.

"Gob's Minions wins the reward challenge, the water shall be delivered to them," said Oppossum.

DAY 27

*Gob's Minions*

Plotting domination.

*The Landsraad*

Hey aren't some of them underage for that spice beer?

*Gob's Worshippers*

The Sardaukar Sniper moved through the sand dunes with care. He had been on this cursed desert planet long enough to know attracting a worm could be an end to his career and life. He carefully picked a target.

Once his target was picked, he enhanced the vision with the scope on his sniper lasgun rifle. He pulled the trigger and DJCid's head exploded in a shower of censored gore.

Jacob seized the initiative," This is a sign from Gob, we must work harder to fulfill his will on this planet. The uncaring must be brought to care. REPENT! REPENT CHILDREN OF GOB, REPENT!"

*Smuggler Base*

They fired off a few shots, but by then they were already being overrun. Frigates and Lighters were torn apart by the raging sandlings, and the smugglers themselves were killed by sonic screams. Within seconds the Smuggler Base was wrecked.

The Lead Sandling was intelligent though, her new thousand sandlings were given a mission, to go and infect the sandworms with the sandling virus that transforms humans into sandlings. The Sandworms wouldn't be affected by it, but the spice would be created with the virus embedded hidden within it. The virus-laden spice would be ingested by millions around the Empire, and the sandlings would spread across every planet.

Total Sandlings: 3,201,000

*Command Bunker*

Galaxy is doing paperwork and Sharpie is still brooding in a corner, having found the Smuggler Base destroyed.

"Join us next time on Fed2k Survivor," says Oppossum," where the producers know, the Spice Must Flow!"

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"Welcome back to Fed2k Survivor," said Oppossum," right Sharpie?"

"He went out to investigate an attack on a Guild Base," yells Galaxy from behind the paperwork.

DAY 28

*Gob's Minions*

Uh oh, what is this? The Sietch didn't have automated defenses last time we checked...

*The Landsraad*

Oh look, Ex has been giving out alchohol, and everyone is drunk.

*Gob's Worshippers*

"...and then the Lord Thy Gob told us of his glorious reappearance as a Yeti...or was it Bumbler," Jacob fumbled through the Gobible.

DAY 29

*Reward Challenge Area*

Gob is representing Gob's Minions. A hangover ridden Nyar is representing the Landsraad. And Jacob is representing Gob's Worshippers.

"Today's challenge is simple," said Oppossum," first one to catch a sandtrout wins. Ready? Set? GO!"

Jacob was bowing in the sand to Gob, Nyar was stumbling around until he tripped over Jacob. AN hour later Gob won by default.

DAY 30

*Gob's Minions*

Wow, Gob and his minions are swimming in the Sietch pool...wait Sietches don't have pools. I guess they had a lot of water from the reward challenge.

*The Landsraad*

No one is talking...only trying not to hear anything.

*Gob's Worshippers*

The Fremen and Sardaukar snipers took up positions, unaware of each other. They carefully took aim at Earthnuker. Simultaneously they fired, and both bullets hit him at the same time. One took Earthnuker in the head, the other in the chest. He was thrown up and then back down into the sand.

"This is sign that the Almighty and one True Gob is displeased," screeched Jacob to his last surviving tribe member, TMA_1.

*Guild Base*

The sandlings came without warning. They rushed inward, ripping apart starports and Frigates. One Frigate managed to lift off and fired its powerful weapons into the sandling hordes. It kept lacing them with lasgun fire, unaware they were merely helping to increase the sandling numbers.

Finally the lead sandling let loose a sonic scream. The Frigate fell into the middle of the sandling hordes, exploding. Just more fuel to the sandling forces, no sandling had died and all of those injured were healed, the injured parts that fell grew into new sandlings.

Guild Makers rushed out of the Palace frantically sweeping the sandlings with their energy weapons, but it was no use, the sandlings decapitated them all with a blow each.

Then came the NIAB Tanks. They appeared all around the sandling hordes, and they fired burst after burst into the massive army of sandlings. One by one the NIAB tanks were crushed by sonic waves, however the lead sandling had plans for the last NIAB tank. Several Sandlings bounded forward and ripped apart the tank, and then used the virus secreted from their claws to make the Guild Navigator one of their own.

The sandlings now could use Prescience, and the Lead Sandling, formerly Alia_Of_The_Knife would use it to the utmost. The NIAPs were coming out now and firing into the sandlings quickly. One by one the NIAPs fell from Sonic Screams.

Then the sandlings all rushed the Guild Palace and tore it apart. Afterword they burrowed back beneath the sand.

*Other Worlds in the Imperium*

The tainted spice was beginning to reach a million worlds, the entire Empire. And everyone who ingested the tainted spice was mutated into a sandling. Within hours, all communication between the Imperium's planets was no more, as the sandlings on each planet made sure that the rest of the planet citizens became sandlings as well. The only non-sandling life left in the Empire was on Arrakis and on Guild Highleiners.

The Guild began a massive pullout of its ships. Those aboard were taken with the ships to a new unexplored galaxy, for the hopeful survival of humans. One highliener remained in orbit of Arrakis, to monitor events below, and if asked to, to help evacuate.

Total Sandlings: Uncountable (seeing as everyone not on Arrakis or in a Guild Ship is a sandling its a lot. The Empire was a million worlds, with billions on most of those worlds. the best part is, no one on Arrakis knows the Empire is all sandling.)


A strange jamming began across Arrakis. No one was able to communicate offworld, so the fighting between the Great and Minor Houses would continue there, blissfully unaware of the sandlings existence.

*Gob's Minions*

Yep, that flame throwing system is defintely coming along.

*Command Bunker*

"Sharpie found the Guild Base completely ruined," says Galaxy," same claw marks as before. We've lost all contact with anything off planet, we're isolated and afraid. Oppossum and Sharpie are calming each other I think, with some target practice on the bunker's lasgun range. Join us next time on Fed2k Survivor."

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"Welcome back, we're pressed for time so now we vote or kill off two people a post," yells Oppossum over the roar of the storm.

DAY 31

*Gob's Minions*

A friendly game of poker.

Gob's poking Mahdi, Mahdi is poking Stephan, Stephan is poking Shiroko, and Shiroko is poking Mars.

*The Landsrrad*

"Oops I did it again," sings Ex. Kareoke night must be stopped.

*Gob's Worshippers*

TMA_1 falls over dead of a heart attack.

DAY 32

*Tribe Merger Diplomatic Site*

"Welcome representatives of the Tribes," said the wise and mighty Oppossum," Gob, Nyar, Jacob, you must all agree on a site for your new tribe and whether it is in an existing Tribal Area or a new one. You must also decide the name of the Tribe. Do so now."

"Fanatics Tribe," said Oppossum later," very well. And the new area is Gob's sietch?"


DAY 33

*Fanatics Tribe*

Well during the night the merger happened and everyone is so in fear of their life they have no voting alliances yet. But Jacob is sneaking up behind Gryphon, and slashed his throat with a crysknife...

*Command Bunker*

"Rather uneventful wasn't it," asks Oppossum," but Sharpie has been called away to investigate the destruction of a Tlielaxu Base..."

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"Hello," says Oppossum," We have a lot in store for you today." While a hint of Galaxy can be seen behind some paperwork and guards wrestling a baby sandworm into water.


*Fanatics Tribe*

Jacob is bowing to Gob, while Shaddam and Mahdi are plotting sneakily with their top Fremen and Sardaukar Commanders. Ordos45 has just stumbled into the mouth of a sandworm conveniently outside the Seitch.

*Tlielaxu Base*

Sharpie's forces had arrived at the Tlielaxu base, only to find bloody bits of contaminators and leeches as well as buildings. With a sigh of disgust they went back to the Command Bunker.

*Fanatics Tribe*

"I regret to inform our Survivors," said Oppossum," of the destruction of the Bene Tlielaxu..."

DAY 35

*Atreides Base*

The machine guns rattled as the posts fired and the Light Infantry fired with them. Massive booms sounded as thousands of Mintaurus shells slammed into the sandling hordes. Missiles streaked from Mongeese and Ornithopters into the sandlings, but wasn't helping, in fact they were only increasing the sandling forces.

Kindjal mortar shots blasted into sandlings, and sniper bullets found their marks, but not killing the sandlings. Rocket Turrets fired down into them as well. Nothing was working.

Soon the sandlings decided they had enough new forces and rushed the Atreides Capital, and within thirty seconds it was destroyed, its inhabitants now sandlings or dead.

DAY 36

*Fanatics Tribe*

Mahdi and Shaddam have taken a ride on a sandworm to go talk with their troops. Gob has Jacob shining his shoes. Namp, MarS, Stephan, Shiroko, Nyar, and Edric are installing flamethrowers into the rock face the Seitch is hidden within. However MarS has a slight accident with one of his, incenerating himself, and his ashes are scattered across the dunes by the winds.

*Command Bunker*

"Oppossum is taking a break to take care of some personal business in the refresher. Sharpie is going to investigate the Atreides Capital here on Arrakis. He will die their, for I have seen it," says Galaxy, revealing blue within blue eyes.

(4 episodes left)

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*Atreides Capital*

Smoke billowed upward, a sign of battle. Sharpie and his troops moved cautiously through the rubble which contained slash marks. A mobile MAC Cannon trailed behind on suspensors.

Suddenly a great roaring sound drove them to their knees, and the mobile MAC Cannon collapsed. Sandlings seemed to be everywhere and within seconds, Sharpie and his forces were dead.

*Command Bunker*

"Welcome to Survivor," says Oppossum.

"It is done," says Galaxy a little haunted.

"She freaks me out now," says Oppossum giving her a stare.

DAY 37

*Fanatics Tribe*

Stefan, Shiroko, Ex, Namp, Nyar, and Edric are installing shield generators within the Seitch, not thinking of sandworm attacks against the rock face, or are they?

Jacob is busy writing a letter to Gob, stating how he wishes to do anything necessary for victory.

Gob is yawning, wondering where Mahdi and Shaddam are...

DAY 37 Coup d'

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SUPER EPISODE!! FINAL EPISODE!! I realized i moved events too quickly so its time to end this, btw, 6 people have already signed up for next season.

DAY 40

*Fanatics Tribe*

"I call you out Mahdi," said ExAtreides calmly.

Mahdi merely sneered and pulled his crysknife.

With a blur of speed Ex's longsword that he somehow produced from under the sandy floor came down at Mahdi. Mahdi easily jumped back as Ex fell to the floor with the weight of his sword.

Mahdi gave him a quick kick to the adam's apple, leaving him gasping for air. Then Mahdi, slammed an elbow into the back of his neck, sending him crashing to the floor. Finally Mahdi stepped on his rib cage, applying pressure, until finally a massive snap was heard. Ex tried to scream but the pressure that had been applied to his throat had collapsed his trachea. Within a few more seconds he had suffocated.

DAY 41

*Immunity Challenge Area*

"Today's challenge is simple," said Oppossum," the one who builds the best sandcastle memorial for Sharpie wins!"

Mahdi's was mainly a hill of sand. Stefan built one in the shape of a microchip. Shiroko made the letters F.A.Q. Edric built one in the shape of a laser tank. Nyar made one shaped like a wrench. Namp made one that said "I miss ^LoMax^!"

Shaddam though, made a sandcastle in the style of a Midieval Castle. Along the turrets were sand figurines and across a lowered drawbridge was "Sharpie RIP".

"Shaddam Wins," declares Oppossum.

DAY 42

A Sardaukar rushed into the Seitch bathroom. There, he let a bullets perforate an occupied stall and then he ran, having carried out the hit. Stefan's body would be discovered a few hours later.

DAY 43

Namp, Nyar, and Shiroko were together riding a sandworm. They were going into Arrakeen to buy supplies when they heard a great rushing sound ahead and the sandworm stopped at the crest of the Dune.

Harkonnen gunships were launching missiles into a small squad of sandlings, only aiding in the creation of dozens more. Sound waves reached up and destroyed them, but the wreckage hit our three intrepid travellors, killing them.

DAY 44

*Fanatics Tribe*

"Follow me," said Galaxy waking the last three Survivors up.

"Huh," asked Edric groggily.

"Creatures called Sandlings have overrun all but House Harkonnen's holdings overnight. They are headed here, the Command Bunker has been destroyed. Oppossum and the Harkonnen Commander are arranging transit with the Guild."

So they followed her out to a thopter. As they neared the Harkonnen Stronghold they could see flamethrowers burning into the sandling ranks, not killing them, but holding them at bay.

A piece of exploding assault tank came through the thopter window, decapitating Edric.

"I'M TAKING US DOWN BY THE FRIGATES," shouted Galaxy over the sound of battle. Mahdi and Shaddam could see their Fremen and Sardaukar fighting side by side within the Harkonnen ranks.

They were about to board the First Frigate when a sandling suddenly took a shape. It was Alia_Of_The_Knife, except with claws and a few other small differences, but this was not the contestant they once knew, they knew that much. With a flik of her wrist, Shaddam dropped dead, his internal organs severed.

"Congratulations Mahdi, you won," said Galaxy.

"Yes, we congratulate you," said Oppossum from where he was standing his ground firing a lasgun madly into the sandling ranks.

Mahdi nodded, boarding the Frigate, and it took off, along with a few of the others.

Galaxy quickly brought her katana out of its sheath and barely brought it to mee Alia's claws. She twisted to avoid the other claws and then...was taken down by a sandling from behind. Alia_Of_The_Knife smiled lightly as she changed back to sandling form, and then to everyone's surpise, the sandlings retreated.

They were a mile away, and Oppossum was cheering waving his lasgun in the air. Suddenly a squish is heard, and Oppossum is seen as roadkill, run over by a fleeing harvestor.

Mahdi's Frigate docks with the Highleiner in orbit and it jumps to foldspace to aid in the beginning of a new Empire.

Finally the sandlings which now covered all of Arrakis except for the confine of the Harkonnen Stronghold began to fire their sound waves into the air, creating a massive ball of sound, and then they slammed it into the Harkonnen Stronghold, leaving it a crater full of sand.

Mahdi won the contest and survived, but the Sandlings now rule the Imperium.


Author Note: Congratulations to the Mahdi!!! Also, IM me if you want to be in Season Four, location to still be determined! So far only 6 people have signed up.

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