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Emperor Harkonnen

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        Surely Russia does not look like Giedi Prime...No comment on your trivia

        I think Frank Herbert included some Jewish motives, like the prophet they are still expecting (the Messiah)

        There is also something, which looks to me like the Indian Kama Sutra - that Honored Matre stuff.

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But Atreides was noble, has great and long past and what is most important, was fair. America isn`t fair. Bush said other american people they haven`t any problems, lets go kick a** Korea, an in the same time he was trying solve economic problems and recesion  without say a word about those huge problems...and still try...America seems like Corrino in first Dune

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lets go kick a** Korea? what?



IX=no one. there a group of scientists reamber? they have no house(dont start with the prequl stuff)

Harks=Ottoman Empire

me=Mix of german/spainish/ukrainen/french(my secret shame  :'( )

Corrino........Roman Empire....?

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Exactly Ex, Corrinos are the copy of Roman empire - Frank never uses pure fantasy in his books something is based on something ::)  ( How can you be sure that Atreides start from acient Greece? It's just SciFi  ;))

Harkos Otoman? - that's noway! The Baron is blond like all people of Giedi Prime they'r also noble perhaps not Vladimyr and they are not islam fanatics...

Atreides are modern Americans - the history isn't considered... 8)

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they say in the books(dont reamber witch one.)

That The atreides are decendents of greece. Aturus. The ottomans were not fanatacis about islam if you know any thing about history you will know what i mean.....get your facts straight.

Whats with the blond hair thing? dont you know any thing about evolution adaption? that sort of riff rough? People change do to the invirement.....shesh.....

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