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Didnt' notice. It is mentioned in the origional books. But as Paul used Dune as his kapittal Planet Kaitain got, well lost. The importance of Kaitain isn't that great, and because not a lot of things are happening there it's not mentioned.

In the New Dune books the live of Shaddam is a primairy story line in the books. So that's why it's mentioned a lot.

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It isnt mentioned in the original novel Dune by frank herbert. it is mentioned but not much at all. The Hub of the landsdraad is focused there and this is all before paul became the messiah of the fremen. It wasnt mentioned much is all and I wonder why.

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lol alexander you know better then that. The book just didnt focus on paul. The story was very deep and had to do with imperial politics. Thats why it is very important. Without the empire paul would have a lot easier time taking over the known universe.

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