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How to stop Devo's ?


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No, i think the Fredaykin should cost more and take longer to build than it does now, because it has a huge advantage over all the other units in the game, making them irregularly useful and strong in the game.

$250? I reckon there should be 2 different Fredakins, a regular Fredakin and Fredaykin Elite, the regular Fredakin would cost the same and do everything the same as the one now but can't worm-ride, a Fredaykin Elite should cost 2x as much and take 1.5x longer to train but has same armour as the Sard.Elites and could worm-ride.

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Well if the Devastator is self-destructed, then the player with the Leech will have gotten rid of it anyway, which means that overall they will have won. Even if the larvae is removed, it will still damage the Devastator somewhat, and leave the Devastator vulnerable for the amount of time that it can' be picked up.

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