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Big Structures Editor 2.0 update: Easy adding and import of new buildings, units and stuff!


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2 hours ago, Insaneo said:


Huh? How to do?

Sure. Have a look here in the 'structures' editor's units tab:



I highlighted most of the important stuff.

Basically, all three Combat Tanks (in the list on the right) have the same "type." There is only one "type." So here's what you do: First, add three new units in the list on the right. Copy-paste Deviators, Sonic Tanks, and Devastators over those three new entries. Then make ONE new unit type in the list on the left. Name it whatever you want, just make sure your three duplicated units share that type.

After that, simply check "available in starport" and make sure "owner" is set to the proper sides. And there you go.

Oh, and don't forget, you can only have eight unit types total at the Starport. You'll need to remove something from the Starport list to make room for the new unit type.

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Hey it worked thats awesome. 
Question tho. 
When you create a new unit how do you get the picture you want? Like the one that appears in game?

There wasn’t any issues this time as I just copied a unit. 

Also one other issue no name or price is on the star port for the unit. Can buy them, they work fine. But no price or name.


is this something to do with uniting TEXT?


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3 hours ago, Insaneo said:


Bingo. You gotta add a key to the text.uib.

Take this:

The left column is where you should type the unit type. The right column is the unit's in-game name. All units of the same type will share the same name. This works for Combat Tanks just fine, but for Deviators, Sonic Tanks and Devastators, you'd need to come up with something for all three.

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So when I add the entry (I'm trying to add it around (872) as I'm not sure where to add it.

I add new entry below or above.

On the left I write - Special_Tank 

And on the right - ?

I've tried to type special tank again, but in game still no name. 

Sorry man I'm trying really hard to get this stuff!

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Oh LOL I forgot to put a _ lol sorry.

I had written Special Tank - Not - Special_Tank

Its working now.


PS someone made a flame tank, what did they use for the warhead? Aka what weapon.

And also how do you change the picture of each unit in the game. Aka if I created a flame tank or sniper I wanna use a different image. How do you do that?

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Also Deviator. Keen to either try make that convert infantry units. OR..make it able to damage infantry units. I realise that’s damage set vs none. 

aka infantry doesn’t have armour. So it’s it’s warhead vs none armour? Where is that in this editor. 

I just tried to change it using tibed and it fucked my whole mod. Luckily I save as I make changes and back everything up. Been there before and lost everything. 

Anyway. Please let me know about the flame tank.
The unit pictures and how to get more / new ones. 

keen to make a Artedies Sniper but not sure how to make unit art for it. And also how to design it in game as well. 

and let me know about the Deviator. I really appreciate your help. You don’t know me and owe me anything but honestly man. Amazing. 

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11 hours ago, Insaneo said:

flame tank

Check the OP:

Download Flame Tank data, add new unit (both unit type and the unit itself), import data, there you go.

11 hours ago, Insaneo said:


Left-click the picture up here to bring up the import window. You can right click to export instead.

Alternatively, there's this old resources editor:
It needs COLOURS.BIN and PALETTE.BIN in the same folder to work properly, so just put it in your Dune 2000's "bin" subfolder under the "data" subfolder.

I would recommend only using the old resources editor under very specific circumstances. Klofkac's all-encompassing editor is leagues beyond and comes with some hidden perks that keep things from breaking, like they might if you were to use certain outdated tools for d2k. Like TibEd. The downside for importing images like this is it seems to only recognize BMP, probably for palette conversion reasons, so if you want to import a PNG, that'd be the instance to use the old resources editor.

9 hours ago, Insaneo said:


Can't deviate infantry units due to game logic-related reasons. However, you can make the Deviator damage / kill infantry by changing the warhead data under the "Armour" tab in Klofkac's editor.

9 hours ago, Insaneo said:


Noooo, no no no no! No no no, no no. no. No no. No. No TibEd anymore. There is no TibEd, there is only Klofkac's editor.

9 hours ago, Insaneo said:


You'd need some new art for that infantry, or to re-use old art somehow.

The problem with Sniper mechanics in gameplay is that your unit will be less accurate the longer the "projectile" has to travel. The Sniper would NEED a homing weapon, but many weapons simply don't work with "Homing" ticked. You'd need to test different weapons with "Homing" ticked on and see if they behave as one should expect a homing weapon to. When you find one, duplicate it so the old unit or turret using the weapon can keep functioning as intended, then overwrite the weapon that works with the Sniper's weapon.

Hope that answers all your questions. :P

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