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D2kEditor with Structures Editor (TibEd replacement) preview release!

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6 hours ago, Fey said:

There was something else though! I noticed the latest builds of the editor don't give me an alert if I try to save with over 1000 units on the map. I considered that maybe it's the former unknown specials it's reading to generate visually on the map in the editor, and tried placing normal units that already existed on the map, but that didn't give me an alert either. Perhaps that's simpler to figure out and fix.

Thanks for report, I will have a look into it.
Technically, a Worm Spawner behaves like a unit in game (not something special like player start or spice bloom), but editor does not count worm spawner as regular unit, but counts it separately. The total structures count displayed on Map Statistics window does not count worm spawners either, so if you have, say, 999 regular structures and one worm spawner on map, the logic that checks structure count during saving a map considers the total number as 1000 (total structures count + worm spawner count). Maybe the problem could be here, but will need to investigate.

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2 hours ago, Klofkac said:

worm spawner

For clarity, I tested prior to that post by putting, like, 100-200 extra tanks on a map that was already at the limit. So there's no way I didn't account for the editor potentially not counting certain things! Unless it doesn't count tanks. :)

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12 hours ago, Fey said:

For clarity, I tested prior to that post by putting, like, 100-200 extra tanks on a map that was already at the limit.

I just looked at this problem, and found out what the bug was - editor was not counting units at all into the limit, it was counting only buildings. I remember testing this feature with 1000 walls placed on map, that's probably why I missed this error. Will be fixed in next editor release. Thanks again for reporting.

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Ah, glad to hear it was fixed. And glad to help!

For the record, the statistics still show the total amount of units / structures on the map, so that's perfectly fine for keeping on top of the limit. It's just that we didn't get an alert anymore when trying to save for breaking the limit. Good news though, I haven't noticed anything else being broken. But, I'll keep my eyes out.

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