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Ordos Final Mission

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And Ix, I presume. You must build alot of Kobra's, and place them at the point where all units come from, the opening in the cliff. Take care of the Harkonnen, by making quickly laser tanks and Dust Scouts. And destroy the Turrets on the cliff. Then you can make an assault, from Dust Scouts and Laser Tanks, or Kobra's. And then move to the worm, first to the east, and then to the south. Destroy all things on your path. It's good to bring some Sardaukar with you. And Maybe Fremen, but they are better on their own. When arrived with the Emperor Worm, try to destroy it, but destroy their attacks as well. When you can't destroy the worm, or you have lost your army, make a big stack of EITS, and move them to the worm, with a safe route. Arrived there, just press 'd' and fun!

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Here is a simple strat that I always use on the final mission for the Ordos campaign. It works every time, even on Hard mode.

1. Set up your base first. After you Barracks is built, IMMEDIATELY build a Fremen camp, upgrade it, and start pumping out Fedaykin (approx 20). Do this ASAP, because the Harkonnen will rush your base via the small ramp at the left side. Set the rally point for the Fremen camp just outside the ramp, and put the Fedaykin in guard mode. You might want to micromanage a scout into the Harkonnen base on the left side of the map so you can see the elite missile tank (and therefore, project it for air defence against the Gunships), but beware, because as soon as you get near the base with any unit, they mentat will tell you that the enemy is attacking. This is a powerful rush to deal with, but if you manage your Feds well enough, you shouldn't have too much trouble. Pay special attention to the Flame Tanks and Devastators, because they are the biggest threat. After this rush has been overcome, set up your defences to be inpenetrable. Kobras with engineers nearby along with laser tanks (for Minos should be quite sufficient).

Note: The quickest and most effective way to disable the Harkonnen base to the West is to pump out 6 EITS. Expensive but effective. Fly them to the base and take out the Factory at all costs.

2. When you feel you are ready to attack, pump out a minimum of 6 Advanced Carryalls and 6 Kobras. Pick up the Kobras with the Carryalls and move them to the far left side of the map (as far to the left as they will go). Rush straight through the Tleilaxu living turrets on the rock ridges, and fly straight down to the rear of the worm. Now fly to the Kobras to the head of the worm and set them down. Deploy the Kobras and pump the worm with cannon shells for all they're worth!! ;D Victory is inevitable...

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The funniest strategy I used on the final map was this:

I made a base and started pumping out fedaykins.

I dont remember(loong time since last time i played final mea)

:-[ if you needed to destroy harkonnen, but i did... But I left the megacannon and many buildings.

I simply just walked down to the emperor-worm (ensure guard is turned of at fremens) and shot at it. Once the fremen shot one shot, the megacannon fired at them. They had the time to fire 2 times, move away, look at the missing megacannon's bullet, and start firing again. The emperor worm fall quickly this way.

The team tested with this strategy was Harkonnen...

but team doesnt matter as long as you defend your base the little time the mission lasts ;D

Try this its very entertaining ;D

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I did it in few ways (in each level). In the first I send units that I had without deploying con yard and killed worm with few of them. Guild was so supraised that they didn`t anything.

Second time I used a lot of fedaykin mixed with a lot of sardaukar both elite and normal.

And I did it with AC. I destroyed Tleilaxu turrets with ornies, in the way that I want go with AC`s, take some lasers and kobras and put them near Empeworm. But to do it, you must have a lot of AC`s and produce in the same time defence units.

You can vehicle`s rysh too, destroy with kobras turrets near way and send to worm a lot of sards, dusts couts and lasers, kobras.

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