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[RELEASE] Time Based Smugglers Campaign - Protect Mercenaries ! ( updated )


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Hi guys !


i finished my campaign , before i created Test Campaing only 6 mission. Now it's ready

İ I tried all of them, easy, normal, hard game.

-Some tileset problem : fixed

-Some  interesting and incomprehensible ( : :D />) missions fixed 

-And fixed information !

- And i used two  maps in Dune 2000 campaña Fremen. " i saw , he told you can use, thank you bro ! "

-And now my english better , i think you will understand  me : :)

-i didn't create new map. İt's ready, I made some changes,


Story : Smugglers are mercenaries and betrayed. Ordos was their largest. This Ordos did not protect them! They remain powerless. But they will resist! Therefore, even though they are difficult prevail!


Objective and some information :

Everytime help and together war with mercenaries ! You must protect them ! Sometimes they protect you, but usually you.

Usually we haven't MCV at first. But you need good defance time until

We are : Smugglers, Mercenaries ( only 1-2 mission with ordos ) Ordos Sometimes betrayed! :D

Missions can take a long time. But I hope you'll have fun, I wanted to do something different

Sometimes diplomacy will change be careful :D

Mis fail usually mercenaries built demolition, if you dont have base or units, dont wait, RESTART GAME : :) :))

""Please 'READ' brifing""

İ tried 1.06 and CnC.net / Gruntmods Studios mod game


-- if see some problem  I'm waiting feedback


 Have Fun !


and i'm waiting your comment for better another campaign ;)& ;); ;))>


Time Based Smugglers Campaign - Protect Mercenaries !.rar













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I dont want to sound rude or anything like that, but could it be possible to correct all the gramatical errors in the campaign.

It is a little disapointing seeing a potencially awesome campaign with such poor english :| .

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Just finished the campaign, really awesome and diferent from others campaign!! I really loved the idea of having restricted types of units production and most maps/bases were splendidly made. Interesting war in the final mission!! so many reinforcements :D. expecting more campaigns man, and much harder next time. good luck

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thank for feedback fdias :) , i  wanted to do different missions.i will create another campaign when i free. i have some questions for better campaign  ;)


- which mission was difficult ? - did you like mis 7  ?

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     Hi man, so my favorite mission was the second one if i m not mistaken, the one where u had 2 harvesters, and only barracks. The base was super well made, very interesting and hard do finish. I felt prety good when i finally finished.

     About Mission 7, i enjoy that one that much, just because i like to start with my base already built and start making my units, not having to find the base, kill some untis and then catch the ennemy base, doesnt  feel much like the mercenaries.

    What i like the most about your campaign is that i feel like i am the commander of a sub-house, with little firepower and army but i still have some impact on the game. I mean mercenaries are not the great Ordos/Atreides or Harkonnen but they can still ran havoc among their ennemies. Love the starport and reinforcements units, makes the battle so much real.!!! Keep up with the good work

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