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  1. Okey thx for the hints, i know we took the worst base but it is just a shame seeing all those bad ass, beautiful bases behind me . It just makes me feel sad because i want to steal their precious spot :). Good job on the missions though, very diferent from the usual
  2. You mean it s impossible to do, unlike all other 8 missions. Worst base ever i must say..
  3. i must say your campaigns are always funny to play. Maps that are original, reinforcements coming from everywhere, objectives that are constantly changing.... Good job man
  4. That last mission was insane, so interesting!! Had a lot of fun thx so much :D
  5. Hi man, so my favorite mission was the second one if i m not mistaken, the one where u had 2 harvesters, and only barracks. The base was super well made, very interesting and hard do finish. I felt prety good when i finally finished. About Mission 7, i enjoy that one that much, just because i like to start with my base already built and start making my units, not having to find the base, kill some untis and then catch the ennemy base, doesnt feel much like the mercenaries. What i like the most about your campaign is that i feel like i am the commander of a sub-house, with little firepower and army but i still have some impact on the game. I mean mercenaries are not the great Ordos/Atreides or Harkonnen but they can still ran havoc among their ennemies. Love the starport and reinforcements units, makes the battle so much real.!!! Keep up with the good work
  6. Just finished the campaign, really awesome and diferent from others campaign!! I really loved the idea of having restricted types of units production and most maps/bases were splendidly made. Interesting war in the final mission!! so many reinforcements :D. expecting more campaigns man, and much harder next time. good luck
  7. http://cncnet.org/dune-2000
  8. I dont want to sound rude or anything like that, but could it be possible to correct all the gramatical errors in the campaign. It is a little disapointing seeing a potencially awesome campaign with such poor english :| .
  9. Thats a pretty old and known trick hehe :)
  10. Thx for the takaing action so quickly, already have my dune2000 list organized :D
  11. Hi there, I was wondering if the responsibles of the cncnet site couldnt make the pre-game window/room/lobby to be more Dune2000 friendly by having all players logged in, ordered by name AND type of game. It s just a shame to see all Dune players lost in the middle of all those hundreds of red alert players. I believe it would become easier to interact with Dune players in the lobby (whisper for example), prepare games, and at the end, this should bring the community a little more together. Yours as always, fdias
  12. Hi there, first of all thk u so much for dune2k site, was really happy when i recently saw that Dune community was still well alive :D . Secondly i have dl the mission select patch and i was wondering what is the dificulty set in this missions because i have been doing them really easily.
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