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I got an original Dune II box! :D


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I found this on ebay, for $15. Despite the shipping to Belgium coming down to an additional $33, I could absolutely not resist this:


The box arrived yesterday, and I immediately got to work. Sadly my current PC doesn't have a floppy drive, so I couldn't get the content off the disks, but I'm fairly sure I already got that version on my disk anyway. The main reasons I had for buying this didn't really include the floppies, anyway.

These reasons, besides the fact this is a treasure of gaming history, and the fact the box is complete even down to the original receipt of the sale in a game store, are these:

-The cover art. I haven't found any place online that has a high resolution version of that, or even a good quality one.

-That cute little newspaper thingy, which is more or less their newsletter with added internal development anecdotes, and some hints and tricks for their games.

-The lovely ring-bound manual.

Of course, since I already remade the manual as PDF file with colour images, there wasn't much use in scanning that. Not to mention, A) there must be plenty of scans of that going around, and B) it's ring-bound, which is annoying to scan.

However, the other two items are scanned, and posted here for your enjoyment:


Find them all here:

Scan of the cover image (larger version)

Full scan of the cover (the gold letters came out quite nicely I think ;) )

Newspaper page 1

Newspaper page 2

Newspaper page 3

Newspaper page 4

These are, in fact, still downsized versions; I scanned everything at 600 dpi. You can find the ultra-high lossless png versions in this folder:


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2 MS-Dos (1,44 MB) HD Floppies?

It's four, actually. What you see on this photo are two stacks of two floppies each.

This will disappear soon since the item is sold, but for now, you can still see the full set of showcase photos here:



The newsletter is cool. Is it even mentioned elsewhere that Command & Conquer was the series title which had already been conceived in 1992?

Yeah, I loved that detail. Also, the audio guys going around punching people to record screams, and the designers trying to find a way to sneak atomic weapons in (which, on one hand, they got around through the non-atomic Death Hand Missile, and on the other hand totally did include, with the Devastator :D)
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