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  1. It seems nice. I have to ask to my bros if he can try this and give me any feedback. Just a thing: right button of mouse centered the pointed tile in original behaviour, right?
  2. drnovice

    Hex Editing Collection on EXE

    Hi! What other versions do you refer? I applied those mods to v1.07 EU if I remember correctly. If you want all documentation send me mp and I'll send you all stuff I worked for.
  3. drnovice

    OpenFodder - Cannon Fodder opensource

    Yes, but we also should remember in 90s the 640x480 streached mode was almost the only way to display Dos games. Nowadays we have much more choice and different formats to display on monitors, so a current Windows/Linux porting of an old Dos game should consider these things and get the intended format and display in the best way it. Even without knowing the story of the game, we could noticed the sight-shaped mouse cursor is streached with aspect correction (cut-out taken by your daum screenshot): respect original correct size (cut-out taken by OpenFodder): So sometimes (as C&C example) aspect correction is really corrective when displaying game, sometimes not (Cannon Fodder, Monkey Island 2, etc) looking at mouse cursors... (Monkey Island 2 screenshots by YouTube PC Longplay vs Amiga Longplay): Amiga PC
  4. drnovice

    OpenFodder - Cannon Fodder opensource

    To integrate some info about real Amiga aspect ratio: http://coppershade.org/articles/More!/Topics/Correct_Amiga_Aspect_Ratio/ Best recap could be: I think Cannon Fodder porting from Amiga to Dos shouldn't have Dos correct aspect ratio, since 320/200 (16:10) already maintains correct size of drawing into game.
  5. drnovice

    Differences between Dune II v1.0 and v1.07

    Beautiful discovery! We'll wait for news about it.
  6. drnovice


    Old units you intend raiders (trikes) and Soldier/Infantry? Maybe it could be possible, adding some extra slots to structs/arrays and rooms on OpenDune code and integrate unit.emc file, but the effort could be a waste of time, if we're talking about the least used units in the game. We should completely redo the units stats to make useful and characteristic some units to avoid becoming the least used in the game. Anyway, I can't do any other PR if I have no answers on git about last fullscreen changes.
  7. drnovice


    I looked at: https://sourceforge.net/p/dunedynasty/dunedynasty/ci/master/tree/src/video/video_a5.c But Dynasty used Allegro and OpenGL to render graphics. OpenDune way lets to manage SDL1.2/SDL2.0 with Nearest, Scale2x and Hqx filters to use Zoom In/Out and Toggle Fullscreen features.
  8. drnovice


    We're waiting for approval by an opendune admininstrator. This changes can be ported even on Dune Dynasty if owner still can use SDL/SDL2 to graphics. But I don't understand why to port enhancements and improvements of Dynasty into OpenDune project, since this one is just a 1:1 porting by 16bit original game. I think OpenDune should remain a base opensource project to start if anybody would create something new (like Dynasty) on Dune2 clone games.
  9. drnovice


    Resuming this topic, because OpenDune is still the most faithful porting of Dune2 original game. I'm trying to bring SDL1.2/SDL2.0 support even for Win32, because SDL is very good and simple to manage on Windows compiling by MSVC. So I wanted to give a Zoom In/Out feature (+/- keys) and a complete toggle fullscreen (F11 or Alt+Enter) mode, since with current default WinAPI code there is only possibility to manual resize window, but breaking original aspect ratio of game... If anyone would like try my Fork, please go here: https://github.com/drnovice/OpenDUNE consulting PR changes info: https://github.com/OpenDUNE/OpenDUNE/pull/281 Moreover: currently I can't try to compile on Linux/Mac, can anyone try if these features work fine on those systems and report feedback here or on github? Thanks!
  10. drnovice

    Westwood Font Editor

    Awesome work. The user interface seems very pro! So could it be used to other languages characters support?
  11. drnovice

    Moddifying the Dune 2 EXE

    Hello again The_Legacy, have you tried to read my PDFs? https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/24707-hex-editing-collection-on-exe/?page=1 If you don't understand anything, don't worry, I can give you a little support.
  12. drnovice

    Dune II editor with 1.07 support

    The_Legacy, maybe you should read this topics: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/24707-hex-editing-collection-on-exe/ https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/18875-exe-editing-programming-issues/ https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/18360-dune-2-extended-project/ There, you can find more stuff and a start point to understand how and if you can change the game like you want. Opendune is great to start to expand the game, though I think DuneLegacy has already most of new modern functionality to give more life to a game that has more than 20 years old. By the way, I'm still waiting a reply about my last PR: https://github.com/OpenDUNE/OpenDUNE/pull/275 hoping that someone read it somewhere.
  13. drnovice

    Carryalls in harkonnen mission 2

    Yes I mean "embedding" external videos, I can't remember how to do it.
  14. drnovice

    Carryalls in harkonnen mission 2

    Thank you very much! It's a bit my life all that opcodes.. But I still can't edit my old posts to correct some things about attachments and/or code blocks used (the port transform them "all inline"). Moreover I would like to know if is it still possibile upload youtube video directly inside the posts instead only to link to refer them.
  15. drnovice

    Carryalls in harkonnen mission 2

    Yes, many of bugs are reported on: EXE editing & programming issues Dune 2 eXtended Project but I would like to know if it's possibile restore opendune forum (maybe by archive.org?) and why code blocks in new format forum are all "inline", so you can't understand much them. Surely my PDFs links should be fixed, but if you pass number of post direcly to "?do=findComment&comment=" querystring, whatever the name of the topic, it could find correct topic name and page number. E.g. if link to fix is: http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/18875-dune-2-exe-editing-programming-issues/page-18#entry370640 it can't bring to correct page and point of the topic, but using: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/24707-hex-editing-collection-on-exe/?do=findComment&comment=370640 even if topic name into the url is wrong, forum engine will bring to correct topic name, page number and post point, thanks to 'findComment' paramater. Now I only would edit old post, to upload again the "Dune 2 v1.07-EU - Hex Editing PDF Collection" ZIP archive.