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DuneMaps doesn't work

Sadistic Sandtrout

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I just recently downloaded DuneMaps to mah laptop to fix together some very own campaignz. Unfortunately, DuneMaps refuses to run. Every time I'd start it, I get a "*** caught unhandled exception, terminating" message, when all the data files are in the appropiate folder. Yes, I installed that Visual C++ redistribution package as well, and I include every data in the folder it needs (DUNE.PAK, SCENARIO.PAK, DUNE2.EXE, ENGLISH.PAK). I've downloaded a different Dune 2 from another abandonware site, but I still get the same error. Yup, I use the 1.07 PAK files, not the original ones.


It's also interesting to see that DuneMaps mentions "DUNE2.PAK" when searchin' for da files, but there is no such file in Dune 2, there'z only "DUNE.PAK", this must be a typo I guess. Dune 2 itself runs flawlessly. I just finished the Ordos campaign today wit' only 18 units lost (good strategist is good :D )


Oh yea...I use Windows XP SP3, and mah laptop is an Acer Extensa 5635Z.

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Hello community,


I'm a new user from germany and I already have a question:


I've used the Dune2Edit / Scenario Editor v1.0 .

I've edited a scenario and I added another buildings, units, reforcements, etc. and saved the scenario.


But unfortunately the changes don't work ingame. 


Is there anything other to do for importing the changed scenario into game?



Thank you in advance!





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Oh thank you!


I think, meanwhile I maked out, how to do this.


It must work too, if I open the scenario.ini-files with windows-notepad-editor, copy the complete script and paste it into the designated place of the scenario.pak-file.






The newest version of the scenario-editor work only on Win-XP. Not on Win-7 or higher.

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You haven't to change SCENARIO.PAK directly, first depack archive and then change INI files one by one. Then repack INIs into SCENARIO.PAK file.

Please look at:


List of Dune II Editing Tools


Scenario Editing info




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It's annoying how the topics all got auto-archived, though... for discussions on a game that's 20 years old, on a forum that's not very active, these topics should really not get locked automatically after one year -_-

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Do anyone have the working




file, DuneMaps is asking for?


I already googled for that file, but there aren't anyone for Windows XP and DuneMaps seem to work only on Windows XP.


Possibly it's the only error, which is to repair.



Or do anyone have a working version of DuneMaps ?

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