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  1. Best thanks! Yes, the question was about Dune 2. What a pity, but so I know, I don't need to set starports for cpus in the scenarios. ;)
  2. Hello, do anyone know, if CPU-Players can use the starport, if you'd give CPU a starport by scenario editor? Thank you!
  3. Thank you. Ah, It seems not to be so easy. ;) Yeah I think in the original game it wasn't designated to play the fremen. OK, I have to check out the HxD-Editor and the opendune code. I'm working with Dune Dynasty this time. Does it by the setup works identical with OpenDune?
  4. Thank you! I think, then I would set the maximum simply on 80, This should be enough.
  5. Hi community! I don't know, if there's a row in the scenario.pak or anything else, where you can change the maximum of structures. After you has built a definite count of buildings you can get the message "can't create more" if you want to start a new build order. Isn't there any option to set the maximum of structures like the maximum of units? Do anyone know the exactly default setting of the maximum of structures?
  6. Hey there! Wow! The Dune Dynasty is a really great work and more than just a game. I think it's the ultimate modding-base. What are you thinking about to open a own forum section for "Dune Dynasty"? It would be easier for supportings. To lead "Dune Dynasty" just in one simply forum topic make it a little bit confusing. Really good job!
  7. Ah, ok. Then I think, I've misunderstood you. ;) Right, I'm with dune 2, not 2000.
  8. Looks like a cool syntax code, drnovice! :) Great! But if I read it correctly, the code isn't already integrated in the game, is it? If I can edit the EXE without problems, it would be easy to make a copy&paste of your code.
  9. Thank you. My problem is done. I've managed it so: I've downloaded the "Scenario Editor" directly on a USB-Stick and from the USB-Stick I've burned it on CD. Fortunately it also runs from CD. And on CD the virus can't spread itself, so I don't need to be worry, that the virus damage my harddrive and my computer. But to be safe, I runned my virus scanner again to check out, if the "Scenario Editor" didn't save infected informations into RAM. Otherwise the "Scenario Editor" seems the best running tool of the list.
  10. The online virus scanner don't found anything. It's possible that the online virus scanner don't work so well. My Bitdefender blocked this site. For example can you try another ftp-service? Or can someone send me the programm via PM ? Thank you in advance.
  11. Yes it's one of the list in the first post. Named the "Scenario editor". Do anyone have a cleaned version of it?
  12. Yeah! That's a point, I'm afraid of. But it should work, if ally units arrived sent by carryall, doesn' t it? OK. I'll take a look in the dynasty forum.
  13. Do anyone have the working MSVCP100.dll file, DuneMaps is asking for? I already googled for that file, but there aren't anyone for Windows XP and DuneMaps seem to work only on Windows XP. Possibly it's the only error, which is to repair. Or do anyone have a working version of DuneMaps ?
  14. The bgafc is the newest version of the scenario editor. (Version 1.3 ? I don't remember correctly). I still have an older version of the scenario editor. But the disadvantage of the older version is, that you can only see the grid, the structures and the unit but not the seed, the terrains. All fields, where is no unit and no structure just are black. So I can't see how the map seed looks like. I will try to download it on an other browser. then I will check with the virus scanner, which exactly kind of virus it will found. EDIT: If I only try to enter the download site of the scenario editor my virus scanner warns me about a virus named "trojan.generic". @Fedaykin: I've download Dune 2 Dynasty and your edit tools. Which tools do you use for a) editing maps and scenarios b) editing missions, mentat dialogs and cutscenes c) editing the ingame graphics (for example: the introduction screen) ? Unfortunately many programs doesn't work or not correctly. And is there a possiblity to change the window resolution of dune dynastie? I really like the new interface, but the build and the order interface with the buttons are really very small. Thank you in advance. P.S.: I hope, my english isn't too bad and it isn't too difficult to get along with it. ;)
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