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More than 1 resources?


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Well if you use OpenDUNE's code you can probably add whatever you want in the derivative game. I fancy your idea of spice with different graphics was inspired by gems or blue Tiberium in later Westwood games? In that case, I think the "thick spice"/"spice dunes" in the original game may actually be a predecessor of those "more valuable resources".

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It's obvious that he wants to use 2 different kind of spice just like how in starcraft they have minerals and gas.


That kind of addition can add new tactics and strategies. But it will also reduce balance in a way if done wrong.


I still think, water would be better. Not another spice resource.

Then you can buy the cheaper units with more water than spice. The expensive units cost spice.

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Then you can buy the cheaper units with more water than spice. The expensive units cost spice.

Actually, the resource you spend to buy stuff in Dune II is credits, not spice. You earn credits by harvesting spice, but one could imagine trading some other commodity to earn credits as well.

I'm not sure if this is fully explained in the Dune II, but IIRC it says somewhere there that "harvested spice is converted into credits at the current CHOAM exchange rate" or something along those lines.

Conversely, in Starcraft minerals supposedly act as construction materials, while Vespene gas is used as fuel (of course they are actually the "primary resource" and the "secondary resource" from game mechanics wise, but it's still nice to have an in-universe explanation).

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Then having a secondary resource would not be plausible. Since you construct by paying simple money.

I consider having different values of resources, all and the same resource. The density is simply higher, and thus a better strategic point.


So, you already have spice, thick spice and spice balooms. (They are called balooms?)

In Dune2000 and beyond, the balooms are more of a permanent spice location.


Got the following from the dune wiki:

Specifically, the kinds of life forms that existed on Arrakis included the following:

  • Poverty grass
  • Ephemerals—chenopods, pigweeds, amarinth
  • Scotch broom
  • Low lupine
  • Vine eucalyptus (from Caladan)
  • Dwarf tamarisk
  • Shore pine
  • Candelilla
  • Suguaro
  • Bis-naga
  • Shrubs and bushes, including camel sage, onion grass, gobi feather grass, wild alfalfa, burrow bush, sand verbena, evening primrose, incense bush, smoke tree, and creosote bush

Various animals were part of the ecosystem, including the following:

  • Burrowing animals, such as kit fox, kangaroo mouse, desert hare, and sand terrapin
  • Predators, including the desert hawk, dwarf owl, eagle, and desert owl
  • Insects, namely, scorpion, centipede, trapdoor spider, biting wasp, and wormfly
  • The desert bat

Not much useful resources in there.

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Sand as resource? Not a good idea, but it does get my brain running now.


In emperor of dune you see the conyard pulling up rocks from below. They are used for the structures.

There is a lot of sand. And also a lot of rocks.


So what we need to do here is making a resource point somewhere in the rocks. Where you can find the metal or ore.

Whatever is done, please don't make the metal growing on the surface like in RA.


I am thinking now of something like a metal extractor. Of course this resource is more limited.

And CHOAM could provide you with metal too if you pay credits.

Metal for the tanks.


For the structures, we could still use the cleansed rocks and sand. The structure (construction yard) could automatically produce "building components". So you need to safe up for the bigger structures too.


Just some idea's.

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Well, I could post a list of suggestions of how the prices would be on the units. We would really get something like in Starcraft.

But the question remains. Who is going to program the new resource? And is it still possible to implement?

We actually got a down vote, but no up votes regarding the possible programming of this.

Many support this idea however.

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