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  1. Something like another kind of spice but with different graphics
  2. Is it possible to add another resource aside from spice in Dune 2?
  3. Hey guys, I need help on compiling the source code on Windows 7. Where should I get the FluidSynth and MadPlay? and How should I install it for cmake to compile the source correctly
  4. Why not release a basic engine of Dune 2 The Maker for other members who just want to try to make their own game based on the same engine the D2TM has... Also, if they liked how the engine was made, they might show-off their skills by contributing in this project
  5. Mod?Then can we mod the game without having the source? I want to mod the whole game too but i don't have the source and don't know how to add some of my units and superweapons
  6. Just wondering, are u still developing Dune II The Maker?
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