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C&C Gold.iso

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I got myself the .iso version of C&C Gold. Since my original cd's wont work any more  8) due to being old, in pieces and overused. And getting the .iso is allowed by EA games anyways.


I thought that using VirtualCloneDrive would solve my problems, like I always do. The starting screen for installing works, and was happy when I heard that lovely EVA voice. :wub:


But clicking install C&C, gives the error: "can't find SETUP.EXE". :unsure:


Even adjusting the compatibility wont work. I have Windows 7. I tried Windows 98 and 95. The computer self suggests "XP pack 2". But even that wont do. :dry:


Google leaves me oblivious this time... I don't know what to dooo... :(


Sorry if I named stuff that I was not allowed to name.

And Daemon tools, well I don't like using that program. To much spy ware.


So, what now?



My computer specifications:


Windos version:

Windows 7 Home Premium

Sevice Pack 1



Processor: Intel® Core i3 CPU

530@ 2.93GHz


RAM: 6,00 GB

System type: 64 bits

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I have had some similar issues like that with Dune 2000, make sure the ISO's label is the same as the original CD's label. Some CD burning software will tell you the label, like ImgBurn the one that I use. 

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I am afraid that I don't know what you mean. I am rather stupid if it comes to this kind of pc stuff.


So I need to find out the "label" for my game?

And there is a chance that this label is wrong on my iso?

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The ISO's label is the CD/DVD's name. Open it up in some disc burning software to check the label, but the only one that I know that can check it is ImgBurm. 

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And then what?


I have





These are the iso labels.

The cd labels should be the same since they are from an official site?


Anyway, I have the choice in autorun.exe, setup.exe or install.exe. The last one got tried out today.

Seems to get me a bit further. Or better said, back to where the first 2 where.


It now says that I have a 32 or 64 bit computer. Adjusting compatibility doesn't help. The computer tells me to get a 32 or 64 bit version of the software. But I know that is utter nonsense. I got even Warcraft 2 and Dune 2 running on my pc.

I bet that when I get passed this error, I get the other one again.


Perhaps telling the pc that the entire cd has to be in windows 95 modus, would help? But how to do that?

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The simple answer is, don't use the CD installer. I've created an installer exactly to get around this problem.


You can use it in combination with the CD isos by disabling the No-CD mode in the included config tool.

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No video's,... yet... but who cares?


I kinda expected this (you) to happen:

As usual, You Nyerguds, do an excellent job in helping people.


A big THANK YOU! is in place. Here is a hug.




Seems it gets adjusting to 800x600 all the time :D. No matter what resolution I try. A bug?

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But for that I need to "install" the iso's, right? With that, I have a problem regarding compatibility and 32/64 bit issue's.


I think that the "patch" is actually a stand alone game right now. Or can it read the mounted iso?

Well, worth a try. Will edit this post to inform you later.



HUH?!?!?!, wtf. The iso's actually say, you can play the game.

This is superb. No 32/64 bit issue's.

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That's what I discovered, yes.

Anyone knows why the MRLS needs the Adv.Comm.Centre, while the Mammoth only needs the repair bay?

I find it a big difference in tech requirements. And I always thought that it was weird and perhaps a mistake. After all, you get some MRLS in mission 8. And so does the enemy when you play with Nod. So perhaps you where supposed to be able to build them there?

Westwood never corrected it. As if it is supposed to be that way.

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The patch adds NoCD as an extra, and besides automatically enabling that mode, the full game install is exactly the same thing as a normal game installation which is then patched with the 1.06 patch (I offer v1.06 as both patch and as full download).

Disabling the NoCD just makes it act exactly like a normal patched install again, using the CD for its videos.



Anyone knows why the MRLS needs the Adv.Comm.Centre, while the Mammoth only needs the repair bay?

Because the MLRS needs advanced targeting systems, and the Mammoth has an internal repairing system.

That's not even the oddest one in there. The Nod SSM launcher (multiplayer-only) requires an OBELISK :P

Anyway, I'm not changing anything balance related. It'd piss off too many people. Balancing is an endless debate, and I don't think I can do it better than WW.

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Ever thought of making a "replica" but then with revised settings?

Of course warning the people that it is revised and what is revised.


A small editor before the campaign starts might make it more fun too.

Of course you need to take into account the missions where you start with an army.

Something like, -20% health but +20% damage would be a cool editor.

You decide once, then try to finish the campaign :D.


Yeah, Obelisk as a requirement is weird indeed.


I noticed you helped working on C&C4.

What exactly did you do?



is not an endless debate if you systematically test. After all, you need to use formula's and test with the lowest amount of units compared to "infinite", or you just take the maximum amount of units anyway.

There is no perfect balancing. But there is a good balance possible.


I discovered that applying 1 formula for all the units is a good start.

Then it is simply designing exactly the same for each race. The same type of specialist, or going "clockwise" then "counter-clockwise" etc.


Perhaps a bit to hard to explain.

Maar in het nederlands is het makkelijker uit te leggen. :)

PS, heb je misschien voor mij alle "orginele" data van C&C in een excel bestandje of in een tekst bestandje?

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