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Your top 5 favourite RTS units


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The Disk Thrower doesn't really do artillery. They can't throw up a cliff very well. So, should I scrap them?

Anyway, grenades do move in a upside parabolic trail. While bazooka and other rockets follow a linear or exponential (air target) trail. I'll add that.

Then the Kindjal Infantry is not a grenadier, nor a bazooka soldier. Can't add him.

The Mortar Infantry however is a grenadier type. I'll add him.

I haven't really played with angry mobs, so I can't add them.

Anyway, I also got a list of flamethrowers, anti infantry vehicles and "basic" tanks.

But I suggest it's first someone's else turn to post a list.

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Discs do bounce, though. But yeah, overall they're not very good as grenadiers, since they indeed miss the arcing throw that makes grenadiers useful for throwing over obstacles.

What's that "Kindjal Infantry" exactly though? Been ages since I played anything Dune past Dune II.

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What's that "Kindjal Infantry" exactly though? Been ages since I played anything Dune past Dune II.

They're basically depolyable anti-tank guns with a hitscan projectile. In undeployed mode, they use pistols. Why they were called kindjal is beyond me, possibly out of the urge to insert a Dune reference wherever possible.

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They fire like the siege tanks from Starcraft, but then it's an infantry unit.

Deploying, almost instant hit (<200 ms), also splash. And it seems they actually do a bit less damage on fast moving targets. You don't see a projectile flying just like the Mortar Infantry.

I declare them not to be grenadiers or grenadier comparable.

I still doubt the Disk Throwers as well. But they are for certain more like an grenadier.

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The list of Flame-throwers:



8 From Emperor Battle For Dune, Harkonnen Flame-Thrower Infantry

Sucks. Do they have any use? Has anyone found an use for them? Anyone?


7 From C&C Dawn, Flame-thrower

Good against infantry and structures. And even light vehicles when given the chance. When 1 dies, they all die. And any other infantry unit that stands close. I never liked using them.


6 From Red Alert, Flame-thrower

Good against infantry and structures. Yet they still die quickly. However, if you get medics one way or another, these are very strong infantry.


5 From KKND, Flamer/Pyromaniac

Good against anything, yet they die fast like any other infantry unit in this game. The best weapons for base destruction. With veterancy, they become self healing. Then they can be a real menace.


4 From Warzone2100, Flamer Cyborg

Good against other cyborg and light verhicles. Once again, being a cyborg has good influences on being mobile. Yet the damage is very low compared with other weapons at that tech level. Luckily they can't be run over and they can set an entire army on fire.


3 From Starcraft 2, Fire bat

The same like in Starcraft 1, but then their durability is increased a lot. Yet their damage is lower in comparison.


2 From Starcraft, Fire bat

Great damage against small units in melee combat. And their 1 armour against zergling attacks, increased durability with 25%, so they had like 63 health compared to the 40 for marines. After the range upgrade, they went from 2 to 3 with shooting flames. They also had very good fire against zealots. And I loved using them in a drop on SCV's/Drone's/Probe's due to splash damage and the workers where stacked.


1 From C&C3, Black Hand

Good against infantry and structures. And they are very durable too. Even if you have guard towers, they still manage to kill 1. They also can clear out garrisoned structures. Which is a pain for any player. I hate fighting them, but I love using them as distraction. And if you stack them, the enemy doesn't know what is hitting him :).

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I thought, lets try 20 rocket squads and 20 black hand squads in the first assault.

The enemy on hard, was completely desimated.

Then I thought, lets try militant squad only.

The enemy has, NOOO!!! chance :D

But if I am to post a list of all the rifle based units that I have played with. Then the list would be huge. So only a small classic top 3.


3 Rifle Man, WC3

Yes, this one actually qualifies for this list. He carries a BOOM stick, what we call rifle. And in a group, they are decently durable and effective against the slow targets. With the proper support and being as proper support, they are always needed in a midgame ground force.


2 Assault Gunner (cyborg), Warzone 2100

Great to destroy weak armoured units. But the tank version is stronger in damage and thus a better choice. They are also small and can abuse the immobility of the tanks by running away in an enemy or friendly base.


1 Militant squad, C&C3

Amass, they create a mess. Within 5 minutes, 1 barracks produces 150 squads. Only the durable structures give them pause. Don't try APC since they are weak armoured against 100 squads :D, the best weapon seems to be Harvesters with crushing. The harvesters are a bit more durable then the predator tanks. A wall of guard towers needs to be ready before they arive, this is only possible on big maps. But taking out power plants are easy, so the wall needs to be close to them as well. Great to rush with, the enemy doesn't have anything usefull yet. If someone knows better, please let me know. NOD has better weapons against this rush. So I am asking GDI tactics.

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  • 2 months later...
Also to GDI Riflemans in C&C3 Tib Wars are very good. Plus they can dig in. :)

It took me a year to notice this was a possibility. Since then, I put my snipers in these instead of the 7 times more expensive APC. :D. Infantry problem solved :D.


I want to go back on the usefulness of the Grenadier Squad from C&C3.

They are even less useful then I thought. I really only use 1 Squad the entire game, stationed in an APC, for emptying garrisoned buildings that I want to use myself. That's it. But it seems though they are better in Kane's Wrath. To bad that add-on isn't sold in my town. Unless I buy the 17 games pack. -.-


Yeah, gona change that grenadier ranking list now.

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@ Hawker

I think he meant you. When you dig out an older topic to restart it again. The topic moves up in the list. That's called bumping.


@ aKaFedaYkin / Topic readers

The Tesla/Mammoth combination sure was OP in red alert. Was there any way to defeat this deadly combination? I mean, I always build a wall of 2 Mammoths in front and with a support of 4 Tesla. A total cost of 9400 for each segment. The best option to this was 12 Medium Tanks (cost 9600)? No, they got owned as well :D. And the artillery was not an option since Mammoths could move out and move back :).

Only if the enemy had V2-Launchers, he/she had a chance. But not the allied players.


@ Topic readers


My top list of snipers, lets start with medieval :D. Major point would be, an infantry unit that only needs 1 shot to kill another infantry unit. From a distance without counter fire. 14 counted, wow.


14 From Warcraft 3, The Death Knight.

Death Coil. Yeah, I consider this sniping :) There are some other units in Warcraft 3 that share some similar ability. But the target needs to be damaged already if you want it to be a kill. Except workers, they die. The fact that I only name the Death Knight is because he started it all with this 1 shot 1 kill. Even though he failed being a real Sniper. Catapult don't count, ain't infantry.


13 From Warcraft 2, Paladin.

Yeah, this guy could do excorsism. But only the dead would die. There for even though he will own the next one. He is placed lower in ranking.


12 From Warcraft 2, The Death Knight.

In Warcraft 2 you could easily take out 2 units with 1 shot if timed and aimed correctly. It is safe to say that this is the first real sniper.


11 From Starcraft, Ghost

You need 4 to snipe out 1 marine or a zergling. 6 to snipe out 1 firebat. You could not sneak upon the enemy without moving them around for not firing. Not really a Sniper, right? But you could build plenty.


10 From Starcraft 2, Ghost

About time they had the ability to hurt Ultralisks. NOOOOO!, they patched it! Or this one would have been higher in this list. Good thing is that they can hold fire. It helped a lot. A real Sniper since he could kill some units in 1 careful placed shot. Some units couldn't reach him in 1 on 1 battles too.


9 From C&C Dawn, Commando

I actually could take out tanks with the Commando in GDI level 6. That was fun :). "That was left handed!" And therefore the game was suited for 16+ nuff said.


8 From C&C Red Alert, Tanya

The same like the Commando from C&C Dawn? No, she was faster. Way faster.


7 From C&C Red Alert 2, Tanya

OP except for 1 other infantry unit.


6 From C&C Red Alert 2, Sniper (British)

Ok, if there was anything OP in this game besides of mass Prism Tanks. Then it was this guy in an IFV. 100 Conscripts? No problem, 1000 Conscripts? No problem, the entire Sovjet Empire Infantry? No problem. Just as fast as a GI in an IFV, but at a way bigger distance. And you still can drive away if needed :D. A Tanya? No problem.


5 From C&C3, Commando (NOD)

She is stealthed when standing still. And has a bit more range then her male counterpart. Further more, no that's about it. That's why she is just a bit better. Until that APC joins the club.


4 From C&C3, Commando (GDI)

Flying over cliffs for running away or hiding in the APC could safe him from his female counterpart. Despite that, he was useful. Then I decided to never ever again build this guy.


3 From C&C Tiberian Sun, That chick with the real Sniper

"Right between the eye's!" And again the 16+ thing. She could heal in the deadly tiberium. And I think she was a bit faster in dealing with Infantry then the next guy.


2 From C&C Tiberian Sun, Ghost Stalker

Well, every thing got owned by this guy. Except Infantry amass. But that's ok. It's the 1 shot 1 kill that counts :). He could heal in the deadly tiberium.


1 From KKND, Sniper (Survivor)

Talking about owning tanks? These guys did it! And they where cheap too. It only took a lot of research before you could build, I mean, train them. The Mutant counter part sucked though. But a wall of Snipers could stop everything. Including the BeeBombers! Maybe 1 or 2 rockets could come through, but then they heal up again. Talking about OP :D


0 From C&C3, Sniper Team

Perfect design and balance. Squad? No, TEAM!. They are stealthed, even during fire. They fire automatically when garrisoned. And in an APC they make quick work of any other infantry squad. Including the commando's. Ranked zero. Since I like them more then any number 1 in my other top lists. And there I dare almost forgot: They... can... call... in... Jugger-Naughty fire.

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Now for a top 5 useless units that actually unexpectedly prove to be useful when dealing with a complete moron. Or you finally understand what they are meant for. A little warning, these units need sometimes really a lot of micro management. Therefore they are for players that have time to practise or have time to have fun.


From less useful to completely useless.


5 Pit-bull from C&C3.

So weak, so weak. That is if you use them in your main force. APC with rocket squads are twice, maybe 3 times better. But wait, they have secrets?


It detects stealth, so it is good for hit and run on NOD harvesters that are far out of their base. If you see 2 or more harvesters, only kill one, and run! The enemy can't respond if you run after killing just 1. Having 1 in front of your base will give early detection for NOD bombers. Usually against AI, you loose them :(. So far the usual usage.


With the mortar upgrade, it actually has usefulness against infantry. Even the Black Hand has no chance if you know how to use this mortar. Aim the ground about 1 to 2 walking seconds where the Black Hand is going, and the mortar does the dirty job. If you come close enough with your pit-bull, the Black Hand will start firing, but also continuous to walk. Move away (backwards of course), and they burn them selves. If you have to deal with over 20 squads, then some mortar will be enough to wipe them all out. Not much players know this :).


4 Flame-thrower from C&C dawn.

After player some C&C dawn, you will start to understand how to deal with certain units. Here comes the Flame-thrower. Ehm, sniper em, crush em, or use massive fire from MRLS and Mammoth Tanks. Yeah, they are dead before you know it. And the buddies that walked alongside get a toasty after taste.

They are good for killing entire squads of infantry? They are dead before you know it.

They actually can win against a MRLS that is caught in surprise? They are dead before you know it.


How to use them? They actually burn structures very fast. Then how to get them to the structures? Well, if you are doing multi player, your NOD side has APC as well. Use these to transport them to the enemies base. Knowing your enemy, she/he expects you to use engineer. Just drop your flamethrowers 1 by 1 at several places far away from his expensive buildings. Just aim for the weaker ones that don't push out stuff. Power Plants are good targets. Drop 1 at a Power Plant, then more to the next power plant etc. Give it chaos. Your enemy can't focus on the flame throwers and the APC. And if she/he does get your flame thrower, the power plant continuous to burn for a while longer, eating away his repairing funds.


Ow, do please expect these guys to die. It's still a suicide attack.


3 Attack Cycle (recon bike), especially from C&C Tiberian Sun.

While the C&C3 version is fast and shoots 2 rockets with AA splash. Good against harassing harvesters. And it detects stealth. The Dawn version is the same, but with only 1 rocket, no stealth detection. But still meant for harassing harvesters. It's speed is what it makes the fastest vehicle.

The Tiberian Sun version really sucks. The rockets do almost no damage if you need them in a long run. The bike is still relatively slow. And the bike is very vulnerable against anything. So, does it have an use?


How about veterancy?

Attack Cycle: Gains HoverMissile (MLRS weapon), immune to Tiberium Veins.

Just get them moving around for crates and hope for the best. As soon as they have a star. They start owning. The armour, speed and damage upgrade from a crate is very noticeable too. For gathering crates, they are still the best. So they are upgraded the fastest.

Let the harvester harassing continue!


2 Lich from Warcraft 3.

Yeah, I noticed a lot of Warcraft 3 players considered this one to be useless. However, I still get him in my army after the Death Knight. But before the Dread Lord. (Frozen Throne left out for now). Compared to other hero's, he is indeed weak. However, the Frost Nova in combination with Death Coil. Does massive damage. Remember, a Frost Nova does splash damage. And it slows enemy units. That's right, ssplash damage. Having a level 3 Frost Nova is deadly against a group of low health units. Sssplash damage.


The frost armour is a good addition as well. The Undead units have more health then the Human units. Therefore the extra armour costs mana. After reaching a certain level. This mana is cheap. And your whole army is armoured. 7 extra armour is more then the 4.5 armour from the Human counterpart. A 2.5 extra armour if you compare. That's an extra 15% basic health that the undead have over the humans. Further more, he does this frost armour first on those who are under attack.


Frozen Throne? Third hero to achieve. Ssssplash damage.

If you have other splash damage units, then you need the Lich to finish a group off. Just remember..... Sssssssss.....


1 Inkvine Catapult from EBFD.

Well, yeah, they are useless. How about using them just like the Pit-bull? Still no use aiy? Against something different then infantry? Noo. Hey, spotted a group of kindjal or mortar deployed. There we go. And keep an Advanced Carryall at it's side for running. Yes, it's that buddy in the air that keeps a catapult alive. Enemy players will find this really annoying.


No,... really really annoying.

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