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  1. Check in see also at the bottom of the page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_graphics I believe this one is free: http://inkscape.org/en/ I usually do all transformations in code, and not with an editor so I can't say which is best, but counting pixels seems pretty crazy. You can always make your hexagons in a vector graphcis editing software then convert to a raster image too.
  2. Still don't get why you work in pixels... Won't it be better if you work with vector graphics (you can have "limitless" precision)?
  3. Nice hexagons btw. What do you mean by done right?
  4. I suggested a video game, because you seem to have an awful lot of calculations for a board game (it could be just me though, I don't play many board games, but I still think too many calculations kill the fun of it) - and computers are good at doing calculations behind the scene. TBS are not bad thb, I still remember when I used to play Warlords 3. Good luck with the game!
  5. Why don't you try to make a video game out of it (I am sure a lot more people will be interested)? There are plenty of user friendly tools around even if you are not into low level programming with C++. You seem to be doing the whole job that a game designer would be doing (with bonuses) and you seem to be fairly knowledgeable in this area and you seem to be progressing at a steady pace. I like your concepts so I'd normally be all in for helping you, but I need to find some time in between all the math we do in uni. I mean if I finish writing my engine (which wouldn't be anytime soon judging b
  6. I got the point - hence my previous reply. Still it was not pirated software - hence why I didn't realize I broke the rule when I was writing my post. Thanks for the articles - I know what abandonware is, it was my bad - I didn't think much into it before posting (I mean things aren't really clear concerning abandonware - I'm sure I read somewhere abandonware is "legal" in Russia - not sure if it's true though). Though I realize I shouldn't have posted this link - so I'll refrain from doing so in the future. P.S. A good idea would be to add this explicitly in the rules cause I think abandowa
  7. I'm sorry if I broke any rule - but to my knowledge this is abandonware and not pirated software. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abandonwarehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abandonware However I do realize that abandonware is regarded differently in different countries (you can check Russia) - so I'm really sorry - my bad.
  8. Well u didn't have really infinite leveling in JWAR but you could level your units quite a bit (though I think it would have been more fun with even more choices for leveling and longer leveling). There was also another problem - classes. You had a clear distinction between mage class and soldier - so you could have a soldier upgrade his MP but he could never get any spells - which is silly in my opinion. I mean it would be great if you had more freedom deciding what your units could do (your mages couldn't carry weapons and shields too, but they could have items) - it could have been done so
  9. For me it's more fun to have a unit that can "update" its stats. A really good example is Jurassic War (I know the game is old - but I still really like it). In JWAR u got a collection of different attributes for each unit - like HP,DP,AP,SP,MP etc. The great thing is that after a battle your unit gains experience which is then distributed between these different attributes (you can choose which attr to upgrade - you can upgrade all or some of them). Also on mages classes u could get different spells/abilities when gaining enough experience. The great thing about this type of game is that all
  10. I don't meant for u to remove it - I said that 3d models will be a lot more interesting(unless u draw like a god).
  11. criver


    Let me make it clear - dune 2000 for pc is not 3d - u can't just get some models and integrate them in the game - u simply can't. PC Dune is not PS Dune - these are two different games with different code and resources. It's like saying give me th models of doom3 and I'll integrate them in doom1 - u just can't - lest u remake doom 1.
  12. Also about the concept art - I'd advise u making the 3d models and then posting screenshots of them - that will be a lot more interesting.
  13. Well - it's up to you - if it can't run - it just can't - so u rally don't have a choice - meaning "need animation... makes it more interesting..." doesn't make sense if u can't present the thing at all. U can use html for a presentation - u can have all kind of shit on a web page - animation, text, scripts etc. Another thing u can do is make the presentation for flash player. I really don't know though where you will present this thing and I don't know what it's about - so it would be helpful if u explained a bit more. What I understood is: "My pc is bad and can't run power point but I want t
  14. criver


    What do u mean u can change the ui? What does the ui have to do with anything related to the models?
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