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OpenD2k - cross platform reimplementation of Dune 2000

Matthias M.

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Anyway, Dune works. And now under Linux!

I try to install OpenRa Dune under Windows now.

BUT under Windows (not Linux) it needs some files from "original CD". I see prompt to insert the CD or download from server.


Downloading from server does not work.


So can I copy files of original Dune2000 manually?

What files? Where?


Would you like to explain me, if you please?

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Save game support isn't there yet. https://github.com/OpenRA/OpenRA/issues/2743


https://github.com/OpenRA/OpenRA/wiki/Game-Content has instructions on how to get the game assets. Downloading from the community mirrors servers or installing from CD should be a matter of pushing a button on first game start. If not, check your firewall settings or disc respectively.

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Installing the assets on Linux and Windows is the same - the game should be able to download them from the community mirrors (if not, check your firewall and connection, like Matthias suggested; I had that issue once due to a poorly set up network) or install them by itself if you insert the CD. Any different behavior would be something we need to investigate and potentially fix.

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The OpenRA development team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


We are proud to announce the Christmas 2015 release of OpenRA!


40 developer elves have toiled long and hard to fill your stocking with lots of fixes, improvements and long-awaited features.

In particular, this release introduces the global chat channel that is shared across all mods, which will allow you to meet up with other waiting players and arrange matches without joining servers. Going along with it is a re-design of the ingame server browser as well as the skirmish lobby.


Another big focus of this release has been overhauling our Dune 2000 mod. We have added Thumpers, spice blows, and rebalanced all unit and building statistics to more closely match the original game.




Also new in this release is a game speed selector, a feature that many people have often and repeatedly asked for over the years, and now it’s finally here, for multiplayer, single-player skirmish and missions!


In addition, OpenRA now offers an additional way of scrolling the map similar to the way it worked in the original Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 (by right-clicking and moving the mouse). To use it, select the “Joystick” scrolling option in the input settings dialog.


A change we are sure many will rejoice to hear is that units will now start with the “Defend” stance by default. No more losing units that decided to hunt after enemies without your explicit orders!


As usual, we not only have treats for our players, but for modders as well. The map editor has seen further improvements, such as a cash counter and a copy and paste function. There are also new traits for weather and lighting effects, more flexible Missile and DeployToUpgrade logic, as well as new additions to the Lua API. As usual, use the OpenRA.Utility to upgrade your mods or maps to this new release. Be warned, however, that there are couple of changes this time around where it unfortunately wasn’t possible to offer an automated upgrade path. Most of these are mentioned in the changelog, the OpenRA.Utility will alert you to the remaining ones when it runs.

There are a lot more minor changes and bugfixes, so take a look at the full changelog if you want to unwrap all of the details.


Grab the installer now for your operating system from our download page!


We hope you’ll enjoy this newest installment of OpenRA! Have fun!

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Wanted to reviwe this thread, as it doesn't look like Matt is interested to post stuff here anymore. We got a new playtest today:


We are excited to welcome the new year with a new OpenRA playtest! More than 700 commits from 42 contributors were merged over the last five months, with each commit helping to fix bugs, improve code quality, or add new features that improve the single- and multi-player experience.

This playtest is a timely opportunity to get community participation, as we celebrate a massive record of games played. At the end of November we passed 500,000 completed multiplayer games since August 2014, when we started recording online server statistics. This is a huge accomplishment for our community, congratulations!

The main focus of this development cycle was modernizing core parts of the engine and game code to support the work-in-progress Tiberian Sun mod and other community projects. These shouldn’t have visibly changed our released mods, but big changes always have a risk of introducing unexpected bugs or side-effects. Please note that changes to the way hotkeys are managed mean you will need to redefine any custom hotkeys in the Input settings.

The changes weren’t all behind the scenes; an overhaul of the multiplayer UI added long-requested features:

  • The server browser shows the name/faction/team of connected players
  • The server browser is now also available as a tab in the server lobby
  • The main menu and server browser will notify you if a new release is available
  • The Global Chat has been removed from the server browser and lobby
  • A chat dialog has been added to the in-game menu
  • Server player list

    The new server player list is one of several improvements to the multiplayer UI.

Of course, we realize that the vast majority of OpenRA players do not play online. We haven’t forgotten about you either! Improvements for the singleplayer experience include:

  • The full Harkonnen campaign in D2K
  • Refinements and improvements to several campaign missions in Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn
  • A fix for the AI cheating when it uses superweapons and support powers
  • Several other changes that should improve the AI behaviour and performance

AI Airstrike

Improvements to the AI support power targeting mean that this will be a rarer sight.

Other notable changes include:

  • New lobby options to disable bounty, build radius, and re-packing Construction Yards
  • Units will no longer target enemies revealed by the Red Alert GPS Satellite
  • A collection of community-driven balance changes for Red Alert
  • Fixes for many graphical glitches and polish issues
  • Fixes for several platform integration issues on Windows and macOS
  • Further improvements to memory usage and performance

Expanded game options

The Map Options tab includes several new settings, and can be customized by scripted maps.

Windows and macOS improvements

Platform integration fixes include “Pin to taskbar” support on Windows and 64 bit support for macOS.

As always, we suggest you read the full changelog if you’d like more information on the full list of changes. We make these playtests available to get feedback from the community about the future direction of OpenRA, and we value your feedback. Let us know what you think and please report any bugs you discover via our forum, our GitHub issue tracker, or in the comments below.

OpenRA playtest builds do not overwrite the release version if you are on Windows or macOS, and you can switch between the two when joining an online server. So head over to our download page and give it a try!

This development cycle brought significant improvements for community mods, but we recommend that modders wait for a future playtest before updating their projects. We plan to merge a new version of our semi-automated rule upgrader before the final release, which will simplify the process of updating your Mod SDK based projects to the latest engine version. Stay tuned for more info!



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You can now save games:


Other notable changes in Release 20191117

  • Significantly improved behavior for harvesters, attack-move, and unit repair
  • Aircraft-based support powers can be given an attack direction
  • The Death Hand missile now works like the original game
  • Fixed various issues with left-click mouse controls
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Some of the new changes to look out for in playtest-20201213 include:

  • New lobby options for Automatic Concrete in Dune 2000
  • Disable spawn points in a game lobby by right-clicking on the map preview
  • Share OpenRA status and game invites on Discord
  • More fluid infantry combat after fixing several long-standing combat bugs
  • Battlefield zooming is now centered on the mouse cursor
  • Servers can be configured to save replays, enabling the creation of community ladders

Dune 2000 features new weapon damage calculations that are more faithful to the original game, plus a number of other small consistency fixes.


Players who use Discord can now share their status and post game invites in their favorite channels.

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for those who did, thank you so much for working on Dune 2000, it really looks great and plays extraordinary (better than some GOG games I paid for). Also, Dune is probably my favourite game from my childhood so it's really great to have the possibility to play it again! Thank you!


There is one small thing, however.

At least with my version, Atreides and Ordos only have 5 different missions, while Harkonnen has 9. Is there any way, by any chance, in which I could get access to the other missions by Atreides and Ordos? I am playing the game using OpenRA.

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On 1/29/2021 at 8:26 PM, y2jc said:

I am playing the game using OpenRA.

Ayyo, I love GoG fam.

Uhh, I dunno anything about OpenRA, but you can find Gruntmods or Dunemaster versions of Dune 2000. They have all the missions and stuff, and you can skip past ones you've already beaten using the mission launcher. They're built to work on modern machines, but make sure you enable GDI mode via the config executable so you can alt-tab out properly and there are no shenanigans. It ain't OpenRA, it'd be the original game, but ya know, if you want to finish the game and don't want to wait or whatever. :)

Hope that helps.

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Yes, both things are entirely possible. We even had controllable Ornithopters in earlier releases. You can make a map and edit the rules to play custom games in multiplayer. Look at an existing https://github.com/OpenRA/OpenRA/tree/bleed/mods/d2k/maps on how to apply your own rules and https://docs.openra.net/en/latest/playtest/traits/ on how to use them.

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https://www.openra.net/news/release-20230225/ marks a new stable release after a long hiatus of active development.

Note that there is a small multiplayer community: https://discord.openra.net/ has a dedicated #dune-2000 channel also organizing events like the OpenRA D2K 2023 Community Tournament.


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