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I assume you mean the cameos, or icons.

From the main site, you can download DuneEx 2, which can open the rfd/rfh files for you. In the 3ddata0001.rfh file is all the .tga files for textures (ignore the first few pages of stuff, they're .xbf files - difficult to use). Look for the TGAs with only the unit names: these are the icons. Open some of them, modify them, and save them in a new folder EmperorData3ddatatextures

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Hey.  I downloaded PhotoSuite and a few others.  I can finally make cameos.  ;D Thanks again.  While on the topic I would like to ask a few more  questions.

1)How do you add the new cameos?

2)How (if possible) can I convert  cameos from other games (ex: dune, Ra2 ....) to Emerpor.

Thanks  ;D

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