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Which is more important in the creation of art: concept or execution?

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There was a poll like this on deviantART, and I was curious as to what people think on this site.

I believe "concept" is more important. I guess you could say "execution" and "concept", can equate to "skill" and "idea/creativity" respectively. You can act on an idea, but you can't do anything with skill alone.

An artist is also driven by "concept", not execution.

Don't get me wrong though, both are important.

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If we definet "concept" as the idea and the "execution" as the final product or ability to create the final product. I would say the execution is more important. Bbecause no matter how good the idea is, without being actually translated from something being kicked around in the head to something that is real and could be experienced by others it is nothing.

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I can't say you can separate them. A concept without proper execution will still be apreciated by artists but not by the public. Execution without concept will always be apreciated by the public, but not exactly by the artists.

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Heh, just yesterday I was reading a recent book by Boris Akunin (written under his Anna Borisova alias) where he mentions in passing that there are people who are more apt at creating new ideas and people who are more apt at bringing those ideas to life, and the perfect situation is when individuals from both groups work together and complement each other.

Not that I totally agree with that (haven't given much to the problem actually) but the idea certainly has its merit.

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