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New subhouse idea.


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A version of a Dust Scout that can be deployed in the same way as an Ix ian Infiltrator. But when it blows up, it scatters deviator gas over a large area. Actually...that could work with just about any unit....All Ixian units (or other house) could do that, hmm?

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Ordos Deviator that can deviate infantry:)

As I'd mentioned elsewhere, that is the seeming oddity of the Deviator's payload.  Contrast its use in the heighliner mission with what you see in the rest of the campaign.  I would've given the Deviator's rocket a small splash radius which only affects infantry - it still needs a direct hit to snag a vehicle.

One of the oddest things I remember happened during the assault on Geidi Prime - I brought a Deviator to bear on those two elite Devastators guarding the palace.  They happened to be right next to each other, and I hit one.  Ended up getting both... has anyone else experienced something like that?

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