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A)kindjal on cliff can destroy lots of stuff without being killed, especially elite

B)has any one read a book called Enders Game

C) for those of you who havent there is a weapon called the melecular disruption device which nullifies the weak atomic forces (the things that different atoms together like hydrogen and oxygen to make water) which turns everything it hits into a big blob of their own compositions, any the field expands for everything it hits so if it hits a planet (or a fleet of ships) it hits a single molocule which starts the field over again and it eventually turns the entire planet into a big blob of rock... and you're worried about death hands?

sorry everyone for getting so far off topic but i thought it was cool and that it had to do with what you were talking about

have a nice day

ps: for those of you who want to read it, it is by orson scott card. there is the ender quartet starting with enders game and ending with children of the mind an there are two companion books(to enders game) called enders shadow and shadow of the hegamon which can be read at any time after enders game

of course you probably wont read it so im sorry for babbling :D

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