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  1. yeh. sard barracks only use 10 units of energy. i wonder why u need electricity to make sard. that's just freeeeeeeeky :O unless female sardukar mate with sharp, electric needles. ouch! :O
  2. by the way Frodo, that's a narly looking fremen laser tank. but it looks too much like an ordos tank.
  3. i think the animal should be like a dewback (from Star Wars Force Commander). i could have a big turret on top of it, but could have a hollow body to hold several men (or women). then the guy operating the turret on top has a spice bomb and can self detonate the carrier if low in health 8)
  4. ohhhhh, i thought u meant a dev on the ground. ok the drone would win :P
  5. i kinda left my install disk somewhere, so i'll have to find it. this will take a while. i'll post again later.
  6. i have to delete all folders after i reinstall? i didn't know that. so do i have to reinstall the game again and delete all of the folders?
  7. i kept all of the files since i thought that i might need them later
  8. i didn't always have this problem. this was kinda a problem when i reinstalled emporer. i didn't know what was going on, but i found out eventually. and this probably only happens on original maps, cause i never played on a home made (no time to make one).
  9. it all happened when i reinstalled the game because xp closed it (u might remember the topic on "xp closes when dune starts")
  10. this always happens when i make camoflauged units.
  11. and yes, the weird textures, square shadows, and weird terrain are a little freaky. it really ruins gameplay.
  12. i do have v1.09. it happens when i make a camoflauged unit
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