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The best units for dismantling an enemy raid.

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Fedaykin are useful in their heavy firepower, the can kill most harkonnen units in 6 shots or less making them great in groups. NIABs have massive anti-armor weapons and are very fast a group of five can decimate a large attack force. The rest are basically for base defense rather than going out to kill an incoming force, their shortcomings, be it armor or mobility makes them all not good for braving the elements. These have worked fine in the past, but if you want maximum destruction you want to get a Shai-Hulud. I have killed about 20 tanks in one attack.

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O.K. if these combo's are what a person is using (online) what do you expect and how do you counter...........

Atreides: IX and Fremen or Guild and Sardaukar or IX and Guild or Sardaukar and Fremen or Ix and Tleilax?

Harkonnen: Sardaukar and Tleilax or Fremen and Guild? or Tleilax and Guild or Sardaukar and Guild? or IX and Guild?

Ordos: Fremen and Guild? or Tleilax and Fremen? or Sardaukar and Tleilax? or IX and Tleilax or Guild and Sardaukar.

Anyone who has an answer what are your strategies for these combo's?

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I feel that guild and fremen are the best, but the best way to beat the tleilaxu is to just build up your defenses and let them get slaughtered by your machineguns. Snipers are effective against contaminators and NIABs and sonic tanks are good against leeches and contaminatiors. Snipers are great agianst Sarduakar too.

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