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Conomark's RT2 Susquehanna map is released!


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Hey All!

Conomark asked me to post that the Susquehanna v5.7 map is ready for the world to play!  I have it at my webpage..... http://home.psknet.com/allenr/railroad/rt2/susquehanna/Susquemap57.zip as well as attached below.

BTW, Conomark was concerned that I would let him have all of the glory.  He should, but that's just my opinion.  I did the geography and helped with play testing but he did the events and play testing as well.  The events are the hardest part!

This map took us about a year to make.  I'm not quite certain why but it did.  :)

Anyway, download and enjoy.

--Ray.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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I see this post has been viewed a few times.  If anybody has downloaded and played the map, I'd like to hear what you think.

I'd also like to give a public thank you to maddog for all the work and play testing he's done.  Cool  The realistic terrain, river and streams are amazingly accurate.  I could have never done it.

I'm not sure either why it took us a year to create, but it was a great experience building, testing,.....revising,.......testing,......revising,........testing..... .. ...........

the map with a person I met at a message board and relying on e-mail and  attachments to come up with the end result. 

Hope yopu enjoy it.


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Dear Conomark:

I have been enjoying your map.

It has been a little challenging in "re-learning" RRT2.

I keep expecting the landscape to "tilt-a-whirl" like RRT3.

Still early days trying to connect to coal supply locations.



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