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  1. If you're not in the red you're in the black? I wasn't a business major so to me that would be the definition of "profits". --Ray.
  2. Wow! I haven't been here in a VERY long time. Much to my surprise, someone really liked WAG2. Thanks for playing my map, MaglevForever! :) --Ray.
  3. LOL! He said that 47% of us think we're entitled to government programs. Saying things like that is a great way to loose an election. Neil Cavuto described it as calling half the country moochers when interviewing Romney afterward. The unemployment rate isn't anything to worry about as far as an election goes. That's the responsibility of the people to fix. They need to move to where the work is. I did. I have family members who think jobs should come to them. I say they should be hungry. LOL! Every candidate tries to take the credit for my hard work. Things are much better for me than four years ago but neither candidate had anything to do with it. That was all me. Wasn't Romney asking this question during the primary too? You should vote for Gary Johnson if that's who you think should be President. He won't have any chance to be elected if you don't vote for him. One of my friends has already decided that he's doing it as a protest vote. If you don't like Romney; don't vote for him. Obama and Romney aren't different enough from each other so I see no good reason to change. As for moving, you don't really mean that. I survived Bush. You will survive either one when it happens. I know I will. In fact I will thrive. --Ray.
  4. Romney has screwed himself with the 47% comment. That was his "Dukakis on the tank" moment. He's only released a couple of years of tax returns. The norm is ten years. What's he hiding? This one is over. Besides, he needs to carry Ohio or carry Florida and a bunch of smaller states both of which are an uphill climb. I'm not very impressed with him anyway. He hasn't shown me that he would be any different than Obama. Both are big government and big business politicians. Two sides of the same coin IMO. --Ray. (Your local corrupt progressive idiot and proud of it. LOL!)
  5. Late to the game here so to speak. :) I'm not a developer but I am in QA. If this gets off the ground, I could help there. --Ray.
  6. I know that the Knox, Kane, and Kinzua had one but that RR is gone now.
  7. Tried this map out and I like it very much. I'm very interested in where you go with it. --Ray.
  8. Jeff, Have you considered making an exe that will mod RT2 once you find the location of all the data? BTW, if you want to look at the Linux gold version I can send you the exe file. --Ray.
  9. I took a very long time away from RT2. :) Today was the first time I've played it in about 2 or 3 years or so; and I found myself editing Williamsport Lumber Baron which was never truly a 'finished' map. When I made it, I really just wanted to run trains on that geography. Today I've updated it to v2.0. Enjoy! --Ray. WLB_20.zip
  10. I haven't been around for awhile and just got back into playing RT2. For fun I thought I would post current game that I am playing. Yes, it is a PA 1880 map. Monty Haul everyone! :) Note: No this isn't a new map. Just a game map that I am playing...something fun thing to look at. :) --Ray. Central_Railroad.zip
  11. I haven't been around for awhile and just got back into playing RT2. For fun I thought I would post current game that I am playing. Yes, it is a PA 1880 map. Monty Haul everyone! :) Note: No this isn't a new map. Just a game map that I am playing...something fun thing to look at. :) --Ray.
  12. That's sad. Yes, I did attend LHUP and Nelson Delavan was my advisor. He was the toughest history prof on campus but that was back when you had to write an essay or two inside 45 minutes in a bluebook. No multiple choice for this guy. It wasn't good enough for his students! :) BTW, I'm waiting for you to tell me why you like Reagan. --Ray.
  13. As one of my college history professors would say, "explain, compare and contrast." I used to remember him as a good president but my opinion of him has changed over the years. Let's ask this question instead, "What is Ronald Reagan's legacy and is it relevant in today's world? Please explain, compare and contrast. Be sure to support your argument." Thank you Nelson Delavan for making me a critical thinker! --Ray.
  14. There's an old internet rule. If you bring up the Nazis in your post, you've automatically lost the argument. Sorry Gwizz, This is just fear mongering. Don't let them do this to you. Don't believe everything you read from any media outlet with a political agenda. Besides, it was probably some out-of-context semi-quote where Obama said, "We should encourage our young men and women to join the Peace Corpse" which was then twisted into that. --Ray.
  15. It's a "republican myth" because they cut education, then complain about education being so bad. A self-fulfilling prophecy. They should invest in education, rather than punish failing schools with bad legislation like "No Child Left Behind" which did more hurt to bad schools than it ever did to help them. Good schools still did well and bad schools still did poorly only the bad schools were punished rather than fixed. Granted both my friend and my mother work(ed) in rather good schools. My mother is now retired and only rarely had to fail a child (sign of a great teacher!) My friend is required to have parent-teacher meetings. The idea is to stop children from failing the whole grade but sometimes it still happens. --Ray.
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